Testimonial Date: 11/05/2018 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hey Grant, first surf the other day (2--3', slightly onshore, easy take off, couple of steep and fast sections) and the board just felt right.

Early into waves, stable, quick, loose and SO much fun.
Everything I remembered. Love it. Thanks so much.
Brad/Central Coast, NSW.
Surfer:46/100kg/6'2" Board: 6'9" X 21 7/8" X 3" Thruster, plus Quad option(5 fin plugs with M7's at the front and M5 backs).
Note from Grant: Brad received his new board about a week ago and sent me this text today.
In 2010 I built him an F-SKATE with identical dimensions which he really loved. Over the years he often thought back to how well the board went, and recently called me to see if I could build him another one as close as possible to the original, even down to the same color. Since I keep meticulous files on all my clients boards going back 20 years this was indeed possible. I used his original file and shaped a duplicate with some very minor design tweaks where appropriate that I've incorporated in the years since.
No other shaper I'm aware of keeps records of all client boards. It takes me a while after I've shaped each board to record everything critical on the file (all dimensions including rocker every 6" inches from nose to tail, fin locations, glassing and so on). Without this information, replications/slight variations and continual progression with my clients would be impossible. Outcomes like this with Brad give me a lot of satisfaction as a shaper. Otherwise, there is no way I could remember a board I'd shaped 8 years ago without seeing it which is usually impossible. Boards get broken, stolen or sold and then regretted. This way, nothing is ever lost.

Testimonial Date: 23/09/2017 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hey Grant, how’s it going mate? Hopefully you’re still on the mend, or well and truly mended!

We’ve had a good run of South swell up here, so I guess you’ve had more sizeable waves down your way and a few more options? The wind has been good too, mostly W and NW early in the day.

Grant, Im loving the F-Skate. I would have guessed that a 6 4 would be best for me, but I think 6 2 is actually perfect, any longer and it would have too much volume.
It paddles really well and picks up waves easily, love that low rocker.
Ive surfed it both as a thruster and a quad, preferring the thruster so far.
Its a model I’ve overlooked before now, but it’s a great small wave board when you need some paddle power and looseness!

Bob/Bungan Beach, Sydney.
Surfer:62/5'9"/73kg Board: 6'2" X 21 1/4" X 2 5/8" Quad plus Thruster version.

Note from Grant: This was one of my own personal boards which I just wasn't using much because of my SUBX infatuation. Bob has a number of my boards including a SUBX and V-SKATE. He asked me whether I thought this board would go well with his SUBX, perhaps in suckier steeper surf. I thought it would and he seems stoked which is great. I have another one I've begun surfing again recently which is a lot of fun too.I'd almost forgotten how well they surf in anything up to about 6 feet. Low rocker combined with a very fast bottom shape(see F-SKATE page)produces easy paddling and a very fast board. An excellent small/medium wave board for most ability levels.

Testimonial Date: 01/08/2017 - Board Type : F-SKATE
G’day Grant,

I wanted to contact you after my very first surf on the F-Skate due to how stoked I was, but I thought I’d hold off until I had surfed it in a few different conditions so I had a better overview of the board.

After I picked up the finished board from you I took it straight down to a local beach break and was disappointed to see that the waves were only knee high (1-2 ft). But keen to try out the new F-Skate I paddled out anyway and quickly found out that this board is something special. From the very first wave the board just felt like it wanted to GO! With it’s volume in all the right places, paddling was a breeze and it flies through flat sections where I’d usually get bogged down and lose speed. The tail shape combined well with the quad fin set up to deliver a great balance of drive and maneuverability. This board turned conditions that I usually wouldn’t bother paddling out into a really fun surf.

A few weeks later and I’ve had the board out in a variety of wave sizes and conditions, including a solid 6-8ft day that was on the borderline of my ability. I’ve been able to catch waves from right out where the longboarders sit due to it’s paddle power and put it right on rail through arcing turns in good sized waves.

I’ll finish by mentioning that I enjoyed the whole process in creating this board, right from discussing shapes with you, holding various boards under my arm in your shaping bay and deciding on the finished look - spray / pin-line / logo colour etc. I’m stoked with the finished board.

Thanks mate. See you in the water

Surfer: 38/72kg/5'8" Board: 6'1" X 20 3/4" X 2 1/2" Dedicated Quad.

Note from Grant: This is the third board I've built for Kerry in around 4 years. He wanted a board that was versatile, and capable of tight turns in the pocket in any conditions up to about 5 feet. He surfs well and gets in anywhere from Sussex down to Wairo depending. Another successful outcome.

Testimonial Date: 05/04/2017 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Surfed the F-skate today. So much fun. Small clean hollow waves, sunshine….in my boardies…! The board is great…fast, loose and so easy to change rails on the wave face. Paddles like a dream and catches waves so well.
6’6’’ is the perfect size. Haven’t had that much fun in small waves in years.
Thanks mate, you have done so well….move over ‘Slater’…the 'half-hearted man' is on the move….fast and loose…!
Kindest regards,
Les/South Coast,NSW.
Surfer:59/83kg/5'10" Board: 6'6" X 21 1/2" X 3" set up as a Quad plus Thruster option.
Note from Grant:Les has a heart condition and needs extra paddle power. However he is a very experienced surfer and so needs a board with performance capabilities once up and riding. He pretty much just told me to do whatever I thought was appropriate for him after we decided on 6'6" for the length. Even though there is significant thickness in the board, I built reasonably refined rails into it for sensitivity and flow and gave him some late rocker to keep it nice and loose. He is a personal friend and so it was a pleasure to work with him on the board. I also shaped him an 8'0" Gun, but that is still waiting to be ridden.

Testimonial Date: 10/12/2014 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant, sorry I couldn't reply sooner, have only just got set up after the move.
I haven't really had a consistent run of waves as yet, but that has kind of served to highlight how easy the board is to surf. Even after a few lengthy breaks out of the water, and not having spent much time on the board it just feels magically easy to use and performs beyond the brief I gave you for this board.
It paddles at least as well as the 7' V-skate, duck dives like a charm and gets into waves real early, a few strokes and it's up to wave speed and planing and super stable to pop-up on.
The first thing I noticed once up, was how quickly this board gets going and how sensitive it is to input, it feels very alive underfoot. It actually took me a few waves to tame it in that respect but that's the board's potential speed and agility. The way it keeps flying over dead sections blew me away too.
No problem standing it up on rail in hard turns. I was a little apprehensive about the thickness before I got the board but it feels right for me.
Have only surfed it with three fins so far, and in waves up to 5 foot it had no issues.
I know I'm going to love this board the more I use it, it's so much fun and will get me out in the water a lot more. The two Millers I have now will pretty much cover me for anything I'm going to surf.
Thanks Grant, well done again. Hope you're settled after the move from the south coast.
Surfer:56/5'11"/93kg Board: 6'7" X 21 3/4" X 3" Thruster with Quad option.

Testimonial Date: 14/07/2014 - Board Type : F-SKATE
G'day Grant

It's been a year or so since I received my F skate after meeting you in the surf on the south coast.

I just want to thank you for making me a board that does everything I asked from it and more, from the first surf in small point break waves I was blown away at the ease of speed and the control and power When I turn, it almost feels like cheating.

I have gone from having three boards to one, to cover me from waist high to overhead barrels.

The boards I had prior to this where boards made by FireWire, Hayden shapes and JS and they just don't work as well for someone who weighs 100kg.

I have ridden the F Skate as a quad, and even when I snapped one of my M7 front fins out yesterday and used it as a quad with four m5 fins it still worked.

I have had lots of comments from other surfers on how well the board goes, it is an absolute pleasure to surf.

this board has been a huge wake up from buying off the shelf, to a custom designed for me and the way I surf, this board is better than any board I have ever surfed, and I think I must have owned over twenty boards in my time.

I don't think I would change anything for its replacement apart from maybe a colour spray, you nailed it first go,well done Grant

Brett Algie/Crescent Head.
Surfer: 39/100kg/5'11" Board: 6'3" X 21 1/4" X 2 7/8" with 3+4 fin setup.
Note from Grant Miller: I met Brett in the water last winter down here on the South Coast. We ended up surfing the same bank at two different beaches on successive days and got chatting as you do. He was riding a Firewire which he showed me and asked for feedback on. I enjoy requests like that. A few days later he came up to the farm and checked out some of my personal boards in detail. One of his issues with epoxy boards had been durability. Despite many claims being made about strength, the harsh reality is often disappointing. I assured him I could build him a board that not only surfed great but also would hold together with strenuous surfing. Brett surfs a lot. Here we have another great outcome.

Testimonial Date: 04/12/2013 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi grant

im here in bali christened the board on monday it has been head to double head high on the east coast of bali board has handled it well surfs like my 6'8" but faster thanks for another great board

Peter Cox, Perth/WA
Surfer:56/80kg/6'0" Board: 6'5" X 21 1/4" x 2 5/8" Dedicated Quad set up.

Testimonial Date: 26/11/2013 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hey Grant,

Just dropping you a line regarding the F-Skate you shaped for me a little while ago - I was finally able to ride the board this past weekend and it went like a dream! Sarah making me hold out on surfing it made the experience all the more enjoyable!

Over the past 2 days I ended up spending over 7 hours in the water at a range of left and rights - the board paddled unbelievably well (better or at minimum on par with my V-Skate) whilst being easier to duck dive due to the reduced length. Once in the line up I found the board caught waves with ease, short paddle and then I was up and riding?? I initially sat inside with some other short boards however I found that I was able to drift deeper as the board just picked up any swell that came its way... I was expecting the quad setup to be harder to turn however I found that with the added speed the F-Skate provided I was able to power through the turns a lot more than what I normally am able to.

Overall the board is a real winner - I was not able to get the grin off of my face for the last 2 days and Sarah is tired of me talking about the board and how much fun it is to ride. It is a serious gem and one that I can see me spending a ridiculous amount of time on.

Thanks again for your super work - I am extremely excited for the coming sub-x.

Thanks again,

Nathan McGrath/South Coast
Surfer: 6'0"/29/110kg Board: 7'2" X 23" X 3 3/8" Quad version
Note from Grant Miller: Nathans V-SKATE which he refers to is 8'0" long. This F-SKATE was designed to be surfed typically in very small waves and so needed to have plenty of volume for him.
I also incorporated deeper double concaves in the tail to provide maximum pick up and planing speed.

Testimonial Date: 29/06/2013 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hey Grant, it's Matt LaGanza, mate I'm so stoked with my board. Drove to Taree today to test it out at my favourite right. So much speed, carving turns, paddle power.

It does everything that it's asked. Big fan of the Quad at the moment. Hope you have a great w/end mate. Aloha.

Matt/ Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer: 43/6'2"/100kg Board: 6'7" X 21 1/2" X 2 7/8" Quad with Thruster option version.

Testimonial Date: 28/02/2013 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant
Just wanted to let you know that I have been riding the boards in HK, Sri Lanka and Margaret River in last 2 yrs - have had some fantastic times on them. They are perfect for a surfer like me allowing me to get up relatively easily and then pretty manoeuvrable in the smaller waves of HK.

Thanks again for all your help and for helping me to enjoy my surfing even more.

Rory/ Hong Kong.
Surfer: 44/ 95kg/6'1"
Boards: 1. F-SKATE 6'4" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8" Thruster 2. V-SKATE 6'8" X 20 1/2" X 2 3/4" Thruster/rounded pintail version.

Testimonial Date: 19/02/2012 - Board Type : F-SKATE
HI Grant
Welcome back.
I still love my 6.4 f-skate you made me. Always comments about what a nice board it looks and how well I surf it - that's your input, rather than mine. It has made a big difference to my surfing ability. Had a great time in Java and the Maldives in 2011 on the boards.
Snapped my 7 ft powerglide after creasing it and then having it run over by airline tractor (or whatever) ....
keen to talk to you about maybe getting a v-skate, something for slightly bigger cleaner waves.

Hope you are back shaping soon

Anna/ Newcastle NSW.
Surfer: 47/5'5"/59kg Boards: F-SKATE 6'4" X 21 1/4" X 2 5/8" Powerglide: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" Roundtail

Testimonial Date: 13/06/2011 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Thanks for following up on the 6' 4" F-Skate you shaped for me and sorry to take so long to post some feedback.
The board is great. I wanted to be able to make the most of small onshore mushy conditions as that's what I surf mostly now and the F-Skate works a treat. Plenty to float on and paddle with. Surprisingly loose and it amazes me what you can pull off in 1-2' slop. Haven't surfed it on any quality waves yet, but no rush as I'm having so much fun anyway. Looking forward to checking out the Waterskate some time.
Surfer:50/80kg/5'10" Board:6'4" X 21 1/4" X 2 5/8"

Testimonial Date: 08/04/2011 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hey Grant,
Thanks heaps for your advice, knowledge and amazing craftsmanship.
You made me an awesome board. I need not say any more as your boards speak for themselves and pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

see link:

Thanks for keeping surfing in my life for another 20yrs. You are a genuine and remarkable Australian.
Warren S (WA)
Board: Custom F-SKATE Quad 5'11 x 20 3/4 x 2 5/8
Me: 74kgs, 39yrs and 5'9

Testimonial Date: 25/02/2011 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on the new F skate you made me just before Xmas. I've used it exclusively since picking it up in all sorts of waves . Even though the new board is 2 inches shorter and about 10% less volume than my previous F skate I found that it paddles onto waves just as easily. The quad - thruster set up gives me 2 boards in one also. As you said the quad has a lot of drive and is a great option for sucky fast waves. I think I'll try the quad - thruster combo on the next v skate I order also.
Thanks for another great board.
John narrabeen
Surfer:48yrs /86kg /6'2" Board: 6'4" x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 F-SKATE/Thruster-Quad setup.

Testimonial Date: 15/12/2010 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant
Just had another amazing surf on the board
you shaped me and will this weekend cleanup
my extensive quiver of other shapers boards
to sell so I can buy more millers.
thanks so much for finally
giving me the holy grail of surf boards
I have been chasing for 25 years.
keep surfin and shapin
Surfer: 41/77kg/5'8"
Board: 6'2" X 21" X 2 5/8" Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 06/07/2010 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Good to hear your trip with Nev in Sumatra went well.

Off to Bali for 2 weeks with the family tomorrow and then 2 weeks in Mentaiwai's with the boys so thought I'd give you some feedback on the F Skate I got in April.

Fastest and most fun board I've ever had. It's the go to board now and at my age it's good to experience the buzz of a board that goes so well.

Thanks again.

Ryan Dhue (WA)
Surfer: 42/6'4"/100kg Board: 6'8" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8"

Testimonial Date: 28/06/2010 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant.
Well It took me a while to appreciate the F Skate squash tail you shaped for me. Mainly because of a and extended stretck without decent surf

Initially I was having fun in small junky surf, but not really finding the speed or vertical performance I was hoping for. Then I changed the fins to the FCS H2 which had been such a great success on my 6'8" Miller V Skate. I took it out in 3 foot hollower wall surf and the F Skate just flew with really easy curvy top to bottom arcs.
Since the fin change I've had a lot of fun in both beach braeks and point surfs.

I'm just a very average older surfer but this board (6'6" x 21 5/8" x 2 5/8") is both loose and drivey and has improved the fun factor greatly.

I was looking for a summer board for peaky beach breaks. I'm generally slow to my feet so need something with paddle power and stability that would allow quick and easy entry into waves that peak and throw quickly. This is it!

Only small refinement I'd go for in the next one is slightly less thickness at the nose end to assist duck diving.

Great board. Thanks Grant.

Michael Gardiner, Ballina NSW.
Surfer: 60/65kg/5'11"

Testimonial Date: 21/01/2010 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I got your letter with the info on it.Thanks alot man. Nice talking to you too.I thought we might have been in for some cyclone swell recently with a bit of weather hanging around but it never eventuated so it looks like I'll have to wait until April to get back out on the F- Skate.The crocs are a little bit less agressive then so it's better for the blood pressure anyway.

The last time I rode the F- Skate,which was probably the 2nd or 3rd time on it, I had what I would call one of the best surfs I've ever had. Not because the surf was fantastic,( it was pretty good though for up here.)but more so because of the shit hot board you shaped me.I love the Waterskate but the F- Skate takes your surfing to another level.It paddles really well,is fast and very manoeverable.There's nothing that I don't like about it mate so thanks very much.I look forward to yacking with you again soon about the next installment to my quiver.
Board: 6'7" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" Specialised small wave F-SKATE

Testimonial Date: 02/06/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Thanks for your follow up call.....

The board is excellent and I use it as my preference, even when surfing down south. On the bigger waves it's too fast but the paddling benefit far outweighs that so I use it anyway..... it's good to a solid 4ft which is about my comfortable limit.

Mentawias was great 2-5ft range the whole trip... nothing epic but perfect for a group of mid-40's who don't surf much anymore.... a brilliant trip without the crowds.
Attached is a pic of me enjoying the fish on one of the smaller days.

Perhaps I should be looking toward the V-skate for the bigger days....
I'll be in touch!

Pete/WA (6'4" X 21 1/4" X 2 5/8")

Testimonial Date: 26/05/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I just wanted to let you know how I was going on my F-Skate (6'2"). I have been trying to wait to write to you so I could try my standard shortboard again to compare them but I can't seem to find the right conditions - the F-Skate is too much fun!

I guess the big differences I have noticed are the paddling speed and the fact that it doesn't lose speed and sink so easily in weak waves. It certainly feels different to my normal board but I've tried it out in everything from knee high to well overhead in the past few weeks. Had a few scares at Narrabeen when it was quite hollow and I thought I might snap it when it was brand new - still in one piece luckily.

Anyway, great board so thank you.

Ben Birt/Northern Beaches (6'2" X 21 1/8" X 2 9/16")

Testimonial Date: 21/04/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE

I bought the 6'6" F skate that you were riding. The clear deck board with M5 fins ($450).

I took a little while to get used to the 21+ inch width, but the paddle and float it delivers is sensational.

Early waves at Maroubra in 2-3ft surf, I found the board to have consistent speed, it planes unbelievable across flat sections.

I took it to the Superbank in waves between 3 & 6 foot, it howled. Late takeoffs were a breeze and it felt stable, it drives and accelerates under foot and pulls great arcs with a high degree of certainty. If I could change anything, I would have bought it earlier!

Thanks again, you have the art down pat and there is nothing that brings a sweeter smile to a surfer than the knowledge the stick under his feet will deliver the goods.

All the best
Laurie Miller/Sydney 6'6" X 21 5/8" x 2 5/8"

Testimonial Date: 28/02/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant , got the board in the water first day home - 3-4 ft slight cross wind but a straight swell - I was the only one out and had 1 1/2 hours of ripping it up ( if I dont say so my self ) best board ever - wave catching , speed and tight turns .
I'm stoked !!!!

You are onto a winner here , as if you dont know .

I'm spreading the word !!

Wally /New Zealand ( 6'4" X 21 1/2" X 2 5/8" )

Testimonial Date: 03/02/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Purchased a 6'7 F Skate before Christmas. This replaces the 6'9 Waterskate I have been riding for the last 2 years. I had not surfed for about 20 years until I purchased the Waterskate and I am hooked.
The F Skate is everthing you said it would be and more. First decent surf was Head High waves at The Pass Byron Bay, the board was unreal and many locals were asking where I got the board from.
Thanks again Grant I appreciate your patience when I was picking board.
Speak to you later in the year for another upgrade.

Neil/Cronulla (6'7" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8")

Testimonial Date: 16/01/2009 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

I ordered a board (F-Skate) from you about 12 months ago. It is the best board i have ever ridden. It has seriously reignited my stoke for surfing. Being pretty heavy i needed some real paddle power and the F-Skate is perfect. Feels like i am picking waves up soooo much easier which is allowing me more time to get to my feet and in turn put em in the right place. I have planned a trip to Sumatra later in the year and will take the F-Skate with me for the fun days. I was curious to know more about the V-Skate and whether it would be suitable for more hollow waves like over there. I have found with the F-Skate that when surfing a more punchy hollow wave, unless i am on my feet before it pitches it isn't as easy to make late take-offs. Love to have a chat to you about it and possibly make an order.

Cheers mate
Brad (Victoria) 6'8" X 20 5/8" X 2 3/4"

Testimonial Date: 21/05/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Grant,The Fskate has gone exceptionally well when I've had in the water.Unfortunately since I've had it there has not been much swell or I've been having too good a time on the PG & havn't taken it out.

Had some good waves on the Skate up the northcoast but I'm still getting my shite together on it after riding much longer boards for a number of years.I'm sure i'll get that sorted over winter & I'll let you know how it goes.Once again an excellent board thanks.

Steve M.(Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 21/05/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
G'day Grant,
On e-bay, people like to leave positive feedback relating to purchase's. Well if there was ever a person or product that deserves positive feedback, mate, it's you and your surfboards!!
I'm absoloutely stoked with my F-Skate, it's exactly what I wanted and excatly what you said it would be...stable, fast and loose!! In a nutshell...it's UNREAL!! My skill level has gone thru the roof because my wave count is thru the roof!!
I'll definately be ordering another one when this one's dead.
In the mean time, Grant could you please give me a call to discuss a V-Skate for those "bigger" days.
As for the people that read these testomnials, if you're thinking of buying a "Miller" surfboard. My 2cents for what it's worth... give Grant a call and order what will probably be the best surfboard you've ever ridden!!
Keep the stoke!!
Cronulla, Sydney.

Testimonial Date: 10/04/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Love the board ... The f-skate is simple and effective.The board feels good and handles with finesse.I'm a grommie again!!!!

Paul (Gove/Northern Territory)

Testimonial Date: 05/04/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant,

I thought I would send you through some pics that were taken in The Maldives
in March, we got some very nice waves, however the photographer wasn't
around for the epic days (murphys law).

The two boards you made for me performed exceptionally well, I started off
riding the 6'6 and then as the trip went on I couldn't get off the 6'3 F
Skate, It was very different to any fish I had ever surfed on. I surfed
solid 8 ft Honkeys with the 6'3 and it didn't skip a beat, other people in
the line up were asking questions about the board as they couldn't believe I
was taking on solid overhead surf on a 6'3 fish

Thanks for your honest and experienced advice...the 6'3 performs well at my
local breaks as well and has become my go to board...The 6'6 is also good
however it plays second fiddle to the 6'3, I am sure this will change when
the winter swells start arriving.

Many Thanks

Copacabana, NSW.

Testimonial Date: 05/04/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Thanks for my 6'2" F-Skate. It it so much fun, even in bad surf. I tend to ride my 6'5" V-Skate when it gets over shoulder high but the F-Skate is a wonder board in the small stuff. I've found both boards to be quite capable of handling a range of sizes so I can get away with only taking one board to the beach.

The F-Skate has "fish" paddle power and speed, while turning more like a short board. I have experimented a bit with the fin combination and have found the M5 at the sides and the much smaller GX at the back is my winning combination. I prefer this combo on the Waterskate and V-Skate as well.

Here is my recommendation for someone considering one of your boards. If you are a capable surfer who only uses one board: the V-Skate is for you. If you want a second board for smaller or sloppy days: the F-Skate is a winner. If you are less capable or are coming off a Long Board then the Waterskate may be what you need.

Thanks for making surfing so much fun.


Brian. (Busselton. W.A.)

Testimonial Date: 02/04/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

I've finally got around to writing you up a 'little' feedback for the 5'11" F-Skate.

As you know I wanted the board particularly for small days. I tested the board out on a full tide, on a tiny day. I caught waves out the back effortlessly, even keeping up with longboarders. And was able to glide over flat sections easily, the board just kept going.

I also took it out on a very peaky, messy, onshore, day, thinking it was small and fat until I paddled out and realised it was 5 foot on sets, although the board was for small days it held up well and I was able to catch waves further out than most of the guys that day.

A couple of times I was even able to take off so early that I was on my feet and fading back into the pocket before the guy further inside, with priority, had even taken off. Probably not good etiquette on my behalf! That day was so messy I was surprised how much fun I had, I wasn't sure if others were even getting any waves, I was constantly paddling back from another great ride.

Also I usually will ignore a left for a decent right, but for some reason I love going backhand on this board. I've discovered a whole new love for going left. I can really throw this board hard into a backhand turn onto the rail, haha I'm getting all pumped just writing this.

Even with the less rocker that you put in, the board still held well on steep take offs. There is something about this board that just gives you confidence when a wave approaches, paddling and takeoffs are just so easy. Once again Grant, many thanks for making this great board for me.


Northern Beaches/Sydney.

Testimonial Date: 01/04/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant.
The F skate arrived in good shape and I have had it out in some nice 2 - 3' beachies. It is absolutely perfect. Everything you said it would be! The volume is just right, has good acceleration, feels light under foot and can be put on a rail. A lot of fun. Perfect match with my V skate. Thanks heaps.

Regards Greg (Perth/WA)

Testimonial Date: 28/03/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Haven't looked back since our conversation out in the surf a few months back which prompted me to order my first Miller, a 6'8'' V Skate.
Every surf has been unreal, catching more of those set waves, doing a few more turns and when you're pushing 57 lets face it, every advantage you can gain, embrace it.
So while I'm on a roll, as we discussed last week, I have become the proud owner of a new 6'6" F-Skate to compliment my 6' 8".
Certainly picks up any wave you're willing to paddle for ..stoked again.

Many thanks Grant for your timely advice

Regards Lenny (sorry to rave on a bit) (Collaroy/NSW)

Testimonial Date: 27/03/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant

Well I've given the F-Skate a full-on shellaking in the past month from knee high slop to head high screamers …. It performs very well in both actually ………. Best aspects of the board are

- ease of paddling (ha I can out paddle my son now)
- it is pretty loose which has surprised me
- it appears to be pretty tough cos it has gotten a bit of a pasting at times
- it is fast - so fast in fact it "scares" my son - he reckons I am going to lose control

On the other side of the coin I have found that because I like to grab the rail on my backhand for those late fast drops I have dented the deck with the heal of my hand ……………… I am now being a bit more careful and not squeezing the beejeezuz out of it

Overall a 9 out of 10 .. I'll definitely be getting another one ……..

Peter Cox
Trigg, WA

Testimonial Date: 12/03/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant

Just thought I would touch base with you after collecting the 6"6 F-Skate back in mid Feb. I took it up on a 4 day trip to Byron the following weekend and in small but clean waves it was fantastic!

After the 6"10 Waterskate, I had no trouble at all instantly adjusting to the F-Skate. As we had discussed, it is the perfect board to help me develop to the next stage of my surfing. It was still easy to paddle and stable (like the Waterskate) but I found it much faster and looser - which enabled me to really start working on my turns. I cant wait to get back out in the water.

Thanks again for your excellent, personalised service.



Testimonial Date: 06/02/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE


After getting home from collecting the F-skate last Saturday the surf looked too good to pass up even with my bad back. The anticipation of getting the board into the water was just to much.

I must say I was really surprised by the way it paddles...no effort at all even though I have been using a 9' mal for the last couple of years. Take off was great and then away it went. I now know why you call these boards skates.... that was the sensation. Rail to rail transitions are excellent for such a wide and thick board and I was tubed on the first ride.

The down side is that my back injury was not helped much by going back into the water so soon and I am paying the price at the moment.

Can't wait to try it out again this weekend if my back improves. Will keep you in touch.


Rob Walker(South Coast/NSW) 6'10" F-SKATE

Testimonial Date: 05/02/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Just thought that I'd send you a note to say how much I've been enjoying the 6'6" F Skate. I'd been looking around for quite a while for something like this after being dismayed and frustrated with the boards that I had been riding over the years.
The board is everything that you said. It's extremely loose and my wave count has increased dramatically. I'm enjoying myself so much every time I hit the water and am so suprised with the performance that the board delivers. It handles late drops remarkably well and hangs in even in the most critical of sections. It blows me away how fast, manouverable and stable it is. All this has given me a new confidence with my surfing and thus increasing the amount of waves that I catch knowing full well that the board will handle it. All my mates have noticed how much more I am enjoying my surfing and I think are a little bit envious about the amount of waves I'm getting.

Dean (Cronulla/NSW)

Testimonial Date: 04/02/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Thanks for your call the other week concerning my new F-SKATE (6'3"). As I told you when we spoke,the waves hadn't been going my way in the few weeks I'd had the new board,so I really hadn't had the opportunity to ride the board in good conditions.

In the last few weeks, I've had a few more surfs on it, in a variety of waves and I must say, I love the board. Both in the way it looks and surfs.

It performs exactly how you said it would. It's easy to paddle, stable and fast, and best of all when I switch back to my 6 6" V-Skate, the transition is very easy.

In terms of paddling, I've easily doubled the number of waves I was getting on my V-Skate. I'm getting into the waves quicker and easier, and once up the board is really fast and surprisingly easy to turn. I thought I'd have trouble with the width, but it transitions from rail to rail very nicely. It gets over the flat sections easily, enabling me to make the most of every wave.

It is without a doubt the best board I've ridden yet, and I can already see
improvement in my surfing, not only in the number of waves I catch, but also the length of the rides and what I am doing on the wave.

Thank you so much for yet another great board, your fantastic service and
advice. I'll hopefully be back for a 6'4" V-Skate in the not too distant future.

Mark (Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 21/01/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant.
Just a short note to let you know that the 6'6" F Skate quad hammers and by the way thanks heaps for making the second one on short notice.Have just spent the last 2 weeks up around Woolgoolga the weather was crap but the waves were good. Because it was 5' plus most days i was able to use the v skate more than the f skate. I must say the v skate would have to be one of the best boards i have ever ridden,i definately reckon that my surfing improved in the two weeks especially on my backhand.I will be getting another v skate this year with a slightly heavier glass job.I reckon that you have really hit the mark with these boards and i will be recommending them to mates.
Hope you have had a great Xmas and have a good new year.
(Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 15/01/2008 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Just to let you know that I managed to get out on my new (purple)6'10" F-Skate today for the first time (didn't get a chance at weekend).

I figured that considering I'd pretty much ditched my GSI produced 7S fish a few months ago and moved back to using my trusty 9'1" Mal, I thought the transition back to a fish was going to be a hard one.....

... However...I couldn't believe how easy the F-Skate is to paddle... duckdiving was easier than I figured it would be also (considering I haven't duck-dived for a few months due to riding a Mal).... but best of all was that I managed to catch the first wave I went for and had probably one of the best rides I've ever had!! I repeated this feat half a dozen more times during my lunchbreak today. I'm so stoked with the F-Skate. It's unbelievable. Thanks a million!... I can't wait until 5pm to finish work and get out again.

Thanks again.

Kevin (Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 21/12/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE

grant thanks for a great board.the fskate is a real little speed demon i have surfed it in 1-4ft, the hollower the better. backhand no problems .the board goes looking for the barrel and cuts back great on the open face .paddle power is just what you expect from a Miller. effortless entry and speed to burn. thanks a lot. kelly (QLD) .

Testimonial Date: 19/12/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant,
My board (F-Skate) is fantastic. It is really stable, I have no trouble paddling it and I have been mastering my duck dives which I could never do on my longer boards. It is everything I could have asked for. As for turning, I am working on that!!!! It looks awesome too. I love it. I get heaps of comments from both other girls who are impressed by the width and stability and guys who drool over it. A few people have come up and said, "Is that a Miller board????" I give them all the details and tell them what a nice guy you are to deal with. Hopefully you will be getting more business from down this way.
Merry Christmas and thanks from a very happy customer.

Lisette (from Coledale/NSW)

Testimonial Date: 13/12/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant,
My 6' 3'' F-SKATE is a great board.
Turns beautifully and has nice lift to get me through sections easily.
Having a 6' 10'' V-SKATE and a smaller F-SKATE pretty much covers all wave types for me now.
Keep those designs coming mate, if my surfing keeps progressing I'll be calling you up early 2008 for a 5' 11'' quad.
Ian (Victoria/Sunshine Coast).

Testimonial Date: 25/06/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant

Hope you are well.

Its been a few weeks now since I bought the new fish and I know you are keen for some feedback, especially considering you have been riding one exactly the same as mine.

It's definitely what I have been looking for - faster and lighter. It felt good the moment I began the paddle out and I was grinning after the very first wave. It's extremely lively and easy to turn.

It doesn't seem so important when riding the v-skate or water-skate but I've found the f-skate rides best with my back foot a little further back than normal -- I only worked this out after a few nosedives on my bottom turns but as soon as I have my weight back a bit it just seems to want to "dance" along the wave. In this position it needs only very slight hip or leg movements to turn and it comes back really quickly and responsively. When I ordered it I suspected the 5 fin set up might mean it would hold its line really well but you might have to put slightly more effort into turns but thats not the case at all, especially when your back foot is planted. (Know what I mean ?) It still holds it's line really well but at the same time its so easy to scoot around a bit of a shit to get to the next clean section.

I have been using all 5 fins and haven't had time to experiment with a twinny or thruster set up yet. I have a feeling that it will be very lively regardless of what fin configuation I use.

Shit - you werent wrong when you said it would be fast.

My 17 year old son's been riding it too and loves it. He is fairly advanced and into massive hacks and stuff like most groms these days. But he's barred from riding it again because the little prick wouldn't trade back last time and I had to spend the rest of the session on his popout piece of shit.

Pretty stoked Grant - thanks a lot. Will report back in after another month or two.

Dave Dawson (QLD)

Note from Grant Miller:This F-SKATE was ordered with the optional quad fin set up.....so it could be ridden either as a quad or as a thruster. However Dave chose to ride it first off with all 5 fins installed.....obviously his experiment has paid off big time. He now has 3 viable fin options(4 if you include using it as a twin fin)in the one board. I'll admit that I was suprised at how well the board surfed with 5 fins.....this interesting feedback is one of many benefits that result from keeping in touch with the clients I shape for.

Testimonial Date: 25/06/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant

Hope you are well.

Yes, you can put the feedback up no problems.

And yes, both my son and I have been riding it with all 5 fins in at the same time - I haven't felt the need to change down but may try a twinny set up this weekend depending on what the surf's doing.

I'll try and explain something and if it doesn't make sense maybe you can try it yourself and see if the same thing happens for you. On my backhand as a natural footer I tend to have more weight on my back foot and its been fast, light and easy to turn so I just ride it the same as I would with any board.

On my forehand I reckon I tend to be further forward with more weight forward and my feet probably a bit too close together and initially I found it still surfed good but seemed to want to throw me on occassions and on steeper take offs I sometimes nosedived on the bottom turn.

Anyway, I ended up on one wave (not sure but think it was a late take-off) with my back foot further back and I just raced along doing multiple turns. It almost felt like the board was doing it itself and I was just there for the ride. These weren't the little speed turns you do when you're pumping the board trying to beat a section, they were more like little hacks but with no effort because the board just seemed to want to do it by itself - thats what I mean when I say it seemed to dance on the wave. I have not had this same feeling of liveliness regardless of how far back my weight is on any of the other 5 boards I have. So for me, using 5 fins at the same time, on my forehand with my weight toward the tail it seems to become heaps more lively than any other board I have.

Dave Dawson (QLD)

Testimonial Date: 25/06/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE

Hi Grant

Yes, I reckon its a winner. I will change down to a thruster set up and see what happens.

In the 5 fin set up I have been using the smaller fins in the middle (large forward, then small, then large at rear). It hasn't felt like too much drag at all - it has been fast - but I will compare it for speed when I change down to a thruster set up.

The fun thing about a 5 fin fish is that you can change the fin set up around and I reckon you will end up with the same basic board only behaving differently every time you change. This can only improve your overall surfing and it also gives you the advantage of setting the fins up to suit whatever the surf is doing at the time.

With the 5 fin set up you have something unique. If you didnt put 5 plugs in you could pretty much just use a 3 plug fish as either a thruster or twinny or single for that matter.

Dave Dawson(QLD)

Testimonial Date: 17/05/2007 - Board Type : F-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Thanks for the 6'1" F-Skate. I have been putting this board through it's paces over the last few weeks and have only positive things to say about it.

By having volume throughout the planshape from nose to tail, I find it paddles into the waves earlier due to the lower entry rocker, which aids in setting up the wave from take off. This board responded well to the situations that I have put it thru, from steepish 4ft days to small almost non-existent waves and everything in-between.

With the refined bottom curves you have shaped, the F-Skate surfs well rail to rail, with surprisingly good drive when encouraged thru flat sections, whilst still retaining a looseness thru the tail to give it enough squirt off the mark and picks up speed quickly when required.

This board has increased my wave count considerably, and by doing so, can only improve my surfing ability, confidence and desire to surf more.

This is the fish-style board I have been waiting for - thank you.


Ian (Northern Beaches/Sydney)