Testimonial Date: 16/10/2020 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hi Grant.

Just wanted to give a little feedback on my Powerglide and start the ball rolling for another board.

The powerglide is awesome. I can get out in small surf and have a great time and compete with the mals. Paddles like its a foot or so longer than it is, has lots of speed and glide, but still has plenty of performance in the quad round pin tail. I look forward to small surf now because I'm having fun and not damaging my dodgy old body. Thanks for taking the time to get the exact result I wanted. As usual the quality is top class.

You might remember that I said I was thinking of getting a SUBX with a rounded pin tail. I've decided that, as I already have a SUBX, a Waterskate would be a better fit. The Powerglide and SUBX have small and average waves covered, a Waterskate could cover better waves, waist to just over head high.

Fozz/Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Surfer: 61/73kg/5'9" Board: 7'2" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8" Rounded pintail version, set up with 5 fin plugs to be ridden as a Thruster or Quad.

Note from Grant: During the past 5 years I've shaped Fozz 4 different boards. A V-SKATE, 2 SUBX's and the Powerglide in this testimonial. Fozz has a considerable knowledge about surfboard design, and always brings interesting questions and thoughts to our ordering sessions. He also provides me with articulate feedback after each board has been built, and in this way his boards get better and better. Like me, he suffers from low back issues. However by keeping his weight down and careful management, he is dealing really well with his condition. Fozz sent me the email above earlier today. It was part of a longer email where he discusses in detail what he's looking for in the new Waterskate he is ordering.
The Powerglide above was designed for really tiny surf that he wouldn't normally be able to surf, even on the SUBX. It has really low rocker throughout, quite a bit less than what's normally in a PG, and deep concaves. To enable reasonably tight turns I put in more outline curve, and so he gets an unreal paddle and easy turning in the same board.

I spend as much time as I need with each client to fully assess what they are looking for. Then I carefully design their new board to meet their expectations and needs. Some clients like Fozz really enjoy close involvement while ordering. Others just ask me to do what I think, and leave almost everything up to me. We are all so different, and this great variety is a part of building surfboards which I really enjoy.

Testimonial Date: 25/09/2020 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hey Grant,
I just wanted to tell you that I am sooo in loooooove with my new board. I've been riding it a lot and taking it out on my own with the girls. Im turning so easy and its super easy to paddle.
aand you'll be proud....im not even dumping it in the whitewash im holding onto it.

Its so much fun and I feel safe on it.
So thank you so much you are a legend.
Have a fab spring.
Tash/Burrill Lake, South Coast, NSW
Surfer: 40/63kg/5'4" Board: 7'8" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster.

Note from Grant: Tash has about 3 years experience and had been riding her boyfriends Powerglide which he had bought used. She really liked his board so I looked up the file to use that board as a basis for her new one. We made the new one a bit narrower so Tash could carry it more comfortably, and I modified the rocker and fin locations to make it easier to turn. Plus, she got a custom color, Sunflower yellow. Her confidence is clearly up because she only used to surf with her boyfriend. Now she's surfing with her girlfriends and loving it. This is what custom made surfboards should be. How people can still buy off the rack boards is beyond me.

Testimonial Date: 02/09/2018 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hello Grant,

I managed to get the board in the water the first weekend after I received it, however I wanted to wait until I had surfed again before letting you know how the board went, just to be sure. This is just a great board and does everything that I told you I wanted the board to do. I can paddle into waves that I would previously miss and find that I have a new found confidence in my surfing. I was paddling back out after catching a wave on the weekend and I was wondering how I could best describe the feel of the board to you and one of my mates said to me exactly what I was thinking. He said that I looked “smooth” on the wave and that’s exactly the word I had in mind.

Thanks Grant for an awesome board and I look forward to racking up plenty of hours on my Powerglide.

Nick Olsen/Victoria.

Surfer: 54/5'10"/95kg Board: 7'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Note from Grant: A few years ago I shaped Nick a 7'6" V-SKATE which he had been very happy with. Since then he's taken to riding a 9'1" Fireball at times (in really small waves) and wanted this current board to paddle almost as well and also be more agile than the McTavish. The 7'8" Powerglide is bigger than strictly necessary for Nick's weight and size, but I wanted to ensure the good paddle he was looking for. Low rocker and extra length in his PG results in outstanding paddle power.

Testimonial Date: 13/08/2018 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

First surf in perfect PG conditions yesterday. Glassy 2 ft, a bit on the fat side. Would have been an average surf on the short board but super fun on the PG. Catches waves super easy, speed trimming down the line feeling the glide, still turns nicely, some cross stepping attempts, ....

Couldn't wipe the smile off my face until the last wave coming in ... rode it a bit too far and when jumping off on the end section I managed to land with my back on the fin. Full impact, could have been nasty for my back if it wasn't for the wetsuit but unfortunately I damaged the fin box :-(.. Will take it to get repaired but if they have to replace the box I may need your help sourcing a surfinz box ( had a fin box repair on another board years ago and the repair place only had normal fcs boxes). Will let you know ...

Thanks for a great board, I know it will give me a lot of joy on those smaller days over the coming years.

Sven/Perth, WA
Surfer:52/85kg/6'3" Board: 7'2" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4+ Rounded pintail Thruster version.
Note from Grant: I've built quite a few boards for Sven over many years but never a Powerglide. He rang me a few months ago telling me that he had bought a used PG some time previously and was having a lot of fun on it. However the board was getting a bit tired and could I find the file and replicate it? It turned out that the board was 10 years old and originally shaped for a client in Sydney who was pretty close to Sven in weight. Miller surfboards really get around. So I was able to copy the board without seeing it and with a great outcome/except for his accident. How many other shapers can do this do you think? Careful detailed recorded files enable outcomes like this.

Testimonial Date: 03/07/2018 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant, very happy with the board. Haven't used a long board since I got it. Very easy to travel OS with. Had 6 surfs in NZ at river mouths, reefs and beach breaks & surfed it about 5 times at Bendy, twice at Dolphin Pt & just last week at Collers. Not a mark on it except for minor deck compression which is expected.

Paddles great, handles pretty steep drops & I'm entering the waves much higher and earlier on the face. People keep asking me is it epoxy because it's so white! It takes a bit to convince them its not. I have the fins set all the way forward.
Surfer: 49/86kg/5'9" board: 7'9" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/4" Rounded pintail Thruster version without nose concave**.
Note from Grant: Frank lives in Canberra and comes to the coast about once per fortnight and then goes hard. He also has a 9'0" Longboard and osteo arthritis in one hip which means he can't stretch his legs as wide as normal. He wanted a longboard alternative with excellent paddle that was easier to transport than the 9'0". He wanted to be able to surf this new board about 90% of the time and so needed a lot of versatility. Obviously he is very happy as his text this morning reveals.
I designed the board to be narrower than normal (normal/average for a 7'9" PG would be around 22 3/4") to minimize the soreness he gets from hyper extending his bad hip. **We left out the nose concave because nose riding was not part of his brief to me. The unique nose concave in the PG is there to facilitate nose riding (see PG design article on site). If a surfer is not into nose riding there is no point in having the concave. Also, because we wanted to minimize width, leaving out the concave meant that the board had a touch more volume than it otherwise would. It all adds up, and I take everything into consideration while working out the fine details of each board. These are not off the rack boards where everyone gets the same thing. They are unique one offs which perform as required.

Testimonial Date: 29/03/2018 - Board Type : Powerglide
It was 2ft on low tide at Bendalong & no wind so I took the new board out. Very happy, 15 waves in 90 mins. Paddles me into the wave nice and high with little effort. Nose rocker is nice as I dropped into a few that had a steeper face with ease. got more waves than I would have on my 9ft. I can semi duck dive it too by rising up, planting one knee on the board & driving the nose through the wave. Log rolls with ease due to the light weight.
Frank/South Coast, NSW
Surfer:49/86kg/5'9" Board: 7'9" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/4" Rounded pintail Thruster version.

Note from Grant: Frank picked his new board up this morning at the property and a few hours later sent me this text. Prior to this new board he had ridden a HP 9'0" Mal for the past 7 years. However he has a hip problem/arthritis, which means it's uncomfortable sitting on a wide board, and also he gets sore after being in the water for a while
swinging a long board around for take offs. For these reasons we decided on a narrower version of the PG for him. I also made sure that the board was fairly sensitive so there was less strain on his bad hip with turning and so on. The board is designed as an all rounder for Frank and I'm predicting that his days on the old 9'0" are numbered. Even though the PG is quite a bit shorter than his Mal, it paddles at least as well. Looking like another success.

Testimonial Date: 11/09/2017 - Board Type : Powerglide
Dear Grant,

I hope you are doing better again and your are recovering well.

So many memories come back to me while writing you this email because your board (Powerglide) lived/travelled to so many places with me and still does.

Due to work, I sort of “settled” and I am now (since 2015) living back home in Germany (Berlin) again with much less traveling and of course surfing.

In 2010 I visited you in Monavale. I was still young and had been living in Australia at that time and had been surfing for 2 years. I was nervous getting a custom board because I “only” was an “advanced beginner” as I described myself. However, you made it so easy, comfortable and fun. I still tell the story of my visit and whenever I take my board for a surf, memories surf with me.

The Powerglide is still my one board solution. I surfed it around Indonesia, Fiji, South Amercia (when I was at the peak of my fitness and surf skillset ? ) and now around Europe. It survived turtle rolls and wipe outs in large swell. All repairs I did so far were due to travel damages and reefs only.

Unfortunately living in Germany and UK now, I am not spending my days in the water anymore. It very much is reduced to some weekends and vacations mainly. Hence my fitness it not the best but I try to sty fit through swimming, but of course it is not the same.

I just returned from San Sebastian / Biarritz enjoying the summer swell with my Powerglide. It helps me to still catch many waves. I am always surprised that I still catch waves (as unfit and slow I have become) and get my share of waves. I don´t out paddle the old guys with the long boards anymore though ?

To make things short.

The reason I am writing you is that after my Surf trip I very much felt that it is time for a second board as an addition to my 7 foot Powerglide (in case it makes sense)

The breaks I am now surfing are in the UK and Spain/France (in summer), mainly 1 – 4 foot mushy waves. Although I love the Powerglide, I feel like something new. Something shorter, more turntable, fast, “skateable”, lots of volume and as easy to Paddle as the powerglide made for small beach breaks. For everything else, I still will use the Powerglide.

I am not sure if this actually exist or if it is possible or if the Powerglide I own is already the perfect solution.

In 2010, when I visited you for the first time and you asked what I am looking for, I said, I have no specific design in mind and are open to everything you think what would work for me. This of course is the case again. I have to admit, browsing the internet I liked the Firewire Baked Potato and the quad fin option, but as I actually have no clue about shapes, designs, fin setups etc. it is almost stupid to say I like it.

So again, I would be very happy if you would help me finding my next board.

Wish you all the best and hopefully we´ll be meeting in person again some day.

Axel Besinger/Germany
Surfer: 37/93kg/6'2" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8" Roundtail Thruster version.

Note from Grant: Axel's testimonial is interesting in a number of respects. He was a beginner/lower intermediate when I built his current board in 2010. Many people think it's a waste of money to order a custom board at this stage. I disagree. A well designed board at this early stage can really assist a novice surfer to progress and gain confidence much faster than if they were to buy a minimal or random rack board for example. His email also shows just how versatile the Powerglide is. He has ridden it successfully all over the world in varying conditions and it's still in decent shape. Most commercially available boards these days are lucky to last 18 months before going to landfill. We build boards to last.
Lastly,I really appreciate his level of trust and loyalty. This was apparent in 2010 and obviously again now. He is ordering a new board from the other side of the world and is very happy to do so. This speaks for itself and is very heartening for me. Tomorrow I'll call him in Berlin and we'll go through his order together/ a custom SUBX to go with his old faithful PG.

Testimonial Date: 09/06/2017 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

Hope you are well, I guess you are well in to the travels by now…..

I’ve had a few surfs on the Powerglide now and am really enjoying it. I was expecting a lot more of an adjustment period but it is actually really easy to surf so really happy. The board is really stable and predictable without any of the corkiness I mentioned I didn’t like in previous boards so I think you did a great job of translating what I wanted in to a finished board. When I say predictable I don’t mean boring, as it feels really loose, more that it does what I expect it do which means I can concentrate on the wave rather than what is going on with the board. I’ve already been trying a few tighter turns than I would consider on the longboard and I just haven’t found a turn that the board won't accommodate, so I think it will be a great board for me to progress on. The only adjustment is in catching waves, but I think the longboard has made me a bit lazy in positioning as it will take off on anything, but had a nice 3 foot day at Manly yesterday and barely missed a wave I went for, so think I’ll get the hang of it. But once up and running, loving it..

I was speaking to a guy at Manly yesterday and he had a relatively new V-Skate and was also saying how good that was.

Well, just thought I would drop you a line to say how it was going..have been really impressed with it and am looking forward to progressing on it with more surfs, so thanks for shaping a great board for me.

Happy and safe travels

Matt/Manly, NSW
Surfer: 44/5'10"/83kg Board: 7'2" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" Rounded pintail version.
Note from Grant: Matt was coming off a 9'1" McTavish Fireball. He wanted a looser, tighter turning feel and something which was easier to duckdive than the Mal. He had had a custom from another shaper which was too corky for him and so he was keen for me not to use too much volume. It seems I got things just right for him.

Testimonial Date: 11/11/2016 - Board Type : Powerglide
GM, just browsing your testimonials ,no feedback from Malcolm or Tony ? Anyway , found my Powerglide feedback from 2006 post JBay where the Powerglide excelled. I just returned from another JBay excursion and whilst in a surf shop off de Gama rd overheard a group of younger locals talking of a 'magic' board that resided at aforementioned surf shop and people took turns borrowing it . The Miller they whispered , my ears tweeked !
The magic board was the Powerglide I left there in 2006 ! I have returned to JBay regularly ,most recently in September this year and once again my Powerglide got the job done allowing me to thoroughly enjoy surfing fast waves from 2ft to 6ft+. I have left that PG there for others to enjoy and as you know am now awaiting the arrival of a fresh,new Powerglide . If there is a more practical,versatile surfboard around I'm yet to find it ....
Well done GM , lofty/North Avalon, Sydney.
Board: 7'0" X 22" X 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster. Surfer:57/85kg/6'0"
Note from Grant Miller:
I have shaped lofty almost 20 boards over the past 16 years. V-SKATES, Waterskates and a number of Powerglides. He is a very good surfer with a timeless, functional style and we often surf together up the North end of the peninsula. His PG is his go to board, from Avalon to Jeffries Bay. What kind of surfboard could be more versatile?

Testimonial Date: 06/06/2016 - Board Type : Powerglide

My new 7' 2" POWERGLIDE is a dream board.
It has transformed my surfing (once again with your boards).

It catches loads of waves.

It turns on a dime.

Is fast.

I am in love.

I am recommending it to all my friends including all the women I see struggling to catch waves.

Bern/Thirroul, NSW
Board:7'2" X 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster version Surfer: 51/5'4"/70kg

Testimonial Date: 22/04/2015 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Ok so I love the Subx you made for me last year, but I came to see you and asked for a Powerglide that I could use with my longboard mates. The Subby is awesome, it is such a great board to ride, I do catch a lot of waves, and it really handles well.... but there are days when I am better on a longboard. The 9'3" longboard I have catches anything bigger than a ripple in a pond, but it handles like a bus. (This could be the driver, as I prefer a shorter board) So my brief was a board between the two, paddles really well, but still turns, as much as possible like the Subby, fast, sweeping turns, working the face but not radical/vertical, just gliding... smooth, but with a turn of speed as I move forward.
I have now surfed the PG maybe a dozen times, and still use the Subby on some days, so move from board to board. You have made a board that does exactly what I asked for. It paddles in really well, trims like a longboard if I want it to, pumps to pick up speed, and then makes nice sweeping bottom turns into fairly tight turns off the top and back again. I am delighted with both boards and I can surf anything I go out in, and catch lots of waves. I find myself laughing as I surf... and that's the point really isn't it? If you can paddle back out with a grin on your face after most waves, surf for 2 hours, and go home feeling great, what more do you want?
As always your quality craftsmanship, and that of your glasser, have produced a beautiful board I can keep for years. It is a pleasure doing business again and I will catch up with you soon.
Ian/Newport, NSW.
Subby 6'8", 22 1/2",3"/// Powerglide 7'8" 23" 3", & various other Miller gems!

Testimonial Date: 13/03/2014 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant
i currently have a Powerglide that you made me 7 or 8 years ago, i cannot describe how many fabulous sessions ive had on this board both in Oz and OS.
I know you still have the details because my friend Nathen Woodford is currently awaiting the arrival of his Powerglide which is the exact same dimensions.
For me its time for an update.. i was considering maybe a slightly shorter PG with 4 fins, and then i saw the SubX which i think would interest me as a quad.
Its funny but the older ive got the shorter my boards have become.My general board in decent waves is a 6 0 quad.
I am going to Fiji on May 7 and wouldnt mind being able to take a new stick.I intend to come to Milton with Nathen when he picks up his new board but i dont know if this is too late to put my order in.
cheers Callo/Moruya, NSW
Surfer: 54/75kg/5'11" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster version.
Note from Grant Miller: Callo's board is 7 years old. 7 years. In the throw-away world of modern surfboards, where boards are deliberately built to fall apart after perhaps 18 months, this board speaks for itself. We are old fashioned when it comes to building our surfboards, and it shows. How long did your last board last for?

Testimonial Date: 07/03/2014 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Thanks for the awesome service you provide to us average punters. I picked up my 7ft Powerglide just 2 weeks before a Maldives trip last August. I had one surf before I left and 1st impressions were very good although the waves that day were pretty average.
Arrived in the Maldives to a solid 6ft swell. The board went outstanding in solid overhead waves. One of the more memorable sessions, among many, was a solid 4ft very very crowded session at a break called Jails, sometimes described as a "Warm Water J-Bay". So you get the picture. The wave catching ability of this board in those waves resulted in me getting way more waves than I ever expected. The paddle ability of this board is awesome.
Thanks again for the excellent advice and service you provide.

Dave Annand/Central Coast NSW.
Surfer: 50/85kg/5'8" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8" Thruster version.
Note from Grant Miller: To see some pics of Dave surfing in the Maldives on this trip, check out the client photo section under the gallery heading. I made some modifications to his board with more powerful waves in mind. Little things like a touch more tail rocker very late in the board to provide more control at high speed and to help facilitate late take off's. However obviously most of the time Dave is surfing the board back on the Central Coast, and so it needs to work well in both environments. Over the years, the Powerglide has proven to be an extremely versatile board. It surfs unreal in rubbish and yet really winds up big time in decent surf.

Testimonial Date: 07/03/2014 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant , the board is amazing !!! Had it 2-4 ft strong offshore condition's - 5 surfs in first week I was home . Find myself standing a bit too far forward - still adjusting from the 6'4" F skate . Have hit the sweet spot once or twice and really fired off the bottom with plenty of speed down the line .

Thanks very much for another great board which performs exactly as you described and is mean at catching waves !!!
Wally/ New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Surfer: 54/84kg/6'0" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" x 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 20/12/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Hope you are well.
Just letting you know , i'm really happy with the PG. Its just great in
small,weak conditions. Normally i would be frustrated and disappointed in
these conditions , now i'm having fun and actually looking forward to taking
it out. Paddles fantastic , trims so so smooth , and i was surprised how easy
it is to turn.
Thanks for great board !
Wishing you all the very best for the Christmas and New year ,
Surfer:46/77kg/5'8" Board:7'2" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 26/09/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hi Grant
Hope you are well.
Just thought I would send you a quick note to thank you for the board, which I used for the first time this week. I had so much invested in wanting this board to be great, I don't mean the money, but rather in the whole experience of discussing it with you, listening to your opinions and being guided by them. I am so glad that I took this path.

As the name of the board suggests, I felt that I was easily gliding onto waves, the paddling power is fantastic. The board also felt like it wanted me to get forward on it, which was very rewarding when I did exactly that. Initial impressions were really positive. I think it will be perfect for conditions back home** - although I'm not looking forward to the colder water!

On the basis of my experience, I'm going to do exactly what you suggested when we first spoke, and order a V-Skate from you if that's OK.

If you could let me know a convenient time to call, I'll give you a ring to discuss.

I am heading back to the UK on the 18th October, but will be back again in Mid November for a couple of weeks, so at this stage I'm not sure if I can collect or will need shipping, but that's a discussion for another day.

Best regards
Surfer: 50/70kg/5'8" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster version
** Note from Grant Miller: This board was built with waves around Devon in mind. The locations which Mike usually surfs over there generally lack power and are often on the small side. One spot has long but typically small waves while the other is a variable beachbreak with more power. Therefore the board was shaped with deeper double concaves to promote speed and also with some additional late tail rocker to assist with quicker turns in faster breaking waves.

Testimonial Date: 31/07/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide
Gday Grant.

Loving the Powerglide Quad!Just had some of the best waves at Sharky Rights in ages.Got some great barrels.Tried to attach some photos by my mate Barry,but tech skills a bit lacking.Will be down the coast on Friday for a long weekend,might see you in the water.
Best wishes,and thanks for the great board!

Ross Harper/Austinmer NSW
Surfer:53/82kg/5'9" Board:7'4" X 22 3/8" X 2 3/4" Rounded Pintail version, with 3+4 fin setup. Can be ridden as a Quad or Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 29/07/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide

G'day Grant,

The PG has been absolutely amazing mate. You pretty much read my mind
when you crafted this board for me, which is all the more impressive
seeing as we did it all by email! First wave I dropped into I
completely forgot I was on a 7'2" board - the manoeuvrability blew me
away. It paddles really well, and I had it out the other day in some
small clean stuff and had a great time nose riding (or trying to).
Heaps of boards are advertising the 'one board quiver' out there, but
for what I needed (and wanted), you absolutely nailed it.

I had really high hopes and expectations of what the PG would deliver,
and you blew them all away. The only question for me now is how many
$$ I can get for my other boards when I sell them! I just can't
imagine any circumstances when I'd pull any of my other boards off the

Thanks for all the time you spent in refining my requirements - I
didn't even know what I needed. Great board mate - it's really
reinvigorated my love of wave riding.

Dan/Eastern Suburbs
Surfer: 35/73kg/5'7" Board: 7'2" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" Roundtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 16/07/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide
Grant, about the boards ESP the 8'0” PG. Had it out at Palmie in 2-4' Sunday set up as a Thruster with Sunny Garcia glass fins in. What can I say, best session I've had for a while. Stable on takeoff, fullish wave, double pump cutback, loose but quick, wave picks up and speed over the bank, pump it, pump it, cutback, come back around foam and trim, walk to the nose, 6-10 sec nose ride, cutback, pickup reformed wave & scream along the shorebreak. Repeat for 2 ½ hrs absolutely stoked.


Surfer: 61/6'0”/100kg Board: 8'0” X 23” X 3” Squashtail version. This board was built with a 10” centre finbox and side fins to be ridden as a Single fin, or as a 2+1. However using an FCS finbox adaptor, an FCS Thruster tail fin can also be used. This is the fin arrangement Steve was using during the session he reported on.

Testimonial Date: 16/06/2013 - Board Type : Powerglide

MAAAAATE, You've hit the nail on the head once again! The 7'5" Powerskate went unreal at Palmy today in 3'-5' southerly swell.Paddles & floats me really well, stable on takeoff and it does takeoff,fast! Set up this time as a quad & it was loose but not tracky,turned & held its line well. Really really pleased.

The 8'Powerglide is also another killer, sh#t easy to paddle,turns easily,glides & noserides really well it's gone exceptionally well in the run of small surf in Sydney of late.Had it set up as a 2+1 & I'll, try it as a thruster if I get off the Powerskate when the swell drops again. The SUBX sounds like it'll be another "Miller Killer". I'll catch you soon, good to hear your back is still improving, thanks again Steve.

Surfer: 61/6'0"/100kg Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfboards/Powerglides: 1.7'5" X 23" X 3 1/16" Rounded pintail, 3+4 version(set up for either Quad or Thruster surfing) 2. 8'0" X 23" X 3" Squashtail 2+1 version(10" Finbox with sidebites to use all at once, or as a single fin alone)

Notes from Grant Miller: Both the boards referred to above are custom Powerglides, although Steve refers to the 7'5" as a Powerskate. Both boards are more pulled in than normal through the tail in outline. The effect of this is to improve turning ability without any reduction in drive. Normally, if you reduce the amount of area in the tail, you lose drive. However I have designed these boards with special rocker and fin modifications to ensure that this does not occur. Steve is a highly experienced and decent surfer, who is obviously stoked with the outcomes.

Testimonial Date: 23/10/2012 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hi Grant,
Thanks for your voicemail great to hear your back on the job shaping.

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback on my 7"2 Powerglide
Got this board for my 40th birthday and absolutely love it. what can i say it is everything you said it would be and more. Its really the one board quiver. paddles into waves easily and cuts through the crowds. allows a little nose ride and yet is maneuverable like a short board. Its been so good one of my mates even managed to get hold of a second hand one as he couldn't wait to get his hands on one.

Great craftmanship, advice and service.

Justin/Adelaide SA Surfer:40/88kg/5'10" Board: 7'2" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8+ Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 14/04/2012 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to take my 6'8" powerglide that I
bought off you last year for it's first east coast surf trip over to NSW and it
went fantastic! I was really impressed with how it handled all surf conditions,
especially in solid 4 - 6 foot surf at Angourie, caught one of the best and most
powerful waves of my life there! It also went really well at Crescent Head
competing with all the longboards and I caught another best wave of my life
there too! I find that every time I go for a surf I always grab that board to
ride because it's so comfortable and it has definatley helped me progress with my
Thanks again Grant for a great board!

Jenny, WA
Surfer: 30/70kg/5'6" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 20/02/2012 - Board Type : Powerglide
Welcome back Grant.
Well, you've done it again. The 7ft 4in Powerglide you made for someone else* has put a smile on my face all summer.

It helps to be honest with yourself when asked "how often do you get out?". Stop
for a moment and count back 4 weeks. The answer will not be what you you feel
you would like to be able to do -- that's just your imagination.

It also helps to have a very skillfull and intuitive craftsman build boards that
work for you.

Thanks again. Cheers,
Andrew Doyle/Sydney. Surfer: 59/5'11"/85kg Board: Powerglide 7'4" X 22 3/4" X 2 7'8" squashtail.

* Note from Grant Miller : This board was originally shaped for a client in Queensland who was unable to complete the transaction. After consulting with Andrew, and having previously built him other boards, I was confident that this board would suit him.

Testimonial Date: 12/06/2011 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to ride my new board for the first time on the weekend and I am absolutely loving it!!!

It is so smooth through the water and I can really notice that you have thinned the rails out as it is a lot easier to turn. I find it a lot easier to duck dive as well. It also performed really well on pitchy, beach break waves, I'm guessing that's because of the extra tail lift, so it has given me more confidence when catching those sort of waves.

So I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a beautiful board and I hope you have a relaxing time out from shaping and find many perfect waves to ride.

Surfer: 29/70kg Board: 6'8" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 22/01/2011 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
Happy New Year. I just thought I would drop you a line re the performance of the “PowerGlide”.
I am happy to say that whilst we haven’t had an abundance of great waves since I collected it in November, I couldn’t be happier with the new stick. It is the all conditions board that I have been searching long and hard for. As you promised its paddles like a mini mal so I am picking up my fair quota which is important given the Xmas crowds and it is loose enough for me to bring out some of the old moves that I couldn’t do on the mal. At the end of Feb we are heading up the coast on a road trip so can’t wait to have the daily surf that I am now craving.

Regards & Best Wishes
Trevor Kennedy/ Central Coast NSW
Surfer: 49/88-90kg/6'1" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8" squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 21/08/2010 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
I could not resist and surfed the board 3 days earlier then you actually recommended...:-) All i can say is I love it. Its like a rocket, so fast and I really catch a huge amount of waves. Since I have moved the fins forward it turns and responds so quickly(as you said) and is exactly the way i like it. All an advanced beginner can ask for!

Thanks again for bulding me the right board and making my first new board purchase such a great experince.

Axel/ Sydney.

Surfer: 29/90kg/6'2"
Board:7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8"

Testimonial Date: 24/02/2010 - Board Type : Powerglide
I am aged 50 have surfed many types of boards for over 30 years. Recently, back and neck issues have meant that even paddling a 9 foot longboard have become a real chore, half an hour and I am worn out. I was very alarmed and seriously thought my surfing days were numbered.

I desperately searched the internet for a smaller lighter board with a Mal outline, especially with a nose concave that I could rely upon. After may hours of search prompts I found the Miller website and the Powerglide, I was ecstatic, contacted Grant and soon placed an order ( 7' 6" x 22 1/2" x 2 15/16")

The objective was to re-experience that short board feel with the least paddling effort whilst keeping the nose-riding option. Over 20 surfs later in a variety of conditions including overhead, I am absolutely satisfied, so it's a big thumbs up with OBJECTIVE ACCOMPLISHED.

For other burnt out short and longboarders the Powerglide is a serious option. I now can surf for double the time, half the wear and tear with close to double the fun.

The board paddles well, handles beautifully, is smooth, fast, responsive, thrusts well, is even good off the lip. It is also very stable allowing one to take two medium cross steps to the nose and two steps back with confidence. The nose concave works very well, almost instantaneously, which is essential when noseriding on a shortish board.

Regards and a Big Thankyou

Charlie Hyde (Broulee NSW)

Board: 7'6" X 22 1/2" X 2 15/16"

Testimonial Date: 24/02/2010 - Board Type : Powerglide
Just a note to say how pleased I am with the powerglide model you made for me late in 2009. Having ridden an 8'4'' mal for the past decade, I wanted something a little more manouverable and shorter.... but not too short. At 53 I don't have quite the fitness or enthusiasm for hell for leather surfing but wanted something that has good speed and turning capability. The 7'4'' bright orange and yellow "powerglide" you designed for me is brilliant. I have weaned myself off all other boards in my quiver and now only surf this. I have been blown away with its speed across the wave face and sharp turning capabilities. You were right - it is like riding a short board and so enjoyable. It is my new best friend!! Thank you for your time and attention to detail to design me a board that suits me down to the ground. It surfs great in faster steeper waves of Werri point and is fantastic on the smaller cruisy gentle sets at Seven Mile Beach. It's a great all rounder. Cheers from a very sati
sfied customer!!
Glenn Isemonger : Gerringong/South Coast NSW

Surfer: 53/5'8"/85kg
Board: 7'4" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" Roundtail

Testimonial Date: 08/12/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
G'day Grant, sorry I haven't returned your message, I have been out bush working along the Nullarbor rail line for Telstra.
Finaly had a chance to give the Powerglide a run at Pondie with a few mates.
Very pleased with it. Exactly as you said, easy to paddle, great manouverability and just good fun.
Thanks very much and your after sales follow up is appreciated. Good to see someone that cares about their product and the customers.

Happy surfing

Regards Michael (South Australia)

Board: 7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8"
Surfer: 53/80kg/5'7"

Testimonial Date: 27/06/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant
Got back from the Mentawai's over two weeks ago, so I thought I should quickly check in with you. The 7'2" Powerglide#3 and 7'8" Miller Gun were perfect additions to my quiver.

Powerglide - As you know, my enthusiasm for the PG's is unerring so I confidently put #3 to good use in everything from well overhead Nipussi to "just breaking" Pitstops. The board went so well making big long slabbing sections without a stutter. Alternatively, it transitioned back into a great fun board for perfectly peeling Pitstops.
Note: I tested out the new fin system by slamming into a submerged branch at overhead Nipussi. Not too much damage right! The fin's were jolted back a little and the plugs need a bit of patching but nothing like the carnage that you'd expect from an FCS system.
What I like about the PG - Early entry into any wave from deep way outside, pulling up into the most critical section when I'd normally be scratching into the drop!
This is my third PG with minor variations. I think we have the dimensions locked in.
I love the board.

The gun - Last but not least. The 7'8" Miller Gun is a dependable big wave board. No questions asked! I only took it out once but it was nice to have the entry speed and positive feel under foot on the bigger drops. I don't think I need to elaborate you know the story!

I have a couple of photos from a sweet little Pitstops session. Water temp 26degC, air 30degC.


Tim (Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 22/04/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the 7' powerglide you shaped for me at the start of Feb. As you may recall I was after a "fun" board for small days at Manly when getting wet was a better option than sitting on the couch or grovelling on a short board for no rewards. Indeed the powerglide is very much a "FUN" board with a capital F! and has truly exceeded my expectations. The board came alive first time I stood up on it and I knew I was in for a treat. It really does handle quite well for a board of that size which can be quite deceiving at times. When you're pumping up and down the line you really forget you are on a mid length type board. There are multiple sweet spots and it surfs really well from the tail. It also paddles like a demon and is easy to duckdive. The nose concave is quite unique and works a treat as I have had no problems on cheater fives etc. It really does add another dimension to a board which surfs almost like a short board. It is not a short board of course and you do notice the extra size when trying to come off the top. That being said I love this board. For what it's made for it does the job and more and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone in the market for a mid length board.
This is a well thought out and effective design and Grant is a pleasure to deal with.
Years surfing: 17
Location: Manly
Surfed: Manly Beachbreak and Bower to 4ft


Testimonial Date: 26/02/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
G'Day Grant,

I picked up my Powerglide (The Green Machine) a couple weeks ago and have been riding it in crappy surf and i am stoked. Finally some decent 3 to 4 foot swell arrived this week and the board just went to another level i can't wipe the grin off my face.

Now boys and girls i'm 120kgs give or take a few kilos (give more than take) and was a bit wary when Grant said it would float me and paddle like a 9 footer but it does and i'm blown away how good this board is!

It surfs like a short board and you can get up on the nose if you like. So all you big fellas out there looking to get off your logs, this IS the board!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't thank you enough Grant.

Paul 8.0 x 23 x 3 1/8 Powerglide
South Coast NSW

Testimonial Date: 24/02/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

I've had the Powerglide you shaped me for almost a year now, and thought I should let you know how its going. As I discussed with you last week, a couple of months ago I popped a FCS plug out - I had it repaired (the shaper that repaired it commented on how good the glass job was!) and got some FCS PC-7 fins to replace the M-5's. As you and I figured out, the fins were way too big as it made it feel stiff and slow. I ended up getting some FCS Simon Anderson S-25 Medium fins, and could not be happier!! Yesterday it was 2-3ft onshore, and I was having the best fun I've had on the board! It was fast, loose and most of all, an absolute blast to ride! Overall, thanks for making a fantastic board!

Sam / VIC (7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8")

Testimonial Date: 03/02/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

Just writing to give some feedback about my powerglide board that you made late last year. It's really good. It does everything that I want it to in the conditions that I have surfed it in thus far, which is great. I'm just waiting for a nice peeling day at a good size to see how it goes. Thanks heaps, I'm really happy with the board.

Michael/Victoria (7'0" X 22 1/8" X 2 7/8" squashtail)

Testimonial Date: 03/02/2009 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant

The Powerglide is perfect for what I needed. It's fast to paddle and stable to ride. I lent it to friend that took it out into bigger surf than I'm capable of riding at the moment and he was very impressed with how it handled bigger conditions.

I feel that this is a board I'm going to be enjoying for a long time.

All the best

Paul/Japan--Queensland (8'0" X 23" X 3" squashtail)

Testimonial Date: 21/06/2008 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hi Grant,
its twelve months since you made me a 7' powerglide and then a 6'6" V Skate.
The powerglide was just a dream from day one and my mates are forever telling me i get too many waves and are amazed at how well the board performs considering its "wierd" look.I had it in the Maldives last July and surfed Jails one day for a total of nine hours and got a" million" waves with minimal effort.
The V Skate was a different story.I struggled to get comfortable with it,it was too skatey for me and it got shelved cause i was having too much fun on the powerglide.One day i took some generic brand fins out of a broken board and tried them in the V Skate...now i cant get off the V Skate, its soooo good.For me two boards is a quiver...thanks
Moruya..South Coast(NSW)

Testimonial Date: 10/06/2008 - Board Type : Powerglide
Re Powerglide

Grant its been nearly 12 months now that I've had the Powerglide and its turned out to be the best mid length board I've ever had. The way you describe this board and the way it surfs is spot on.
Its held up really well and still looks really good.
I'll wait until you get back from from your trip away before I order something else.
I wont be trading it in though because I dont think I could part with it.

regards Sean (South Coast NSW)

Testimonial Date: 05/03/2008 - Board Type : Powerglide

I bought a 7'0" Power Glide off you a few weeks back, and just thought i would send you a quick email and say "Thank You". I have just gotten into surfing recently and had tried a few diferent boards, but none felt right, and i struggled to really improve my confidence and ability out on the water. Enter the Powerglide. This board is amazing and i love it! The Powerglide does everything well, and is amazingly versatile. since getting my powerglide my surfing has come along in leaps and bounds. I can see myself riding this board for a long, long, long time in all conditions.

Grant, apart from making beautiful boards, your a true champion of the sport, and a legendary shaper. You helped me/pointed me in the right direction with your knowledge and expert advice. I really appreciated the fact that you were genuinely wanting to help me get the right board above all else, and to get the most enjoyment out of the surfing experience.

Grant, again a very big thank you.


Troy (Collaroy/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 07/02/2008 - Board Type : Powerglide
Grant, Thanks for the Powerglide, it goes just as you said it would...(FANTASTIC).After surfing for as many years as I have, it was great to be actually able to go back,as it used to be,& "talk to the guy" who was going to shape my board. As you proably now realise,after speaking to me,the PG has renergised me & my surfing.
After spending a number of years on costly boards from Northern NSW thinking that this was as good as it gets, I simply cannot believe how good this board performs.

The mates reckon I'm a jibberer 'cause I won't shut up about this PG,but they do say I'm now catching way too many waves.
So Grant,please fire up that Fskate I've ordered I'm sure it'll be brillant.

Steve M.(Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 14/12/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

Huey delivered today: small waist to chest high waves, but with great shape and a light offshore. Low tide, so not much grunt in them - the perfect setting for my first surf on the Powerglide.

My Sweet Lord!! I had pretty high expectations of the board in these conditions, having surfed my Waterskate for the past few months, but was still blown away! Really does paddle like a mal, accelerates beautifully out of turns, trims and turns from the nose and is so loose off the lip or through a cutback.

Your suggestion to stick with the thruster setup rather than a 2-plus-1 proved itself in the speed and looseness. (Okay, so you can't trim all along a long wall with your toes on the nose, but that's what a square-tail, single fin 9'6" mal is for.)

With the Waterskate and the Powerglide in the car, I'm travelling to the beach with the perfect summer quiver.

Thanks for another great board,

Testimonial Date: 08/12/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Gidday Grant thought I'd write back on the Powerglide. I've had it for about 5 months now and its turned out to be my pick of boards on most days. Its super fun to ride and would be among the most versatile boards I've had as it goes in anything.Thanks again.
P.S Howard's gone you ripper !!

regards Sean(Wollongong)

Testimonial Date: 29/11/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant
It's really satisfying to prove or disprove any claims - and the Powerglide is not bullshit! I picked up one you had in stock last August and it really does perform like a short board.
I surf at least 6 sessions a week and in the 4 months I've had it the Powerglide is my preferred weapon of choice. I've surfed it in 6 inch windswept dribble to 4 foot peelers, where it really excels. I love the stable platform on takeoff and the way it responds as soon as I plant my back foot. Mates have commented on the craftsmanship and the glasswork, a solid board and a reliable performer. Very happy!


Testimonial Date: 03/09/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hey Grant,
just a quick note to give the powerglide a wrap. I can't believe how easy the transition from a 9'2" to a 7'0" is. I was also doing things on waves that I haven't even bothered to try on a mal for years. I must say that I caught myself having a quiet chuckle on quite a few occasions. It is great to have that childlike enthusiasm when you are 45

Cheers Greg/Northern Beaches Sydney.

Testimonial Date: 20/08/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

Just a quick one to say that the Powerglide has turned me into a wave catching fool - I haven't been this charged since I started catching waves over 20 years ago.

It takes a bit to get used to paddling a wider nosed board but I throughly recommend it - its a smooth ride and very easy to catch more than your fair share of waves.

Keep up the great work!

Angus (Byron Bay)

PS It was great to meet you and I hope you got over the cold!

Testimonial Date: 09/05/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide

Hi Grant

Well, I finally got a few days out on my new Powerglide over the long weekend, and can safely say that it is an awesome work of art!! I must admit I was a bit concerned about whether I would be able to ride it after the 9’6” log I have been used to, but all fears were quashed rather quickly. Got up first time, and did things I have never done before! It is really easy to paddle, and fantastic once up – really smooth and easy to turn..... Such a dream to ride! I am obviously hooked and can’t wait for the next surf! The waves were very average, but I still had a ball, and caught more waves than I have in a long time. We have officially stated that the surf season has begun here, so it can only get better.

I can see now that I actually have an opportunity to improve my surfing on my new board and it’s really exciting – like learning all over again, yet with the added advantage of having the basics already, and a great board to assist me in my journey to better surfing!

I also discovered it is not only me that is forming a bond with this board, as my husband John has also been riding it and is hooked too! And a fellow Gove surfer who also owns a V-skate (Mark Toomey) had a lengthy go on my board and loves it too – said it was heaps of fun, and I even witnessed him with his toes on the nose (which just spurred me on to master this board even more!). Mark and several others have also stated it is the perfect board for up here, which was something I discovered immediately! The unique nose on it causes a lot of conversation too – I am assuming it is to assist in lift for nose riding....is that correct??

I noticed that not only is it easy to paddle out, but (once I discovered I need to sit in a whole different place to catch the waves compared to the longboard), it really is incredibly easy to catch a wave as well. And it is so stable once up that I have been able to play with moving my feet around to find her sweet spot – even clumsily shuffling up towards the nose! So much to learn and experience!

So a heartfelt thank you Grant, for convincing me that this board was right for me and our conditions up here – it is LOADS of fun, and has rekindled my faith/confidence in my abilities (though I know I do have, and always will have a lot more to learn!). I really do appreciate the time, patience and effort you put into making sure you had all the information to get it right for me. I will keep in touch (as my husband has hinted he may require a new board for his birthday now!), and will let you know when I finally get my toes over the tip!

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to feel as stoked as a kid learning to surf!
Happy surfing
Kindest Regards
Loren Waller (Northern Territory/Australia)

Testimonial Date: 29/03/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Dear Grant,

I’m officially converted. The Powerglide you shaped me has lived up to every syllable of the blurb on your website. It paddles easily,duck-dives easily, turns incredibly easily and goes like shit off a stick. But what really rings true is the versatility.

I can trim and snake it along a wall effortlessly or I can really throw it about. I haven’t snapped so many turns per wave since the days before I chubbed out and bought a minimal. Thanks for a great board. It really has reinvigorated my surfing.


Geoff Fischer (Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 22/03/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Re: Powerglide


I wanted to relate to you what a great board the Powerglide has turned out to be for me.

As you remember, I have a (very)long 9'4" Mal which I was fun, but no longer a challenge. Being out there with the boys on their thrusters, I thought I should get one of those, so I too can have their maneuverability on the waves.

Thankfully, I spoke with you, and after our discussions, you specially designed an 8' Powerglide for me which has turned out to be an amazing board to ride, giving me as much (or more) turning ability and speed as I was looking for without making the board too hard to transition to, despite loosing 16" in length from my mal.

As you predicted, the Powerglide almost immediately became my board of choice, and is a fantastic board for mal riders who are looking for more speed and control from their board, without loosing the ease of paddling, stability and ability to sit further out than the thruster-boys and catch the waves before they do!!!

Thanks again for your advice and shaping a board that suited me. I'll be back soon to look at other board designs to further expand my wave options.


James (Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 17/01/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide

I wanted to send some feedback on the new board you shaped for me in November. After much discussion with Wato @ Beach Without Sand, I took his reccomendation and ordered a 7' Powerglide with a simple custom spray. Prior this, I've been riding an 8'4" that owes me over $1400. You can probably guess the brand. At 6' and 90kg, I was a little sceptical that a 7' would even float me properly, let alone do what was claimed.

Since it arrived, I haven't taken my mini-mal out of the racks. All of the design components combine to make one excellent board. Apart from anything else, not having to turn turtle for half the waves when paddling back out means I've got far more energy when I get there. That alone makes for a better session, but then you get to actually ride the thing...

It actually does what it says on the tin! Paddles like a longboard, but rides like a shortboard, yet with so much stability. This is an absolute cracker. Despite the pretty lousy waves this Summer so far, I've been able to pick off waves almost @ will at both N.Av and N.Palm. There are also waves I wouldn't have felt confident chasing on my mini-mal which are an absolute blast on this thing. Removing 16" of foam and glass from in front of me makes it so easy to turn at the bottom of the wave, or to get angled across the wave on takeoff. I'm a total convert.



Testimonial Date: 09/01/2007 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,

First of all, thank you very much for your call all those weeks ago. I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. The Powerglide has been going very well thanks, i am very very happy with it. I had some great surfs up at Crescent Head and i have been down to the Mornington Peninsula a few times since Christmas as well. The first surf on it I was a little hesitant as I really noticed the loss of 14 inches from my old board. That only lasted a few sessions though. I have appreciated the extra volume and i am finding it as easy, if not easier to get onto the waves compared to the old board. As you said, duck diving is a lot easier now for which i am thankful. I have found plenty of speed on the waves, more than enough to get through the flat sections and the tighter arcs on the turns are great as well. Basically, I am wrapt with the board and all that you suggested has worked very well. The glassing is still in mint condition, no pressure dings and no reef dings yet ( I bet I get one next session now.)

Thanks for your input, I wont hesitate to get a 6'6" or so waterskate from you when i am ready.

All the best,

James Gerrish

Testimonial Date: 10/10/2006 - Board Type : Powerglide
Grant, my struggle is over. With the new burgundy P-Glide in the quiver I have the perfect foil for rising above the growing wave monopoly of longboard warriors who now congregate at the end of my street. Nth Av last saturday was the perfect venue. Clean 3-4ft righthanders. The P-Glide went berzerk. Paddle speed was good but the instantanious lift and drive were quite remarkable. The board can be riden confidently off either the front or back foot depending on the required radius of turn. Great for a sandbank with a combination of long/steep and short/fat sections. On the day my shortboards would have been frustrating when trying to snatch waves off the longboard pack but a longboard couldn't take advantage of the beautifully carvable wave faces.
In conclusion: this P-Glide is definately a wolf in sheeps clothing. It looks a bit mal'ish on first inspection but blows nitro the instant the pedal is pushed.
Count me in as supporter of the P-Glide northern alliance. thanks lofty and thank you Grant!

Testimonial Date: 12/07/2006 - Board Type : Powerglide
Grant , I'm still on somewhat of a ' high ' from a sublime surfing experience , negotiating the high speed walls of Jeffreys Bay on the Miller 'Powerglide' .
The evening before the trip I had packed a couple of boards and the thought crossed my mind, " Am I brave enough to take the board that I know 'deep down' will really work ?". I have had success in the past at the same spot with a few 'paddle -pops' with their low rocker, planing area and relatively straight plan shapes. Serious surfers would not dare stray too far from the ordained designs.Could I ?
Upon arrival I was greeted with corduroy, to the horizon,as they say. Although perfectly shaped the waves were only small.Waist to chest high. The guys on the 'conventional' equipment just weren't cutting the mustard. To make these waves you had to get in early and get going ! Climbing,dropping,trimming. Friggin' Powergliding !
Even when the waves picked up to overhead I stuck with P-glide as I was just having a ball and the equipment was working. Out of about 20 surfs I reckon at least 10 times guys approached me and wanted to know all about the board I was riding. Obviously not because I was surfing like Kelly Slater but because I was making the waves all the way through and as a result having a great time. In the end I decided to leave the Powerglide in Jeffreys Bay with a worthy custodian. A fellow who will really benefit from this addition to his already extensive quiver.
Thank you Grant, I eagerly await the arrival of my new Powerglide and more travels with it.LOFTY.

Testimonial Date: 01/05/2006 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant

Some feedback on the 2 boards I have bought over the last 6 months. The V-skate goes really well, all the usual stuff about easy paddling, manouverability, speed are true, especially when I changed the fin setup and used the new FCS fibreglass type G5's. The 7' Powerglide has replaced my 9' mal which has sat on the rack since I picked this up in February. Really happy with the way this board performs, all the advantages of a mal but so much more fun to ride. It's quite suprising how much speed it can generate down the line yet still be quite easy to turn. All in all a happy customer!

Testimonial Date: 17/01/2006 - Board Type : Powerglide
Some feedback on the boards.

Have ridden the Powerglide a few times in tiny to small surf.Alot of fun,catches heaps of waves,alot of fun,loose,alot of fun,fast,and alot of fun.

Wow,the skate.Absolutely beautiful board.Ridden it alot in small to medium surf, with a few meaty days thrown in.I wont muck around and heap superlatives on it,just a truly great board.The best I've had.

Other info/requests:

* My 11yo has started on the original skate and will be having a couple of lessons soon.If she gets into it I can see an order in the future.
* I would like to get some tshirts (mine are now getting a bit old and overused).Do you still do them and anything else? How much? Let me know via return email and I'll send you size,money etc.
* Well said on your website.

Thanks mate.
All the best for Xmas and the New Year!
Yours sincerely,

Testimonial Date: 06/12/2005 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,thanks very much for a fantastic surfboard ,i never thought it would happen but ................."after 5 years of riding my mal,i no longer want to go out on it when my new board does everything better !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I has shockingly bad surf conditions during my 3 weeks in Oz and scored only 3 days of slightly less onshore waves and had only one day of offshores at boulders where the powerglide performed admirably allowing me to take much later drops than i thought was possible and being quicker down the line and easier to handle than my mal.............I`m converted and i will probably want a water skate now,bugger there goes my trip to tonga !
still the waves are good in piha still and raglan still rocks ,
Thanks again grant its a great board and I`m trying to convert my mal mates and those shortboarders that are handicapped by their inability to paddle toothpicks that are too short/thin etc.
Cheers Huw jenkins

Testimonial Date: 07/06/2005 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hi Grant,
The Powerglide delivers the goods. The other day at Alexandra Headland's corner was packed with mal riders snaring "all" the waves. No one was getting waves to themselves. Mostly they would catch waves from out the back and not make an inside section. I dropped in on a few mal riders and the powerglide would just accelerate away from them down the line.
I'd look back expecting them to be behind me but every time they had not made the section. I have to remember to step back on the tail when throwing it up on a rail or I have a habit of catching the rails and the board bogging on me in the turn. I've found I sometimes do the same thing on the v-skate on smaller waves. Bigger waves no problem as the speed draws it through the turn.
The PG is exactly what I was after as a mal alternative.
Between the 2 boards I've got all situations for around here covered.
Hope your getting some good autumn swell.
Talk to you again soon,

Testimonial Date: 19/11/2004 - Board Type : Powerglide
Hello Grant,

I've just come back from a short surf trip in Australia. I rented one of your 7'0" Powerglide and I must admit that I had never seen such a dramatic shape at that length. I was a bit skeptical at first because I had seen a lot of these new "Retro" hybrids with portions of classic swallow tails (ala Skip Frye) combined with too much rocker and the "Egg" shape. These boards tend to be very prevalent in Southern California, sometimes called "Speed Swallows" and are often made without much thought. Anyway, my curiosity was peaked so I took it out and was completely impressed by the board. After the first day at Bondi I knew that the shape was thought-out and designed very well. It was waist to head high during those 3 days and the board was perfect. I really think you hit it right on the head! The shape is perfect. I was waist-to-head high in Bondi and the board maneuvered perfectly. I weigh 200 lbs. and I was able to hang 5 without problem.

Well here I am back in Southern California and I can't get your board out of my head. Luckily I found your web site where you describe your thought process behind the boards shape. I like the attention to the design. It is rare these days, especially when you can by boards at CostCo here in California. There is something so wrong about that. My wife collected some birthday money for me and I'd like to request a Powerglide (7'0"?) to be shaped and shipped out to me. Needless to say I'm stoked. Here's a bit of information about me:
o Age: 31 years old
o Height: 6'0"
o Weight: 200 lbs.
o Surfing info: Goofy-footed, surfing for 17 years

I doubt you'll need this information, but here's a bit about my existing boards should you be interested:

o 8'10" Single-fin late 80s high performance longboard
custom shaped at ET Surf
o 8'0" Skip Frye (newer) swallowtail
o 7'10" 1976 Rick Surfboards pintail gun shaped by
Becker (in great shape)
o 6'6" round tail thruster shaped by Glen Kennedy
o 9'0" Ace (South Coast) 5 fin longboard

I've surfed all over Southern California and Mexico, but in San Diego and Northern Baja Mexico more frequently, concentrating between Sunset Cliffs to Del Mar. As I'm sure you know, there are a variety of wave types here, and I believe the Powerglide is the best all-around board to work in these varied conditions. I get in the water 2-3 times per week depending on swell and conditions.
I am looking forward to talking to you and getting one of your boards sent over the big pond. Please contact me so that we can discuss the details:

Clayton Reid Kraft (San Diego/USA)

Testimonial Date: 03/11/2004 - Board Type : Powerglide
Morning Grant,
Well I know you asked me not to surf the board for two weeks as it still very green, But I couldn't wait, and surfed it at the point the next day at 3ft and mushy, big difference, I felt it paddled well and was easy to pick up waves, considering the drop in size from 10ft mal to a 7ft powerglide. Only got one wave where it showed some of its potential, but yesterday in the morning I surfed the beach, had it to myself for a good hour at 4 foot glassy and going off. The board paddled into waves really easy and the speed is unreal. Once I get used to it this board has the feel of being the best that I've ever surfed. I am very happy this board does everything you said it would. The only problem I have is I cannot get my kids off it, so Grant please make me another at the same spec's, only with a colour change. What a great board performance plus to keep me happy, and user friendly for the family. I will be in contact next week.
Get Wet
Colin Marks
Crescent Head