The type of surfboard you ride can make a huge difference to your surfing, both in terms of day to day enjoyment and also with respect to how quickly you progress. Therefore, it's crucial to get the right fit between you and your board.

These days there are many different surfboards to choose from. As a result, surfers who do not have an ongoing relationship with a competent shaper, may have difficulty deciding what type of surfboard would best suit them. In addition, different manufacturers, magazine articles and forums make different promises and claims about various types of boards. Some of these promises and claims are untrue or misleading, or at best are distortions of the truth. In these circumstances it's natural that surfers often feel confused or uncertain. For example recently, so called volume calculators have emerged on various websites. These calculators purport to accurately assess how much volume you need in your new board. However in truth, these devices are entirely lacking in empirical foundation and scientific validity and are simply another form of marketing. In reality, there is no substitute for a detailed consultation with an experienced shaper.

At Miller Surfboards, whether you are a raw beginner or a highly experienced surfer, your situation will be treated as unique. You will receive equal time and attention from Grant, who will personally work with you to design a board which meets your needs now.......and also those needs which will naturally emerge as your surfing progresses. From the moment you start talking with Grant, you will realize that you are not talking with an ordinary surfboard shaper. Rather, you are in direct contact with a professional who knows surfboards inside and out, who cares about his craft, and who is totally focussed on your situation.

Our level of personal service and attention to detail is in the superior category. Approximately 8-10 weeks after you receive your new board, Grant will contact you personally to see how the board is performing. After that, he remains available for you to consult with, or to advise you on any surfing related issue, should the need arise. The nature and quality of this relationship is very similar to that experienced by professional surfers with their respective shapers. What inevitably occurs through this process, is a progressive enhancement of your surfing experience. If you require the finest in surfboards, not the cheapest, then you have come to the right place.

Grant Miller has been designing and shaping surfboards, both here and internationally, for the past 41 years and has shaped in excess of 22,000 boards.

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How do I order?

Surfboards can be ordered in person from Grant by prior arrangement, at Boyne Mountain near Termeil on the NSW South Coast.
Simply call him on - 0410 770 374  to arrange a time.
Alternatively, boards can be ordered over the telephone by calling - 0410 770 374 , or by making an enquiry through the website contact page.

Finished boards can be picked up in person at Termeil, couriered along the East Coast or hand delivered (see FAQ for details).

We will happily trade in your used Miller board on a new custom surfboard.

We supply Ocean and Earth products at competitive prices and can provide leashes, grips, boardbags and 10mm multi travel bags on request. Simply ask Grant at time of ordering or call him for an obligation free quote.
Ocean and Earth are manufacturers of high quality surfing accessories. They are a 100% Australian owned and operated company based at Sussex Inlet on the New South Wales South Coast.

" Although dealing with a shaper might seem like you are purchasing a board, to a large extent you are really purchasing a service. Grant's level of service was exceptional - kept me up to date during a difficult time for him*, returned calls very quickly, delivered when promised and delivered a board that was exactly as promised. He was extremely easy to talk to and genuinely interested in what I wanted and how to make the best board for me, rather than what was easiest for him. Little things, like extra glassing round the fins and tail, are very well thought out and add to the quality of the final product. The custom spray was a bit of an extravagance but was done perfectly - not only does Grant provide a great service but he surrounds himself with quality assistants. This was my first custom board, but I see no reason to ever again buy off the rack, well at least while Grant is still around.    ~   Chris Age 43. "

* Note from Grant Miller. Chris ordered his board from my bedside at Milton Hospital in early November 2012, a few days after my admission with a very serious spinal injury.
WelcomeGrant/SumatraSUBXMarie Miller/1979
Grant Miller, Ujung Bocur July 16th 2012 -- Excerpt from diary : “woke early, surf big. Triple to 5 times overhead. Only a few guys out but not many taking off. Paddled the 7'6” off the corner and out with dry hair and straight into a real big one on the outside. Dropping down the face felt like ages with a huge roar behind me, full power off the bottom and up high flying free. Fade back and then out over the top screaming. 3 hour session, no falls, a career high point at 54”.

Thursday, 9 July 2020


1. Modified Waterskate. I've had a strong reaction to the description of this board in the last diary entry, and currently I'm working on 6 orders for them. These orders are for boards between 7'6" and 7'8". At first I was surprised at the strong response. Then I realized that quite a few of my existing clients are in a similar age bracket and situation to me. I'll be 63 this year and I suppose the average age of these clients would be 60. Even though I surf very regularly, often daily, I'm still a bit slower to my feet than I used to be and also really appreciate the superior paddle. In addition, the 2 plus 1 allows a great range of maneuverability from very loose when the fin is moved forward to super drivey when moved back. The only downer in all of this is that the boards are quite complicated, and take me nearly 4 hours to shape. However it's great to be getting really stoked feedback already from my mate Les Stewart who I built a 7'6" for. His board is essentially a copy of mine but with some mods. to allow for greater rail to rail surfing. In this way, it fits in with his other boards: a 7'0" rounded pin and an 8'0" Gun, all Miller boards.

2. The American Years.
For ages I've been meaning to chronicle the 15 years I spent in the US from 1985 to October 99'. This was a life changing period for me in many ways. I've still got too much on my plate to really get it done properly right now. However I dug up some old pics shown below to give you a taste of what's to come. They are rough and grainy but you'll get the idea.

When I arrived in LA I only knew one person, my friend Don Ewing who I'd met in Eastern Turkey in 1983 while kicking around there during Sydney University holidays. I stayed with Don in Orange County near Huntington Beach and when my finances began to dwindle, I got the Yellow Pages (all before internet of course) and started cold calling up and down the West coast to find some shaping work. Eventually I located a shop in San Diego willing to pay me $50 per shape for 20 boards. It was a start and I hired a rental car (pictured) and drove the 90 miles down there to get things happening. In brief now, I was sent down to Brown Field, a small old style aircraft landing strip right on the Mexican border where a glassing shop was located in an old army barracks. Trippy. I met the guys working there and did my 20 boards in a week. Then I dropped off the car and hitched to Canada and back. That's how far $1,000 went back then. Out of money again, this time I got 50 to shape, as all the first lot had sold. Stoked!! Off we go in the land of plenty. Pretty soon I was well embedded in the factory, and Tony the owner taught me to glass, sand and polish. Having a massive work ethic when it suited me, I was soon his main man. When I'd shaped all my boards, I'd start sanding or polishing (all boards were still being gloss coated back then). I remember asking him how many boards he wanted me to sand a week. "As many as you like" he said. I'd made something happen from nothing and my new life unfolded.
To be continued.


Over the weekend it became apparent that Labor had scraped home to win the Eden- Monaro Federal by-election. Obviously, being a Labor supporter I'm very pleased by this outcome. However the result certainly throws up some important issues for both major parties.
Firstly for Labor.

We cannot win the next Federal Election with Albanese as leader. No matter that the election is at least 12-18 months away. Rightly or wrongly, most Australians vote on the personality of party leader. Although Morrison is well known to be economical with the truth, has no real policies on anything except supporting big business, and leads a party of climate change deniers, nonetheless he is still more popular than Albanese. Albanese is dead wood. He appears to drag himself through interviews as though half asleep, has no charisma (an understatement) and does not engender confidence. It was the same with Bill Shorten. For years I argued that we could never win with Shorten in charge and then we lost the election as predicted. At that election, the majority of people wanted to vote Labor but didn't like or trust Shorten. Now, for different reasons, they are not warming to Albanese and they will not.

Labor have other extremely capable people who would be much more palatable than Albo. These people are at least as competent as well, in some cases more so. I'm talking about Jim Chalmers, Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Kristina Keneally and Tony Burke. Even Joel Fitzgibbon. I believe it would be very appropriate to replace Albanese as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe he will retire in the parties interests. Admittedly though, it's unlikely that a woman would want the top job. Why? If you remember the shameful way Julia Gillard was treated by Abbott when she was leader, well, why would you run? Abbott the bully, the public record liar, but a good Christian. I will always remember you with intense loathing. This therefore is the regrettable position which Labor has created for itself.

This bumbling, slippery with the truth, lacking empathy or genuine feeling person we have to call PM, is apparently very popular with certain sections of the electorate. Although whether they actually trust him is a different matter. His hard-man persona, like Mussolini, Putin and Trump appears to be working for him. A man who supported Turnbull one day and then rolled him the next, a man who smiles when he's clearly angry, a man who tells us he has a coherent climate change policy when he has nothing......this is our great leader. The shame. No doubt those on the positive end of the income relief package think he's a great guy. He's spending our money in a poorly conceived plan where some are paid too much and some miss out entirely (generally not Liberal voters though so who cares). Our great leader. In Cobargo after the fires however, Morrison was told to "fuck off" by residents who call a spade a spade. Wonderful to watch this bully boy almost running from the scene surrounded by security and other hangers on. This came after he had secretly run away to Hawaii for a vacation as the fire crisis unfolded. A fat man filmed in a stupid floral shirt at Waikiki, looking very uncomfortable, and then shamed by his own party into returning home. Our great leader, another Christian, and the Australians with short memories.

Then we have the treasurer, Josh Frydenberg. A man with a voice and demeanor like a slow fart. And his he speaks, they appear to be pleading with you to believe him. Well Josh, I've always had trouble believing you. You telling us stories about a debt crisis and Labor not being responsible with money. But after your 60 billion dollar black hole, any credibility you may have had is long gone. Oh the shame.

So the liberals clearly have their own problems and this was reflected in the by-election at the weekend. People in general do not trust Morrison. If they did, then the Liberals would have taken the seat from Labor, rather than their fairly lackluster performance.
So in the end, what have we got? A Labor party with sound policies and an un-electable leader, and a Liberal Government with no policies and a leader whom many distrust for good reason. Australians, is this the best you can do?

Grant Miller