The type of surfboard you ride can make a huge difference to your surfing, both in terms of day to day enjoyment and also with respect to how quickly you progress. Therefore, it's crucial to get the right fit between you and your board.

These days there are many different surfboards to choose from. As a result, surfers who do not have an ongoing relationship with a competent shaper, may have difficulty deciding what type of surfboard would best suit them. In addition, different manufacturers, magazine articles and forums make different promises and claims about various types of boards. Some of these promises and claims are untrue or misleading, or at best are distortions of the truth. In these circumstances it's natural that surfers often feel confused or uncertain. For example recently, so called volume calculators have emerged on various websites. These calculators purport to accurately assess how much volume you need in your new board. However in truth, these devices are entirely lacking in empirical foundation and scientific validity and are simply another form of marketing. In reality, there is no substitute for a detailed consultation with an experienced shaper.

At Miller Surfboards, whether you are a raw beginner or a highly experienced surfer, your situation will be treated as unique. You will receive equal time and attention from Grant, who will personally work with you to design a board which meets your needs now.......and also those needs which will naturally emerge as your surfing progresses. From the moment you start talking with Grant, you will realize that you are not talking with an ordinary surfboard shaper. Rather, you are in direct contact with a professional who knows surfboards inside and out, who cares about his craft, and who is totally focussed on your situation.

Our level of personal service and attention to detail is in the superior category. Approximately 8-10 weeks after you receive your new board, Grant will contact you personally to see how the board is performing. After that, he remains available for you to consult with, or to advise you on any surfing related issue, should the need arise. The nature and quality of this relationship is very similar to that experienced by professional surfers with their respective shapers. What inevitably occurs through this process, is a progressive enhancement of your surfing experience. If you require the finest in surfboards, not the cheapest, then you have come to the right place.

Grant Miller has been designing and shaping surfboards, both here and internationally, for the past 34 years and has shaped in excess of 22,000 boards.

Check our testimonials. Welcome.

How do I order?

Surfboards can be ordered in person from Grant by prior arrangement, at Little Forest, or at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Simply call him on - 0410 770 374  to arrange a time.
Alternatively, boards can be ordered over the telephone by calling - 0410 770 374 , or by making an enquiry through the website contact page.

Finished boards can be picked up in person at Little Forest, freighted with TNT or hand delivered (see FAQ for details).

We will happily trade in your used Miller board on a new custom surfboard.

We supply Ocean and Earth products at competitive prices and can provide leashes, grips, boardbags and 10mm multi travel bags on request. Simply ask Grant at time of ordering or call him for an obligation free quote.
Ocean and Earth are manufacturers of high quality surfing accessories. They are a 100% Australian owned and operated company based at Sussex Inlet on the New South Wales South Coast.

" Although dealing with a shaper might seem like you are purchasing a board, to a large extent you are really purchasing a service. Grant's level of service was exceptional - kept me up to date during a difficult time for him*, returned calls very quickly, delivered when promised and delivered a board that was exactly as promised. He was extremely easy to talk to and genuinely interested in what I wanted and how to make the best board for me, rather than what was easiest for him. Little things, like extra glassing round the fins and tail, are very well thought out and add to the quality of the final product. The custom spray was a bit of an extravagance but was done perfectly - not only does Grant provide a great service but he surrounds himself with quality assistants. This was my first custom board, but I see no reason to ever again buy off the rack, well at least while Grant is still around.    ~   Chris Age 43. "

* Note from Grant Miller. Chris ordered his board from my bedside at Milton Hospital in early November 2012, a few days after my admission with a very serious spinal injury.
WelcomeGrant/SumatraSUBXMarie Miller/1979
Grant Miller, Ujung Bocur July 16th 2012 -- Excerpt from diary : “woke early, surf big. Triple to 5 times overhead. Only a few guys out but not many taking off. Paddled the 7'6” off the corner and out with dry hair and straight into a real big one on the outside. Dropping down the face felt like ages with a huge roar behind me, full power off the bottom and up high flying free. Fade back and then out over the top screaming. 3 hour session, no falls, a career high point at 54”.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

A day in my life here on the South Coast.
I live about 12 km in a straight line from the ocean, up on the big mountain behind Milton and can see Green Island clearly. As my friends know so well, I wake up when I wake up and really value my sleep. First thing then on rising, check the surf from home and a couple of sites on the net for extra detail if needed. Porridge cooking while I get organised, pack whatever boards I want and off we go. (Currently I'm still heavily into the SUBX and have been building myself modified versions recently to try out some new ideas. Also I've been riding my 7'0" Semi-Gun when possible and also an old 7'10" X 22" X 2 7/8" V-SKATE which I traded in. This board is a lot of fun in small/medium surf of all types and I'm liking that a lot.) I am in the fortunate position of being able to surf everyday and have tremendous freedom. Of course at times I have to be home to meet clients and so on. But mostly that's arranged for later in the day to protect the precious mornings. I range between Bendalong and Bawley and usually surf for 1-3 hours depending. Sometimes lunch at Pilgrims in Milton if I've had a long session and then home to Panjshir.

After lunch I usually shape or talk with clients going through orders. Clients are never rushed, ever. Sometimes if I'm building someone a very similar board to their last one, the consultation doesn't take that long. Other times it may take an hour or more. Most of my orders are taken over the phone whether they are interstate or international. If necessary I have people send me images of their previous boards to help the process. Mostly this is not needed design wise, although it's often useful in deciding colors. Reasonably often people come up to the property to order boards by arrangement. Sometimes it's a brand new client, sometimes more of an old friend if I've been building their boards for years. I really enjoy these encounters and again, people are never rushed. I very rarely have people contact me unless they are committed to ordering a new board. At times I have new boards waiting to be picked up which we can use in the consultation, sometimes not. Sometimes I use my own personal boards to illustrate different points or let a new client feel the boards up so they know what they are getting. Some clients drive long distances to meet with me, so naturally these meetings are planned well in advance. But not always.

I normally shape my orders in groups of 10. After the boards come back from my glasser, I polish them all and box any very carefully which are being freighted. Kurt from AKWA surf shop in Milton kindly lets me freight from his shop so TNT don't get lost up on the mountain looking for me. His shop is very well stocked and he is a very knowledgeable guy.

If I don't feel like working or am very up to date, then I work on my property of 13 acres. I read widely and take a great interest in politics and Afghanistan. Since moving down here I've continued agitating against the Federal Liberal government for obvious reasons. Our local Federal member is rubbish and so is often in my sights. Below is the most recent letter I've had published (7/2/18) in the Milton Ullladulla Times, our weekly paper.

Press freedoms threatened

I have been a consistent critic of our local member, Ann(I don’t give a rats)Sudmalis for some time. Invariably she fails to reply to questions I’ve put to her in letters to the Times and questions put to her by other members of her electorate. Letters to her office similarly remain unanswered. Once again Ms Sudmalis, I call on you to declare your position, this time with respect to the new National Security Bill. This proposed legislation has been put together by the Federal Government ostensibly to strengthen the level of national security. However many qualified academics and experienced journalists are highly critical of the legislation, and view the changes as an attempt to stifle free speech and curtail the press. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that these changes would make the reporting of certain protected government information punishable by jail terms. The wording of the new legislation also creates significant interpretational ambiguity. Information which may be clearly in the public interest would be off limits. Those found leaking this information to the press would be charged. This is a similar situation to that which exists in Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia, countries which claim to be democratic, but which are run very much like dictatorships with strong military influence.

So, Ann Sudmalis, what are your thoughts on this new legislation? I’d like to think you were fully abreast of it. Theoretically, once enacted, these laws could prevent the Times from publishing articles which may be in the public interest. In our interest that is. If I were to come into possession of certain government information, I would be unable to pass it on to the Times for their consideration. Do you agree that this may be overreach by your party colleagues? While you ponder these questions Ann, another matter comes to mind. Perhaps you could also tell us how many new jobs have been created in our electorate since your government reduced penalty rates for casual employees? You remember Ann? The rates cuts which you told us were “a gift “ for the young unemployed. You said that employers would put on more staff with the savings they made in wages. So have they? How many new jobs has your government policy created?

Ann, you have form when it comes to treating your electorate with distain. Shame. You consistently ignore our questions. You may think your behaviour is acceptable. It isn’t. How about something different now, how about answering the questions and doing the job we elected you to do?

Grant Miller
Little Forest

I'm in the process of planning a 3 month trip to the US. I'll be going over in July. Contact me soon if you are thinking of a new board. Once I post solid dates on the site it always gets busier.

MILLER All rounder/Step up: 6'10" X 20 1/2" X 2 3/4" Thruster rounded pin. 1/4" stringer, white, in excellent 9/10 condition $575 I'm posting this for a friend from Avalon who has the board there. He has a lower back spinal issue which means he just doesn't use it much now. It's barely a year old and a really beautiful board. I'm very tempted to keep it myself even though I have heaps of boards and don't need it. It just feels really nice under my arm.
It would be an excellent all rounder and could also be used as a semi-gun depending on how good you are and the size surf you want to ride. There are pics of the board on Gumtree under Miller surfboard.
Call me or my friend Ken if you want further details: His number is 0439700646