Testimonial Date: 12/04/2021 - Board Type : V-SKATE
GM, took the board out this morning and got one cracker!  Waited an hour in vain for another one......anyway, board works really well......paddling is incredible and I linked the outside section with the shorebreak, just glided over the deep water!

I'll keep you posted!
Thanks, lofty
North Avalon, Sydney

Surfer: 61/82kg/6'1"  Board: 8'4" x 23" x 3 1/8" Rounded squaretail modified V-SKATE thruster  (Number 98 on spray gallery)

Note from Grant: Lofty is a highly experienced surfer and a very good friend. I've shaped him in excess of 20 boards over the past 22 years or so. Boards for here and special boards for Jeffreys Bay where he normally goes each winter. His brief for this board was something for crowd control and for really small waves at Avalon and Palmie. 
I used an 8'4" longboard blank to really minimize the rocker, but the rest of the board is pure V-SKATE as you can see in the outline of spray gallery image number 98.
Perhaps the concaves in the bottom are a bit deeper but really that's all. Lofty trusts me completely after all these years and gives me minimum constraints. I love building his boards, although this one was a lot of work because of the size.

This type of board would suit either a really heavy surfer, or someone using it in typically longboard conditions for the fantastic paddle, glide and trim. I've got an old 7'10" similar to Lofty's board that's almost 15 years old. I ride it in all kinds of conditions and it's a lot of fun.

Testimonial Date: 30/01/2021 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant, just a quick message to say the board is going well. Have enjoyed it most in fast hollow beach breaks up to 4ft. Great for steeper take offs and holds nicely in wave face. Down the line speed is amazing.

I think it might be slightly longer than I needed and possibly less volume for the next board so long as I stay fit. 6'2" could be the right length.
Overall it's such a fun board and so easy to catch waves, and after 2 to 3 sessions a week since November still in great condition.

Hope you're well and getting some waves.
Cheers Chris/Central Coast NSW
Board: 6'4' x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8" squashtail Thruster Surfer: 47/80kg/5'11"
Note from Grant: Chris is a decent long time surfer who before coming to me had been getting his boards from a local Central Coast shaper. He is fairly picky with the surf and only likes to go out when it's good. This board was built for good surf and is obviously a success.
Chris's comment about volume/length is interesting. Often, over the Christmas break or other vacation, a surfer will become fitter through more time in the water. His board then may begin to feel too big or too floaty (excessive volume). However once his surfing routine returns to normal with work and so on, the board feels just right again. Time will tell whether this is the case with Chris. I always design a clients board to feel best when he or she are surfing their 'normal' amount. It's a drag having to watch your weight for example to keep having fun on your board.

Testimonial Date: 07/10/2020 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant, amazingly, I was able to collect my board and get two surfs on it before lock-down 2.0 brought everything skidding to a halt. It's definitely a bit more challenging than the skate! Felt slippery underfoot and we parted company many times, but was quickly getting used to the new shape and balance. Second session was Gunnamatta and was stoked with it.
Heaps easier to paddle out through the heavier waves without the extra buoyancy.
Still paddles quite easily into waves and felt great across the face. Wasn't able to try anything much in the way of man-oeuvres, was just concentrating on staying onboard!
Feeling really good about it. Looking forward to getting back into the surf when this messed up situation in Melbourne stabilizes. Kiting has kept me sane during the lockdown at least. Hope your'e travelling well up there and getting some good waves-someone needs to! Cheers, Suz.
Suz Molloy/Victoria
Surfer:41/57kg/5'7' board: 6'4" X 21" X 2 5/8" Squashtail Thruster
Note from Grant: Suz was coming off a 6'8" X 21 5/8" X 2 3/4" high volume Waterskate. I'd shaped her the skate after she had been learning on a long-board. She had progressed well and was ready for less volume and more agility. I phoned her today and she sent me the text above. Regrettably the Victorian lock-down number 2 happened as she was coming to grips with her new board as she describes. However, her confidence is intact, vitally important, she is maintaining her fitness, and will be ready to roll once restrictions ease. There is a picture of her new board in the women's section of the site. It's located under the shaper section.

Testimonial Date: 05/08/2020 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Good morning, at risk of sounding a little melodramatic, first surf this morning, the new board is freaking awesome! It paddles fast, didn't miss a wave i went for, actually had to lay off a few so the other fellas got their turn, it feels faster than others we've done, it's fantastic on the rail on bottom turn and cut back. Wow. Stoked mate.

Keep copy of every dimension, it's the best so far!

Ken/Newport NSW.
Surfer:56/91kg/6'1" Board: 6'11" X 21 1/4" X 2 15/16" Squashtail Thruster.

Note from Grant: I've been shaping Ken's boards for a bit over 10 years now. His first board from me was a Waterskate and he has had a series of V-SKATES. Some were designed more with Indo boat trips in mind. He used to order in person at Mona Vale. Now it's over the phone since I'm on the South coast.
He may have forgotten that I keep detailed files on all his boards (on everyone's boards) but for me it's a critical method of improving each clients next board. Without the data I collect, we would be starting from scratch every time he orders a new board.

Whereas this way, I can progressively refine his boards to get better performance from each one. Whether a client orders a few boards per year, or one every few years, the process is the same. After I finish shaping each board, I record everything that's recordable. Rocker every 6" from nose to tail, all outside dimensions and thickness, fin locations and angles, type of fin used and so forth. This way each client gets a truly custom surfboard which can be replicated or tweaked over time. Certainly this takes me more time. However, it also means that I'm highly confident in being able to predict how each board will work. I'm able to honestly tell each client how their new board will perform, before I've actually shaped it. Intelligent surfboard design.

Testimonial Date: 16/03/2020 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Dear Grant, I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with your board.
I could duck dive fairly well (the new board is going to be better though)- the width is OK for me to sit on the board out the back. Paddling onto waves was stupidly easy.
Getting up was much better than any other board I've ridden in ages. When I was up, the board was lovely and loose, a feeling I have not had in so long.

I didn't fall off until I started to get tired after my big 25 minute session in 3'-4' slop. I just stood up riding the white water all the way to the beach. That board does not need much to cruise along does it? In short, I surfed like crap but had such a lovely time with my son Fred. I reckon the new board will suit me even better.
Have a good week Grant and take care.
Rob Newman/Wombarra NSW
Surfer: 55/90kg/6'1" Board: 7'6" X 22 1/4" x 3" Squashtail V-SKATE Thruster
Note from Grant: Rob drove 2.5 hours down to my place the other day to order a new board. He is about number 50 on my shaping list (after having had 18 months off to rebuild my house) but still insisted that "there is no rush Grant". We really hit it off which happens from time to time, and talked about politics as well as the details of his new board.

Just as he was about to leave, he asked whether I might have anything he could buy to ride while he waited for his new board to be built.
I had a V-SKATE described above which I had traded back in some time ago. It has a lot of volume and was not ideal for him at 90kg and so we discussed these matters. He has significant tightness in his hips and so I thought the width may also be a problem. However I thought it would at least help him to get going again since he has not surfed consistently for many years. He liked how it looked and felt under arm and bought it then and there. He knows that he can trade it back to me when the new board is done. I'm really stoked that he is so happy with the board and has something decent to ride for now.

Testimonial Date: 15/09/2018 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Just wanted to thank you again for the 6'6 roundpin V-Skate that you shaped for me a few months ago, it is far and away the best shortboard that I have ever surfed! Like I said, I keep detailed records of all the boards I surf and over the past 10 years I had surfed more than a dozen shortboards but always felt that something was wrong with these shapes, from not catching enough waves to stalling as soon as I got to my feet after take-off...Because of all these failed attempts with shortboards, I had slowly drifted to fishes and over the past 2 years even to a 7'0 mid-length, almost a mini-longboard with a very rounded nose. This got my stoke back because of all the waves I was catching again and the ability to either trim on small days or confidently surf big "full" waves. Problem is, neither the fish or this mid-length could handle hollow, punchy or fast surf (typically beach breaks like Narrabeen or points like Cronulla Point), I couldn't quickly change direction on the 7'0, and overall I felt like I wasn't progressing anymore and couldn't really put these boards on the rail, and this is why I wanted to give shortboards another go.

From the very first sessions I felt like the V-Skate was nothing like any other shortboard I had surfed before, it paddles like a mid-length (you can really feel the volume right below your chest when paddling), is way more stable, and really maintains speed through turns. It handles steep drops better than any other board I've had, and I can feel I am progressing again as I can be active again on the board and surf rail-to-rail instead of just cruising. The board really comes alive in good surf but I also had heaps of fun in mid-sized slow surf at breaks like Freshwater, which goes to show the versatility of the board!

This board will always be in my quiver and in my bags whenever I travel, and I can honestly say that I will never go see any other shaper for shortboards :) ! I hope I will not snap it when taking it to Hossegor, but if I do I'll definitely have to get a replacement!


Board: V-Skate Roundpin 6’6 X 20 1/4 X 2 5/8, 5 fin option (have surfed it both as a thruster and quad and tend to prefer the quad version, but this is very personal I suppose).
Note from Grant: During my consultation with Thibault here at Little Forest it became clear to me that his current mid-length purchase had been a reaction to progressive frustration with the shortboards he had bought from surf shops. He is young and very fit with no injuries, and so it seemed obvious that his surfing could be lifted with appropriate equipment. The board he had been riding (an internationally distributed Californian brand)had a significant twist shaped into it which was exacerbating his difficulties.These things I pointed out as we went along. He had bought many boards previously from surf shops/mostly failures. This V-SKATE was built for good powerful surf/waist to overhead conditions in various parts of the world, although it also works well for him in less demanding surf. There really is no substitute for an intelligently designed custom surfboard.

Testimonial Date: 15/02/2018 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

The 6’8” is a great shooter. It paddles well and entry into waves is effortless. It responds well to rail changes without ’stickyness’ or delayed response. It is fast through the turns and quick to release when changing direction.
I am stoked. I have been surfing it in very poor waves, enjoying it, but today in those long fast low-tide small waves it came alive. Mate, that is four boards in a row, from a 6’6” fish to 8’ gun and those in between…I love them all…!
Thank you…I am in your debt..!
Kind regards,
Les…..60 years old and still a grommet…!/South Coast, NSW
Surfer:60/85kg/5'10" Board: 6'8" X 21" X 3" Rounded pintail Thruster.

Note from Grant: Les is a very good friend and we often surf together down South. He now has a beautiful quiver of boards to suit all conditions. He looks very at home on the boards, as though he's had them for years. I get great pleasure watching him and sharing his excitement for surfing.

Testimonial Date: 18/08/2017 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
I've surfed the 7'2" V-SKATE that I got from you a couple of times now in surf from 2" to about 5'. It was really odd with the length*but so well balanced it was easy to get used to it. The board paddles like a Mal i think and picks off waves really easy. Has a really 70's single feel about it but carves like a modern board. On certain waves where i found the sweet spot it just flowed so well and made me look like a better surfer than i think i am and a couple of guys commented on how well it goes.

the ride was like a cross of glide on a mal and that soul type of riding on the older singles. i am amazed at how good it feels underfoot-a feeling i haven't had for quite a while-like an extension of myself, almost like it can read my next move. LOVE IT!

Can't wait to really get it wired and get my sub x and work it out.
Cheers, Wal./Thirroul, NSW
Surfer: 53/95-100kg/5'11" Board: 7'2" X 21" x 2 7/8" Squashtail thruster version.

Note from Grant:This testimonial was texted to me a few days after Wal bought this board from me. It was used, but had only been ridden perhaps half a dozen times. I have reproduced his text to the letter. * First off, Wal is used to riding much shorter boards. In the 6'6" to 6'8" range and so I can imagine this board would have felt long at first. Wal had ordered a new SUBX from me over the phone. The next day he called to ask about this used 7'2" which was on my site. He asked if it might be a good step up board from his 6'7" SUBX for bigger surf, and also would it suit him in general as an all rounder and while he waited for me to build his SUBX later in the year? I told him I thought it would suit him very well and he drove down from Thirroul that day and bought it for $650.
This is obviously a very good outcome for Wal. It also provides me with information which I will use when shaping his SUBX in October. At times, existing clients call me to ask my opinion about suitability for them on boards that are for sale on Gumtree or Ebay. I try and help them when I can as this can be a good way for them to increase their quiver of Millers.

Testimonial Date: 18/08/2017 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Sorry for my late response but it's been really busy at work.

Just want to let you know that I am really happy with the new board. The transition from my old board to the new one wasnt as difficult as I expected. The board paddles so easy and on the waves its really responsive as well.

I can feel myself progressing again and my confidence in the bigger surf is also improving. It's so much easier to take off on bigger waves with this board, I love it! You did a great job!!

Thanks again and I will be back for my new board (once I convinced Quin I need one in a year or two!


Wes/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer:35/90kg/6'0" Board: 6'10" X 21" 2 7/8" Squashtail thruster version.

Note from Grant: Wes and his wife Quin are originally from the Netherlands. It's difficult for me to remember a keener more enthusiastic surfer than Wes. He walked into my shaping room at Mona Vale a few years ago and said "Iv'e done my research and want you to make me a board" I was also recommended to him by Manly Surf School. Not long after he got the board his wife came in and also ordered a new board. They both had only a couple of years experience when they came to me. I built them boards which were stable and easy to paddle, and were also not difficult to turn. Both boards were a complete success. This is Wes's second board now and we used his first board as a reference in designing it. This is the same approach I use with all my clients and it leads to very predicable improvements in the boards, which translates to increased confidence and performance in the surfer.

Testimonial Date: 01/08/2017 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

I just wanted to let you know that I surfed the new board yesterday and I love it. It's so nice to realise the small differences we made from my last one. It's so much looser in transitions on the tall but paddles just as well.
It was only a first surf but felt really happy and it just feels right.

Thanks for understanding my needs. You're a true craftsman.

Simon/Manly NSW
Surfer: 45/61kg/5'5" Board: 6'2" X 19" X 2 3/8" Squshtail

Note from Grant: I made Simon's first board a couple of years ago and he loved it until Qantas finished it off coming back from Indo. During the time he owned the previous board, Simon improved his surfing significantly, and so we made some subtle and not so subtle changes with this new one. Only by keeping detailed records of each client's boards, can a shaper consistently create better and better outcomes. Most shapers do not keep records. This means that each time they shape a new board for someone, they are starting from scratch, rather than progressing.

Testimonial Date: 09/06/2017 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G day grant just letting you know how happy I am with my board you made me a while back. took a while to sort the fins out but after a phone call to you you sorted me out with the proper set up I put pc 7 fins in and have not looked back love the paddle power and flotation of the board take offs are made easy with the stability you mentioned
I am really enjoying my surfing again thanks to you I am thinking of going a little shorter may be 7ft now I have a bit of confidence in the boards no doubts you will be able to help me with another gem of a board like the one I have all ready when I am cashed up again I will be in touch. by all means please touch bases if you have have something in mind that will suit going off my last dimensions of my 8ft v skate. Your a legend cheers
Wayne/Norah Head, NSW
Surfer:56/6'0"/110kg Board: 8'0" X 23 1/4" X 3 1/4" Squashtail Thruster.
Note from Grant: Wayne has been surfing since childhood but over time has put on weight and gradually gone longer and longer to compensate. His current board was a 9'3" X 22 1/4" X 3 1/4" high volume Mal. He had lost the short board feeling long ago and wanted it back. He told me " I want the short board feel again but still with excellent paddle." I put a fair amount of volume into his board but still with reasonably refined rails for some sensitivity. As you can see from his email, his confidence is now up a few months later and he is thinking of coming down even more in length.

Testimonial Date: 07/03/2017 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

It's been great. I got 17 days in over Xmas and while it did not turn me into Kelly Slater it made for much more enjoyable sessions in the small swell.

Really happy overall. If there is a downside it's that I enjoyed it so much that I'm not overly happy being back here in Singapore.

Thanks for your work.


Surfer: 37/6'2"/90kg Board: 6'10" X 21" X 2 7/8" Squashtail Thruster.
Note from Grant Miller: Simon works in Singapore and wanted a board for when he comes back to Sydney and also to take to Indo from time to time. Because he cannot surf regularly, I put some extra volume into his board to quicken the inevitable adjustment after he's been out of the water for long periods.

Testimonial Date: 10/08/2016 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant, hope all is well.
Just an update the board is amazing...!
I've just came in from a surf at Greenmount & the board did everything I wanted & more.Down the line, fat sections & turned beautifully.& it just glides in on takeoffs so effortlessly.
I've found my magic carpet....! Thank you..!
P.S. While I was doing one of my walk arounds a lady surfer doing the same had a Miller waterskate saying it was her friends & they both loved it. It was in great condition for 10 years old.
Once again
Glen Webber/North Coast NSW
Surfer:45/95kg/6'0" Board: 7'4" X 21 1/2" X 3+" Round pin Thruster version.
Note from Grant Miller: Glen began surfing as a kid and then let it go for 15 years for various reasons. Five years ago he started again and since then spent all that time struggling on different boards which he primarily bought from various surf shops. His weight fluctuates between 95kg and 110kg, and so I built enough volume into his new board to allow for this. However I also wanted to ensure that the board would not be too corky, and would perform well in good waves as well as in more marginal conditions.

Testimonial Date: 30/01/2016 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Mate, that board is a revelation!
Quite nice lefts and rights at the peak (Newport) after I left you and it was brilliant. Responsive, quick and that point of balance thing seemed perfectly adjusted.
Take a bow.
Another very happy client.
James Burfitt/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer: 55/78kg/5'11" Board: 6'7" X 20" X 2 5/8" Thruster version.
Note from Grant Miller: I've been shaping boards for James for quite a few years now, always keeping very detailed records of each board, as I do for all my clients. He is a very competent surfer. His previous board was identical in outside dimensions and he surfed it for a few years and liked it a lot. However at times, he felt as though he was standing too far forward when he first got to his feet and then had to correct his stance mid-wave which can be difficult. After a careful consultation I decided to move the balance point of the board back towards the tail. This was achieved by moving the widest point back past halfway and also moving the thickness distribution back a little within the board. This has the effect of moving the foot position back so that he does not have to adjust his stance. Obviously this has been a complete success and James messaged me after surfing the board for the first time this afternoon.
This is a very good example of how I work with my clients to help them improve their surfing and get more enjoyment out of it. My method of recording and storing the critical dimensions of each board, allows me to manipulate relevant design variables later on, to create the unique feeling in the boards which my clients want. Many shapers don't really listen to their clients, although they may pretend to. Rather, they have their own agenda which they use. I frequently encounter people who have asked various shapers to incorporate legitimate ideas into their boards, only to be disappointed when this does not happen. For me, this is unacceptable.

Testimonial Date: 28/08/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi grant, my love affair with the new board is serious! Mate you did something special, this board is magic, since I got it I have been surfing it exclusively, a quiver killer this one. Waves have been good lately, today pretty big and it went unreal. I only used it as a quad, very loose and fast when small, but great when big, not sure how that works, haven't tried it as thruster...it paddles better than the 6'4, but it is a more precise board, more sensitive (any sense?) a much better board really. keep the dims of this one because it is my magic stick, never had a board before that I thought it was perfect...thanks.

Diego/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer: 44/5'9"/84kg Board: 6'6" X 21" X 2 3/4" Roundpin 3+4 fin setup.

Note from Grant Miller:
Diego also has a 6'4"Waterskate and a 7'0" Semi-Gun which I built him over the past two years. His brief this time was a board which would fit between his two existing boards and which would be primarily for good 2 foot to 1.5 X overhead surf. The rails and tail foil are reasonably fine and the rocker is about midway between his two other boards.
This is a good example of how we can build better and better boards for clients by keeping detailed records of their previous boards. I can then refer back to see exactly what I did with their other boards, and by manipulating the appropriate variables get an even better outcome. This is exactly the same process used between professional surfers and their respective shapers.

Testimonial Date: 05/08/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
This is the second v skate I have had Grant shape me. It was made for a trip up the Telos and to handle most of the conditions thrown up around the northern beaches of Sydney. As usual it was a fantastic experience. In a disposable world its great to deal with true craftsmen. I took a few boards down to his shaping bay to discuss dimensions and it was very informative. One was a 6'3" Channel Islands Fred Rubble, a hit and miss board that seemed schizophrenic to me. Grant held it up and balanced it on his arm demonstrating the centre point of foam distribution was too far back for me as a surfer that favours the front foot. We settled on a 6'5" five fin configuration. It was unbelievable up in the Telos in everything from 3-6 foot. I rode it exclusively as a quad and it was fast and responsive. Just seriously good.

PB/Manly, NSW.
51 years 5' 11" 79kgs
V Skate-yellow round tail 6'5"x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8

Testimonial Date: 01/08/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Hope you are well.

Just a quick note to let you know I'm very happy with my board! It's the prettiest board in Manly to start with, and that's before I enter the water.

As you know I was on a softie before and really ready to move on to something more. I feared the transition to fiber, because I thought it would be much harder with less buoyancy and stability, different surface etc. but from the first moment I stood up on your board it was actually so much easier! The board is still very stable, buoyant, and on top of that it gives me the opportunity to really move on a wave instead of just being able to go straight or make a slight turn.

In other words, your board has done so much for my surfing, I have to thank you very much for it. I am catching my own green waves now and having a lot more fun than I had on my old softie.

Hope you keep making boards and make surfers of all levels very happy with them!

Quin/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
surfer:33/5'6"/65kg Board: 7'2" X 22 1/4" x 3" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 30/07/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

I would like to thank you for the great board! I really love riding it! On my old board (8ft) I struggled catching the bigger waves and in the line-up I usually wasn't the winner. It became a bit frustrating. However, with this board it is so much easier! It paddles really good and catching waves is very simple. The board is stable but still responds so well on waves. I am really impressed!

It is worth mentioning that I never met a person who is so passionate about surfing and helping other surfers. You really took the time to understand my needs and wasn't focused on making quick money. The board is from an excellent quality and will give me years of fun! I definitely will be back for my next board!

Thanks Grant!
Wes/Northern Beaches,Sydney.
Surfer:32/6'1"/96kg Board:7'3" X 22 3/4" x 3 1/8" Squashtail Thruster.
Note from Grant Miller: Wes came to me with only 6 months surfing experience having recently started surfing at 31. He had already had a number of lessons with Manly Surf School and was very enthusiastic. I wanted him to be able to build on his emerging confidence in a progressive way. His board is designed to paddle him well,have adequate stability, and also allow for turning and control as this develops over time. A very pleasing result.

Testimonial Date: 29/07/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant, thanks for the call the other day.
Firstly thanks for the board. It is obvious that the build quality is of a high standard, it looks great.
I have only ridden it about 6 times since receiving it and have not put even a small depression in it, so it is going to last for a long time given nothing unforseen happens to it.
First impressions are that it is a big board when you hold it up in front of you. This is not a bad thing as we discussed how much volume I would need, the thing is once you tuck it under your arm or lay on it that size disappears and it feels smaller to its dimensions and not bulky or cumbersome. Feels good.
How it goes – right from the outset I felt how easy it was to paddle and I have enjoyed that point being able to keep up with and pass younger guys on smaller boards. So that is an obvious plus, as we discussed and you incorporated into the board.

Unfortunately I have not had any memorable rides on it as yet but from the 2nd wave I caught it did something no other of my boards do and that is drop in easily down the face and stay in close to the wall, feeling almost like a controlled slide down the face, but it wasn’t. It all happened so easily I was a bit shocked. I ended up getting a short barrel much to my surprise. I have been able to replicate this move a couple of times with ease which means it was not a fluke. I really like this feature and it was what I was looking for as I was wanting to surf steeper waves and faster sections and hunt a few barrels. No doubt the rounded pin has something to do with this besides other finer details. As for other attributes I am still trying to get it out in some decent surf to find out and will write you a note when that happens.
In summary all good and thanks again.

Paul Dawson/QLD
Surfer:52/100kg/6'0" Board:7'2" X 21 1/2" X 3 1/8" Rounded pintail version with 3+4 fin set up.

Testimonial Date: 26/05/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

Had my first surf on the new board over the weekend. Managed to escape the madness of Sydney on Saturday and scored shallows at shellharbour in good 3-4 foot plus off-shore conditions with a friendly crowd of only 20 or so guys to contend with.

What struck me straight away was the ease of paddling. It was my first winter surf wearing a steamer and the board was incredibly easy to paddle - good idea of yours to add that extra 1/4 inch to the thickness.

My first wave was one of the biggest waves of the session. The board seemed to respond on auto-pilot allowing me to make a fairly steep drop, execute a bottom turn on my backhand and race a barrelling section - not sure if you know the break but it can pack a fair bit of power, especially when it starts getting overhead. At the end of the section I leaned forward into the wave slightly to execute a cutback and was amazed at how quickly the board responded allowing me to make a pretty impressive round house cutback into the foam ball and straighten back out for the last section of the wave. I was pretty stoked - this was my first wave on a brand new board with rusty sea legs and a poor level of surfing fitness (it had been my first surf for a few weeks).

Subsequent waves just reinforced the incredible ability of this board to handle the conditions and respond well to my surfing style. Can't wait to try it out on some more serious, less crowded, warm water waves. I'm sure it will rip!

Thanks mate for your amazing craftsmanship - wish I had done this years ago!

Best wishes

tim walsh/Maroubra, NSW.
Surfer:52/5'9"/85kg Board:6'8" X 20 1/2" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 19/05/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
Its been 14 mths since I got my V-Skate. Straight away I knew I was onto a good thing. I'm using M7 side fins and M5 rear fin which seems to work best for me. It is very easy to paddle, so the wave count is way up. After a Maldives trip last August I was saying it was the best board I've ever owned. After getting a 6'9" Sub-X just before that trip, I have been riding that board through summer having lots of fun. In the last month I have jumped back on the V-Skate and after only one surf it feels like I have never been off it. The board is amazing and by far the best board I've ever owned.
Thanks Dave/Central Coast NSW
Surfer:50/85kg/5'8" Board:7'0" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8" Rounded pintail Thruster version. SUBX 6'9" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1

Testimonial Date: 01/04/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant and thanks very much for your call the other day.

The new board has been everything I expected and more.

I enjoyed two trips up the nth coast in Jan-Feb so gave it a real

good workout and was really happy with how it handled in all conditions.

The board is very responsive, easy to man oeuvre and great for catching volume of waves.

It's perfect for my age, weight etc and level of surfing ability.

Well done on another masterpiece and good luck for the future!

All the best - Adam/Manly, Sydney.
Surfer: 48/5'9"/76kg Board: 6'6" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 31/03/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
Just wanted to let you know how I'm going with my new V-Skate. Well I think you nailed it in everything I was asking in the way I wanted the board to perform. It's paddles like a Mal and rides like a short board. It's super easy to catch waves, extremely fast and very manoeuvrable.Wish I would of discovered you years ago. Thanks so much Grant, job well done:))
Mark/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer:48/5'10"/87kg. Board:7'4" X 22" X 3" Rounded pintail Thruster.
Note from Grant Miller: Mark had been riding a 9'2" McTavish longboard and a 7'8" Hybrid when he came to see me. He wanted a really good paddle, stability and speed and also a board which would be relatively easy to turn.

Testimonial Date: 22/01/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
Just wanted to update you.
I love it I love it.I love it.
Ill come see you soon.
Grant The Plumber/Mona Vale NSW.
Surfer:45/90kg/5'9" Board:6'4" X 21" X 2 3/4+

Note from Grant Miller: I've been shaping Grant's boards for many years now. Some time ago when I was away travelling, he needed a new board at short notice and bought one off the rack in a local surf shop. It was a 6'2" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" JS. Although the board surfed OK once Grant was on the wave, it didn't paddle particularly well and so his surfing started to go backwards as he caught less waves and was unable to compete in the lineup. So, we went a touch longer and I increased the volume to suit him exactly. Having an experienced shaper building your boards is the best way to achieve maximum fun and progression in your surfing.

Testimonial Date: 11/01/2015 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I've finally had some quality time on my V-Skate 8'er and Water-skate 7'2
Firstly the V-Skate this thing rips,it paddles easy as I can catch anything on it and throw it around.
It just flies along and keeps on going through dead sections so I can surf it right through to the shorie.
I have a ball riding it,easy and so much fun!
Thanks so much the board is perfect just what I was after! " you nailed it thanks "and the board looks awesome too!!
A great job all round 10/10

Now the Water-Skate 7'2"
I am so happy that I got this board!!
It is so fast and loose,I've been riding it in sucky beach breaks, I can paddle it easily and pop up early and then pull into a steep wave face and it just flies,then I can throw it around with ease!! It is so rewarding even for an overweight unfit old bloke like me!!
The board is awesome I just love it!! I am still swapping between the Tri and quad set ups depending on how I feel on the day!
Thanks Grant you really are a master craftsman!!
Cheers Paul/Newcastle
Surfer:44/105kg/5'10" V-SKATE 8'0" X 23" X 3 1/8" Squashtail Thruster version. Waterskate 7'2" X 22" X 3 1/16" Roundtail version. 3+4 fin set up.

Comment from Grant Miller: I originally shaped a V-SKATE for Paul's brother Brett. Paul rode that board and loved it and then ordered one totally identical. Because I keep such detailed records of every board shaped, this was not a difficult request. Then Paul called me up one day recently and told me that he was considering buying a 7'2" Waterskate off Gumtree which had not been ridden, and did I think it would be suitable for him?(He was actually sitting in his car outside the sellers house in Merewether at the time.) I checked my files with all the specifications recorded off the 7'2" and then consulted with Paul and told him that I thought it would be a good board for him, although he would have to work a bit harder on the paddle. He went in and bought it. Another great outcome for Paul. This is just one example of the benefits of dealing with a shaper who takes detailed records, and keeps them available for his clients.

Testimonial Date: 20/11/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Thanks for your call today. I haven’t done as much surfing as I would have liked of course, but I can confidently say that I think I have finally found the right shortboard for me.

It’s definitely easier to duck-dive than the Maurice Cole, with no discernible loss of paddle power. A relatively easy board to catch waves and to surf. Forgiving in the drop too. There's something going on with the bottom turn that I like but I need to see it again - a long high-speed carve such as I have not experienced before. Fast and loose, yet easy to surf.

I look forward to using it more and more.


Tim Pryor/Victoria
Surfer:46/75kg/5'10" Board:6'6" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 19/06/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I just rode my brothers V-SKATE he got it from you 1 year ago aprox, I was blown away! It's awesome,fast and loose.Its an 8'er and it paddled like a dream.I am considering one possibly around 7'6",(I would be very interested in your advise/recommendations).I know you are taking some well deserved time off and was wondering when would be an appropriate time for you and myself to consider ordering one?
I would also appreciate if I could get a price for the board with colour on bottom and rails in a tri fin setup with delivery.
Could you also advise price for a cover and tail pad.
I am currently riding a McCoy 8' nugget but after riding the V-SKATE I released how much more responsive and better to ride the V-SKATE was I could throw it all over the wave face with ease! When I got back on the nugget I released it was slow and hard to throw around and the rails bogged in when I tried to do the same moves.I thought that I was not able to do these things well until I rode the V-SKATE. If I had a V-SKATE I am sure I could surf how I want to surf!
Thanks Paul/Blacksmiths, NSW.
Surfer: 43/103kg/5'10" Board: 8'0" X 23" X 3 1/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 09/06/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
sorry for the delay in providing feedback for the board you made me but got the board leading into Summer. This is my busy work time and surf pretty average also. Have since had board in a variety of waves up to 6 foot (double overhead).

The brief for the board was something that would float a 95kg old fella but needed to get in under 6'6" as Jetstar (the only airline that flies directly to Lombok from Perth only allows boards up to 1.9m). Big ask as had not ridden anything under 6'7" for 10 years as always knew high volume boards suited me.

Unpacked board and first thought was chunky and it is with foil volume all the way through to the nose and tail. Board is great asked for back foot heavy and keep pressure on back foot through turns and it powers. Great for the beachies as loving the shorter turning circle so to speak, much snappier. Also hangs in there when juice is upped surprisingly given the beef in it.

Solid construction only put one little ding in a rail in 8 months or so which was my fault. A great all round board that provides the float that I need but still responsive.

Thanks Grant will be ordering a semi gun off you soon, all the best regards Pete/Perth WA.

P.S. Thanks for putting up with all the rooting around with time frames etc., much appreciated. AJ loves his waterskate too.
Surfer:44/95kg/5'11" Board: 6'5" X 21 3/4" X 3 5/16" Squashtail with combined Thruster Quad setup.

Testimonial Date: 28/05/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Just thought you should know that I am really enjoying the board you made for me. Having so much fun on it. The stability on take-off is excellent. I am also picking up far more waves than I used to.

The only disappointment is that I have not had enough surf time.

Kind regards


Surfer: 52/6'4"/105kg Board: 7'10" X 22 1/2" x 3 1/4" Squashtail Thruster version.

Note from Grant Miller: Prior to ordering this board, George had spent the past 15 years riding a 9'6" Malibu. He really wanted to come down in size but doubted whether this was realistic or even possible. I discussed the various options available to George and we settled on the dimensions shown above. Another great success story.

Testimonial Date: 25/05/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Your April phone call broke the wave drought, you should have rang sooner!

Firstly some nice walls locally instead of closeouts or slop since mid-January and finally on the late April journey North some clean 4 footers in the bay at Lennox and the board confirmed its earlier hints of performance. Recent waves also adding to the experience.

So it is nice and buoyant for a 98 kg 62YO who needs more duck diving technique!

It paddles well and in the right spot forward on the board it picks the wave up often more willingly than the operator.

It's quick down the line and a few turns gets me around the sections either left or right.

I now surf the Mal when it's <2 to 3 Foot or fat & slow and once the waves are moving in the 3 foot & over range I take the Vskate out and catch waves on it!

So it works, the wave count is up & thank you


Bernie/Collaroy, NSW.

Surfer: 62/6'1"/ 100kg Board: 8'0" X 23" X 3 1/4" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 18/04/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Surfed some waist to head high waves at North Bendalong boat ramp. It was quite full and crowded. The board paddled really well, caught waves almost as easy as my mal. It felt really nice and natural under foot. I was impressed with how well it went in the full surf, fast, drivey and a lot more maneuverable than my mal.
I'm really happy with the board, and look forward to surfing it over the coming week.

Thanks Sam Gifford
Surfer: 34/115kg/5'10", NSW South Coast
Board:8'0" X 23 1/8" X 3 1/4" Squashtail Thruster version

Testimonial Date: 11/04/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant, it's Chris Mani again.
I gave you some feedback on the V-skate a while ago, not long after returning from Indo.
It occurred to me afterwards that I hadn't actually surfed the board on my forehand at that stage!
I just thought I would drop you a line to say that the board really blew me away once I got onto some good right handers.
On a 6 foot day up at Seal Rocks a few weeks ago courtesy of that last cyclone, I had a ball surfing from a forward / mid position on the board and it flew.
I had my best forehand surf today in glassy 3 foot sucky right handers, with the occasional 4 foot set.
For the first time I discovered that this board makes late bowling take-offs on my forehand like it's on autopilot.
On 4 or 5 take-offs I thought I was going to eat shit for certain, and it just swooped through the drop and bottom turn without any
hint of bogging catching or slowing, exhilarating stuff.
Such a versatile board for a 7 footer. It really feels nimble underfoot.

At first it felt a little flighty out on the face cruising, but I worked out that it needs to be ridden with a firm hand, and kept busy.
The bigger the waves the better it goes, that's it's forte I think, but it does everything well.
Awesome board Grant, can't thank you enough.
Cheers Chris/Central Coast NSW.
Surfer:56/6'2"/93kg Board:7'0" X 21" X 2 7/8" Rounded pintail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 31/01/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Sorry I missed your calls the other day. The board's going great - I couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship is as always impeccable. The board itself is drivey and has worked for me from knee high to well overhead waves. When finances permit I'm keen to look at a Sub X for really small waves. I also think when this current V skate bites the dust I might look to drop another inch or so in length and maybe have a round tail rather than square. Don't let those comments give you the impression I'm anything less than 100% happy with the board. I'm very happy indeed.

Brett/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer: 47/90kg/5'8" Board: 6'7" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 25/01/2014 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,
the new board is fantastic, you really nailed it. Things I had been struggling with seemed to fall into place right away.
The first time I stood up it felt right, and familiar. I's so quick, and responsive for a big board.
I've probably had about 10 sessions on it, finding the bigger the waves, the better it feels which was the intended purpose.
I'm regaining confidence and form quickly now and loving it, and I can actually duck dive again. I was beginning to think the problem was me, with the old board**. Very much looking forward to exploring the potential of this board as my skills come back.
Thanks for your help, and thanks for a board I'll keep forever.

Chris/Newcastle area, NSW.
Surfer:55/93kg/6'2" Board:7'0" X 21" X 2 7/8" Rounded Pintail Thruster version.
**Note from Grant Miller: When Chris ordered this board he was struggling badly on an imported 7'3" 7S. Even though he was a highly experienced surfer, he had lost his confidence and was blaming himself. He had been out of the water for some time, and was trying his best to come back. This new V-SKATE was designed with good powerful waves in mind since Chris was booked on an upcoming Indo trip. The results speak for themselves and are a good example of what can be achieved both in terms of surfing performance and mindset.

Testimonial Date: 18/11/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Grant hope you are well. Testimonial below if you would like to use it, in whole or part.
All the best.

Hi Grant,
Thanks again for the 7'6 V-Skate you made me in May this year.

I've already bagged my biggest wave ever on it in pretty bumpy conditions, pulling in with the little extra confidence this board gives my 6'4, 100kg frame (38 yrs), with its length and extra width (stability). Just as we discussed.

What's been really surprising to me is the manoeuvrability of this board in 3 foot and above waves. I find it turns with ease in some juice. In particular, on my backhand the ease with which the board cut high on the wave face had me laughing.

For everyday, average size to small waves my 6'10 V-Skate remains my favourite board. Such a great paddler for the responsiveness it offers even a fella of my skill level. It has been a great board like the 6'10 waterskate I had before it.

With my current life commitments I surf when I can. The conditions I surf in are not the glassy perfect barrels which fill surfing magazines and films (unfortunately) , I feel your boards accommodate this reality.

While I still love the mal's (9ft) which hooked me in the first place, I seldom reach for them anymore, as I've been spoilt by the combination of manoeuvrability and paddle power in your boards.

Looking forward to contacting you again in the future when I'm ready to try something new, as I know you and the team produce a well designed, quality board and are a pleasure to deal with.

All the best
Northern Beaches/Sydney
Surfer: 38/6'4"/100kg Board: 7'6" X 22" X 3 1/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 28/10/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Firstly, I have no association with Grant, I don't get a discount and he has not asked me to write anything on here. Honestly before you buy another Asian made off the rack board - give him a call. Before I ordered my board I was so concerned about whether my level of surfing warranted a board of the quality he produces I.e I'm pretty crap - am I really going to notice any difference between this and a cheap board... Thing is a good surfer can make a plank look awesome For the other 99% of people, we need all the help we can get!! The rate at which I have improved on my v-skate is insane compared to the cheap mass production board I bought off the peg in Bondi and struggled with for 18 months. Most importantly I'm enjoying surfing more and that's gotta be worth the investment! This post is credit where it's due and nothing more.
Craig Robinson/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer: 28/90kg/6'3" Board: 6'10" X 21 1/4" x 2 7/8" Squashtail version.
Note from Grant Miller: This testimonial is reprinted from the Seabreeze website with the authors permission (originally uploaded to seabreeze 15/10/13).

Testimonial Date: 26/10/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'Day Grant,

Took Hennery to the Mentawais. It went really well. He was the envy of quite a few of the boys. Backhand on it best ever. Loved how I could dig the rail in and 'pow' how it responded. My forehand cutty was pretty average but that's more to do with me. I'm growing into the board but given the limited time I had to get used to it before going it went really really well and I have sussed the sweet spot on it . I will send some photos when I get them.

Cheers Nick/Northern Beaches/Sydney.

Surfer: 52/95kg/5'11" Board: 7'2" X 21 1/4" X 2 7/8" Squashtail version.

Note from Grant Miller: This board was designed as an all rounder for Nick to surf primarily in Sydney. However since he also goes on surf trips to Indonesia, we incorporated some additional design features into his board with more powerful waves in mind. Things like slightly finer rails for better holding power and increased late tail rocker for more control in bigger faster waves.

Testimonial Date: 05/09/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Dear Grant,

I'm absolutely loving the v-skate you shaped me. I've only had it for a month and my surfing has already improved noticeably.

It is everything you promised, and as a result I'm selling my other under-volumed shortboards.

It has amazing paddle power yet very loose and fast. The rail holds exceptionally well on steep waves and it bounces out of turns like a spring.
The balance of speed and control is just perfect for my level.

Surfed from dumpy overhead in newcastle to clean knee high on central coast, and this board really shines on clean 1-3 ft peeling waves, which I recently had at south curl curl.

Haven't found a quad setup that I enjoy yet but as a thruster this rounded pin works very well.

Thanks again for your good work Grant. I cannot be any happier with this board and already thinking of excuses to order another board!

Alex Lin/Sydney
Surfer: 32/82kg/5'10" Board: 6'7" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4" Rounded pintail version with Thruster and Quad fin setup.

Testimonial Date: 07/08/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

I thought I would send through a review of the board that you shaped for me a little while ago. After the disappointment of buying a "hybrid" off the rack board that was all sorts of wrong I am extremely pleased with the V-Skate you shaped for me. My first session on the board was at a left hand beach break; I paddled out in some decent conditions with the occasional larger set rolling through. First wave came and the board took off like a rocket, the speed was astonishing and the manoeuvrability was something I had been chasing for some time. I thought there would be a period of adjustment where I would be falling all over the place however this was not the case, I felt comfortable and in control on the board. Over the next 10 sessions the board has improved my surfing substantially and provided me with the confidence to tackle breaks that I would normally not have attempted.

Thanks for spending the time talking with me and listening to what it is I was wanting and how I wanted to progress as a surfer.

Nathan/South Coast
Surfer: 29/115kg/6'0" Board: 8'0" X 22 1/2" X 3 3/16" Squashtail Thruster version.
Note from Grant Miller: The "Hybrid" Nathan refers to, was a 6'10" Firewire Advance which was recommended to him by a salesman in a surfshop. One can only speculate on why he was advised to buy the board. When Nathan first met with me at Milton, he had lost a lot of confidence and was back riding his 9'0" Mal. Close inspection of the Firewire revealed a number of technical flaws in the design which had contributed significantly to Nathan's difficulties.There were also structural/construction deficits apparent in the board. In surfing,confidence is hard won, but is easily lost.

Testimonial Date: 25/07/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant,
Just wanted to let you know the new 6'6" Vskate is really hitting the mark. A small sacrifice in paddle power* has given me much more drive and responsiveness just like we talked about. Feels like my surfing has advanced in just the 2 months that I've had the board and its great to be really excited about surfing again. Thanks for your advice and great service.

Surfer:42/83kg/5'11" Board:6'6" X 21" X 2 3/4" Squashtail Thruster.
* Note from Grant Miller. Adrian's previous board, a McCoy, was wider and considerably thicker than this new board, and therefore paddled slightly better.

Testimonial Date: 29/06/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Grant, early indications about that new board after three surfs are really good. Surfed it in 2 to 3 foot and then twice in overhead and it went beautifully on each occasion. Responsive and feeling great under foot. Maybe a bit premature, but so far so good. Cheers.

James Burfitt/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer: 52/5'11"/77kg Board: 6'7" X 20" X 2 5/8" Squashtail Thruster version.

Testimonial Date: 23/06/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant
Good to talk to you today. Loving the 6'2 V-Skate quad, suits my surfing very well, very responsive, very quick even in ordinary or fat conditions. Please send the shots of the SUBX, that board is going to be huge.

Ron (WA)
Surfer:51/70kg/5'8" Board: 6'2" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Squashtail dedicated Quad version.

Testimonial Date: 18/06/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant, well we are back from SImilieu, North Sumatra and we had an amazing trip with great swell for the entire two weeks.
My new board you shaped for me was amazing. Performance in powerful quality waves was incredible. My preference was 4 to 6ft waves and my liking for taking off deep and getting through that first critical section with speed was well covered by the design aspects of my board.

My second board from you Grant and now the best board I have ever owned. I can tell you I will never make the mistake I did once before of changing boards and shapers for the sake of change alone.

This board truly brought me out of the wilderness, and revitalised all that I love in my surfing, so thank you very much for once again making the board of a lifetime.

Look forward to seeing you on one of your trips to Sydney. Kindest regards, Jim/Sydney.
Board: 6'8" X 21" X 2 7/8" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 03/04/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant, well mate have just had six hours of fair to good 2 to 4 foot surf over the last three days.

My board has gone absolutely fantastic. It was like the last two years of not having one of your boards, and seriously wondering where my passion for surfing went, was washed away on virtually my first wave on Saturday morning at Bungan.

The board did everything I could have wanted from it from the paddle onto the wave to the solid responses to all types of turns.

Thank you so much Grant, really looking forward to my trip in 5 weeks and catching up with you on my return.

Enjoy the south coast my friend.
Best wishes, Jim/Sydney.
Surfer: 58/85kg/5'9" Board:6'8" X 21" X 2 7/8" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 27/02/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant, glad to hear you're back out in the water and the move down south sounds amazing. I hope you find peace and happiness.

I wanted to wait until you were shaping again before leaving some feedback on the custom v-skate you made me mid-2011. I'm really happy with it, it has helped me progress my surfing, and it has impressed those who have borrowed it.

What really amazed me was that there was no period of adjustment on my new v-skate, despite it being a completely different board to the 6'6" Powerglide it replaced. I had expected to fall back a few steps and spend some time falling about all over the place, but the board seemed to do the work for me and I found myself glued to the face of the first wave I caught. It immediately felt softer under my feet, easier to turn and maneouvre, but never unstable or skatey.

I've surfed other boards since, and I realise that the v-skate is a board that works so well for me because it was designed to do exactly what I need a board to do at my level of experience. What impresses me most is that you knew exactly what I needed and then designed a board which does precisely that. It does everything you said it would and you were bang on in your prediction of how long it would take me to progress.

I recently spent a few weeks on another board to experiment a little and did ok. But when I returned to my v-skate, I immediately surfed better than I had been for those past few weeks. As I paddled back out I felt a surge of renewed confidence in my board and my ability, and that to me sums up my experience with my v-skate.

Rohan (Sydney)
37yo, 6'1", 70kg.
Squash-tail v-skate, 6'4" x 20" x 2 9/16"

Testimonial Date: 07/01/2013 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Am riding an 8ft VSkate that was made for a sth coast local. "sean ".I boughjt it unmarked from a surfshop where he traded it in. Ive been on longboards since making a 30 yr break.I struggle with weak shoulders and poor hip mobility,Im 63. some days I try and rip my HP mals like a shortboard. This Miller 8ft is so special to me,has same paddle ease as a mal but gets me into areas on a wave the longboard loses it.Any guys finding their longboard surfing too one diomensional should consider a shortboard thats big..Thats your VSKATE.

Alan/South Coast NSW

Follow up testimonial received 10/2/2013

8ft v skate handled the recent big swells so great.the level of confidence this board has given me is wonderful.Previously stayed out of the storm swells with my longboard but now I can take those late drops and get an edge early. Made some big ones last month on your design.In the carpark Im teased about riding a shortboard now.I cant paddle or stand up on a shortboard .the 8ft VSkate tucked under my arm looks like a 6ft6 ,the lines are so subtle and all the elements of rocker,rails and outline shape just melt into one.Strong glassing too. Its taken some high speed impacts well.Thanks again grant,just wanted to say hi and encourage other surfers to make foam their friend.If you cant catch a wave in the first place ,you are not having much fun.
Aloha Alan Williams
Surfer: 63/70kg/5'10" Board:8'0" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 16/06/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Had my first surf on the new board on Saturday, work has kept me away from the water.
The board feels like I've been surfing on it for ever, no getting used to it, it is great. It's incredible that after a 15 to 20 minute phone conversation you have produced a board that required no getting used to plus a board that has given me confidence to go for it.
You are truly a very gifted craftsman.
Enjoy your trip, stay safe and thanks again.

Surfer: 57/77kg/6'0" Board: 6'6" X 19 5/8" X 2 9/16"

Testimonial Date: 12/06/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
You may have left by now and if so all the best on your travels. Last time I emailed I had not ridden the 6'6" semi gun only the 6'1 V-skate.

As you had suggested the 6'6 has become the board ridden most over here in Bali. I still love the V-skate and ride it in anything under 4-5ft but you were absolutely correct in pushing me to go a bit longer. You were also right in saying I could have gone even longer, mind you I have never felt uncomfortable on the 6'6 yet. I have had some really nice waves at Shipwrecks, Canggu and around the Bukit Peninsular (Uluwatu, Balangan etc). On the bigger days I am very grateful to have the 6'6 and not anything smaller.
Either way I am loving both boards, they perform awesome and a holding up to some fair punishment beautifully. Thanks for taking the time and advising me on the right choices for my travels and delivering two awesome boards. The spearmint colour is also very cool. The family is doing well over here in Bali, everyone is happy so there are no plans to return back home just yet, which suits me fine as I have plenty more breaks to explore. If you ever end up this way on your journeys drop me an email. all the very best.
Kind Regards,
Matthew Richards/Currently living in Bali.
Surfer: 34/78kg/5'7"
Board: V-SKATE inspired Semi-Gun 6'6" X 19 1/4" X 2 9/16" roundpin.

Testimonial Date: 09/06/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
RE: new 6'3" orange V-Skate
Hi Grant,
I understand that you're probably flat out at the moment, but I really want to provide you with feedback on the new board.

In a word, this board is perfect. I thought the Waterskate I'd been riding for the past 2 years was great, but this board surpasses it. I actually find it to be quite different to the Waterskate. The greatest similarity between the two is the ease of paddling - that volume is right where you want it, and that nice chunky tail . However, I find the V-Skate to be faster, much easier to duck-dive and more responsive to turn. Maybe it's more suitable for me since I'm only a small, light surfer?

Or maybe it's just a better fit for how I want to surf? I don't know. But it's definitely more performance oriented and the ideal step up from the Waterskate, I love it!

We had some great waves here in Vic over the weekend and I couldn't wipe the smile from my face.I've got a feeling my surfing could step up a notch with the new board and you can't ask for more than that.

So thanks again Grant, hope you have a great time away and hopefully we speak again one day in future.

Surfer: 35/65kg/5'7" Board: 6'3" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Squashtail.

Testimonial Date: 04/06/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Sorry I missed your call, really loving the V-skate been riding it as a quad mainly. Took a while to get used to the speed and feel of it in that set up, I’m glad I went with your suggestion of having the thruster option as well.

Only been down south twice since I got it off you, second time down had a nice chunky 6 ft swell so was good to put the board through its paces. Performed really well plenty of drive off the bottom and held well through turns. Needed that tail lift you put in on a few waves!!! 100% Happy!!!! Will definitely go for that model again when I order next board, maybe tweak it a little width wise.

Enjoy your trip and will talk to you when you get back.
Safe travels
Justin Hinchliffe/WA
Surfer: 31/80kg/6'1" Board: 6'6" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Roundpin 3+4 fin version.

Testimonial Date: 29/05/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Thanks for the call. As I said on the phone the v-skate you shaped for me is an amazing board. I tried to put some thoughts down about it to pass on to other blokes contemplating a new board. Have a great trip and see you next year.

"I have wasted too much time riding boards that were shaped for guys half my age and twice my talent. Like most of you I researched different shapers and after a few months found myself one sunny morning in Mona Vale talking to Grant. I took pretty much all my old boards down and tried my best to deconstruct what worked and what didn't. I even had some shots from an Indo trip to help him make a fair assessment to make the right board for me.

Grant listened intently and shaped a beautiful 6'8 v skate for an upcoming trip to the Ments and to ride at home on bigger days. It was agonising waiting for it to cure but when I got it out on the first day I wished I'd been riding a Miller twenty years ago.

The board is lightning fast and responsive but very stable and assured. It can be surfed with the fins moved forward which effectively makes it a 6'6. The foam is distributed beautifully, a little fuller across the chest and in the nose. It feels like the board is pulling me into the wave, almost encouraging me to paddle in.
All in all I am stoked with the new board. Grant is a true craftsman with a keen ear and eye for making a board that will really help your surfing.

Check him out when he returns from his travels. Its worth it for the conversation alone."

Surfer: 47/ 5'11"/ 79kg
Board: V-Skate 6'8" x 21" x 2 3/4" round tail thruster

Testimonial Date: 10/05/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

I would like to thankyou for the v-skate I received today. I had it in the water within an hour of getting it and I was truly amazed.

I noticed a difference as soon as I dived in with the flotation and extra paddle power. But what amazed me most was the ease to get on a wave with this small board. I had just less than an hour before I had to pick up my kids from school and I caught more waves in that time than I had in hours of surfing on my old board over the last 1.5wks. I literally had a ball. It was only small slop but the swell is picking up overnight and I will be back down there in the morning.

The greatest thing is it has given me back a confidence in surfing that I had obviously lost. Confidence to challenge for a wave (though today noone else was around) and confidence to tackle bigger waves. This board simply feels comfortable under me and feels powerful (not sure how else to describe it) and I thank you for recommending it.

All the best for your year ahead and I will have no hesitation in highly recommending your boards to friends in the future.

Surfer: 39 / 75kg / 5'10"
Board: 6'3" x 19" x 2 1/2" squashtail

Testimonial Date: 19/04/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
I couldn’t wait for your call to give you feedback; I’m way too excited. Let’s just say this board is fantastic. It not only matched the brief, it exceeds expectations. You’ll recall I wanted a pumped up V-Skate for small waves. You’ve delivered. I’ve only surfed it twice so far, but it’s very clear the board is perfect for its intended use. It paddles nearly as well as the Waterskate it replaces, gets me in the wave as early as the Waterskate, but once in the wave it is much faster and more manoeuvrable. I can’t believe how quickly it accelerates after paddling in, and pumping down the wall generates incredible (for me) speed. Yet again I’m a very satisfied customer.

Best of luck in your travels, and I look forward to hearing of your return in 2012.
Brett McKenzie-Craig/Sydney.
Surfer: 45/5'9"/92kg
Board: 6'7" X 21 1/4" X 2 7/8" Squashtail dedicated small wave version.

Testimonial Date: 07/04/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I hope your trip to Sumatra was a successful one.
I have been riding the 6'1" V-skate you made me. I have not had anything over 5ft yet so the 6'6" is still in bubble rap but I am looking forward to getting it out.

Without talking shit I can honestly say the V-skate is hands down the best board I have ridden. Feels awesome, fast and responsive. It has amazed me how on paper it is exactly the same dimensions as the board I showed you I was riding, and yet is so different in the water. Just feels faster and more responsive. Paddles great. Thank you for taking the time to giving me what I wanted. I am very happy, and can't wait to get the 6'6" out. They are forecasting some bigger swell from Saturday on. Sweet. All the best on your travels.
Kind regards,
Matthew Richards
Surfer: 34/5'7"/78kg
Boards: 6'1" X 19 1/2" X 2 1/2" 6'6" X 19 1/4" X 2 1/2" Roundpin semi-gun.

Testimonial Date: 24/02/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Just read your notice about having a big break from work. Would like to wish you all the very best in your travels and in the future.

Also like to greatly thank you for the boards you have shaped for me over the years. Starting surfing at a late age I never thought it would be possible to Learn to surf , let alone stick to it and progress. I believe this has only been possible because of the boards you have shaped and the care you take to ensure each boards measurements are appropriate for the level of my surfing at the time.
Thankyou !

I would like to order another 5'11 before you leave. I've been so happy with this board and feeling more confident everytime I take it out.
Please let me know when your ok to proceed with this order and I'll transfer a deposit into your account if that’s ok.

Testimonial Date: 16/02/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
After 2 years struggling with different surfs,
i bought second hand(from a private) one of ur V-skate (6.8 standard size,thruster g5 fcs), i want to thank u, and tell u how great this board is for me.

i spent 2 months now surfing it and i never enjoyed so much,felt so natural and improved; i always had trouble surfing curl curl, queenscliff and maroubra but from the first day i had such a big fun there with this board.

IT's not just catching the waves, but the general feeling, when paddling back, when moving along the lineup...now i feel confident to sit in the good spot and wait for my turn and take it, paddling committed and knowing what to do after.

The funny things is that 2 years ago, after the usual start with minimal etc, i drop u a mail, that supposedly went lost since never got reply,
and so i went to a well known shop, telling them i was interested in the waterskate,
but got suggested to take another one, superfish 6.8.
I spent 2 years trying so hard to surf that board and i never felt it, no matter how hard i tried,
so i started getting second hands boards to try to find the good match for me..till now.

Off course i cannot say is ur vskate only, i matured a bit of experience, i got more fit and i changed a bit attitude torward surf,
but ur board for sure has a very big weight on my actual surfing and the fun i feel doing it.

I'm impressed on how well built is the board,
no matter it had previous owners(i'd guess is at least 4 yo) and got few dings, scratches and a bit of sunken and yellow deck around the stringer, the board still feel fantastic, the glassing is very good, and i'm impressed on how finely the rails(toward the tail)are shaped.

Thank u Grant to create such a great product,
Hoper to drop by ur shop soon.

Best regards,

Testimonial Date: 16/02/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Just a quick email to say thanks for the V-Skate Quad/Thruster you shaped for me back in late Dec. Looked beautiful when I unwrapped it, but unfortunately due to Perth shocking summer swell conditions then eye surgery I couldn’t take it out until last weekend when I went down south.

Got to try the board in nice offshore conditions waves around 3-4 ft, took me a few waves to get use to a board that small but after a while started to get the hang of it, found the board extremely responsive had lots of drive off the bottom turns and could generate speed with ease. I found the board still very stable just as much as my Waterskate which was a pleasant surprise another surprise was how buoyant the board was even coming down in the size and width, which allowed me to get on some waves the other guys couldn’t, stoked on that!!! The only thing that I’ll need to iron out is the sharpness I can now turn which I think will take me a while to get use to.
Haven’t had chance to try as a Quad yet but can’t wait to give it a go!!

Thanks again for an another great board look forward to many more.

Justin Hinchliffe (WA)
Surfer:31/80kg/6'1" Board: 6'6" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Rounded pintail, set up to be surfed as either a Thruster or a Quad.

Testimonial Date: 25/01/2011 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
All the best for the new year.
Just letting you know that I've started to use the new 5'11 board in the last couple of weeks and absolutely love it !
It paddles very similar to the 6.0 which is great. Also Compared to the 6.0 - I really like that its lighter in weight and less volume in the top of the board and
I seem to be generating more speed and sharper turns compared to the 6.0.
Looking forward to sticking to this size board and improving as much as possible.
Thanks for another fantastic board,
Geoff/Sydney NSW

Surfer: 43/5'8"/72kg Board: 5'11" X 19 3/8" X 2 1/2" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 10/12/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
The quad is fantastic.
I have only surfed 3 times and in average surf … but I can tell it is a really magic board.

I am loving the quad set up. Seems to have all the quad benefits, without the unpredictability.
And the refinements on the length, thickness and rails are also really working for me.

I am really looking forward to some more time and some more good waves on it
Talk soon

Surfer: 34/6'3"/83kg Board: 6'6" X 20" X 2 5/8" Rounded pintail.
This board has been set up with 5 fin plugs and so can be surfed as either a quad, or as a Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 20/11/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
HI Grant
Sorry not to get back to you after your message a week or so ago.

The 6-5 you made for me was perfect for the trip.
It felt good from the 1st surf I had on it.

Biggest surf was probably 1 and a half overhead , maybe double on some sets.

This was probably max size for the board.

Great for paddling onto them and this was admired by the other guys.
Thanks again

Paul/Queensland (Board built for trip to Mentawis)
Surfer: 43/78kg/5'7" Board: 6'5" X 20 1/4" X 2 5/8" Rounded pintail

Testimonial Date: 30/10/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Apologies for not replying to your phone message earlier (from probably two weeks ago). I was on holiday with the family and to be honest I completely forgot!

Yes the 6’8 V-skate rides pretty much exactly as you said it would. If you remember I had the Webber Fatburner 6’9 previously and thought it a little stiff. The V-skate actually paddles better, is looser and I can actually lie further forward paddling into waves without nosediving. This helps me alot as I have a tendency to place my feet too far backward and stall the board a little at takeoff. This is helping me get my weight forward and keep momentum.

The board has been excellent thus far and looking forward to using it alot more as the last two months has been hectic with work and being away. Great board and finished really well also.

Ivan/Northern Beaches Sydney.
Surfer: 40/85kg/6'0"
Board: 6'8" X 20 3/4" X 2 7/8" squashtail.

Testimonial Date: 14/10/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'day Grant, have not had much of a chance to get out in the last month, however, for the handful of times I've ridden the 6'6 v-skate rounded pin tail in up to head high clean and messy conditions I find the board to be quite fast, feels loose but stable?? turns easily and holds line in the steeper sections. A pleasure to ride. Quite bouyant for me at this length being easy to paddle but doesn't ride like a cork, and i can push it under ok when duckdiving.
The planshape and foam distribution initially looks and feels a little like my boards from the 80's but the combined speed, drive and manouvaribility are something else. Is this the bottom contours, rail design both/everything???
We have a good swell at the moment and I expect to get some challenging waves over the next few days as conditions calm down and clean up, so will let you know how I go with this board in some bigger waves.

Surfer: 36/70kg/170cm
Board: 6'6" X 20" X 2 9/16" Rounded pintail.

Testimonial Date: 29/09/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Typhoon 12 just passed and sent us some very nice swells with size to the reefs in Chiba (Tokyo)

Rode the board for 5 hours over 3 sessions on Friday, 3-4 ft at my local reef, sucky steep take off, one half bottom turn then top turn and into a barrel section. First time on your board in decent surf, surprisingly good on steep take offs and great drive off the bottom, turns much sharped than I expected and at the same time is stable. had a great session. Followed this with a lunch time low tide session, the reef is never as good on low tide and is more critical, still stoked with the board.
Afternoon session on a beach break at 4-5ft, the paddle in was a breeze and again taking late drops when necessary was no problem, the nose, rocker and shape really works.
Saturday (another 5 hours 3 sessions) on the early surfed the reef again at 8ft+, rode my Warner gun (7'), some real size and strong wind coming into the face making the drops late and sketchy and the rides very bumpy, Think your board would have been fine.
Sat lunch, took your board out at another reef, 8-10ft, deep in a bay so much calmer sea state, your board rocked, everything good, Low tide, the drops were monsters and pulled off some of the biggest waves I've ever ridden from out the back, the board is so stable at speed, able to move my feet more than ever before, the wave runs 150m with a high performance wall and a barrel section (sometimes on the inside) - SOOO FUN, also picked off lots of inside waves, late in the pocket drops, the left is a much shorter steeper wave, grabbing the rail on the drop - total confidence I'd make it, and mostly did...
Sat afternoon same spot, wind died completely, 12ft swell with 16 second period so set waves still in the 8ft range, but the tide much higher, surfed your board again and nabbed some of the best waves I've ever had, most of the heavy locals were being ferried by jet ski out to a bombie in the middle of the bay, so it was like an eat as much as you can buffet, got to really play around on some big faces, the board comes off the bottom really well, real confidence booster - stoked - Stayed out after dark it was so much fun, could hardly lift my arms.
Sunday ( rode it for 4 1/2 hours) back at the beach break 6 ft - conditions not perfect, back to paddle speed being a real advantage, and still able to duck dive with relative ease, nice to be able to out paddle the youth and still be taking critical drops.
Sunday afternoon, at the first reef again, Solid 6 ft, had the best session of the weekend.

Grant, can't think of anything that would improve it

Scotty/New Zealand expat living in Japan.
Surfer: 43/84kg/5'9"
Board: 6'5" X 19 1/2" X 2 5/8" Squashtail.


Testimonial Date: 02/08/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
Not my first Miller and definitely not my last, love the new 6 10 goes unreal
My previous models were off the rack and agree a custom is the way to go,
perfect balance of shape, quality, colour & finish.
Also always enjoy your diary comments..

Thanks again
Lenny/Northern Beaches Sydney.
Surfer: 6' 2" x 92Kg x 58Y
Board : 6' 10 x 21x 2 7/8

Testimonial Date: 19/06/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant,
It was great to catch up with you the other day.

As discussed, I was really happy with the performance of the V Skate and I had some great waves at Ulus as I hope the attached photos show

After 40 years of surfing I am getting heaps of waves and feel I am surfing better than ever, and I would say the V Skate is the best board I have owned

Hope to see you in the surf soon

Kind Regards
Greg Clark/Collaroy NSW
Surfer: 56/82kg/5'9"
Board: 6'10" X 21" X 2 7/8" squashtail.

Testimonial Date: 18/06/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Howdy Grant,
Thought I'd report in and give testimonial on the latest board you made me shortly before your successful Sumatra trip.

Had some great surfs on the new board over the past month or so and have to say it is one of the best boards I have owned/ridden, and the strawberry color is spot on. As you know, the board is a Semi Gun 8' 0" x 21 1/2 "x 3", beefed up as per the dimensions to assist with my reduced paddling capabilities (neck/back problems).

I have so much to say in favour of this board that I'll only be repeating the attributes of the Miller Semi Gun detailed by yourself on the website. The features I have really come to appreciate are the early wave entry, excellent traction/holding ability on steep faces, quick tail response, pronounced drive when needed, all combining to give a great feeling of control.

The last Semi Gun I owned was 15 years ago, dimensions 6'10" x 17 1/2" x 2 5/8", a good board but which these days would leave me seriously under volumed, even though my weight is about the same at 73 Kg. Re-adapting to the streamlined shape and extra rocker characteristic of a gun style board was a gradual process. There wasn't much surf about when I received the board but I was keen to paddle and ride what I could to get aquainted. Over several weeks I worked my way up in wave size from waist height to O'head and a half and found the bigger and hollower waves may have challenged me a bit but not the board.

So for now, I ride a previously acquired Powerglide (7' 6" x 22 1/2" x 2 15/16") which works well for me up to about head height, then out comes the new Semi Gun for overhead conditions. Less and less frequently I ride a 9' epoxy mal.
Interestingly the mass (weight) of the 8.0' semi gun and the 7' 6" Powerglide on my digital scales are the same at 5.8 Kg. The epoxy mal weighs 7Kg and is becoming too heavy to paddle!

I feel very fortunate to have experienced your wonderful board shapes and the great pleasure they give.

Charlie Hyde, Broulee NSW 51/73kg/5'10"

Testimonial Date: 24/04/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I really enjoyed the process of getting a custom board, much better than just buying one off the shelf. Thanks for patiently listening to all my surfing limitations (I realise it took a quite a while..).

In the end, I definitely feel I got the right board. It looks great. It's very light and its hidden volume and flat rocker makes it paddle really well. It feels stable and, on the wave, its very fast and its loose (I'm probably the main limitation).

Thanks again,
Chris - Manly, 5'11, 80kgs; Board: V Skate, 6'3, 20 3/4, 2 5/8
Note - I wanted an allround board for standard 2-3 foot stuff and this is perfect.

Testimonial Date: 16/04/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Grant thanks again for another great board.
It goes really well and surprisingly loose for an 8 foot board.It paddles unreal too and gets in early which is good. This is now the fourth board I've had from you and like the others the shape and the glassing are excellent.I can honestly say I've never had better boards. People have commented on how well proportioned the board is and how it doesn't look like an 8 foot board. It's a great all rounder and would suit anyone who wants a bit of length and volume without wanting to go to a mini mal or a 9 foot mal.I'm really happy with the fin system as well.Thanks again Grant.
ps I enjoyed the video footage as well.

regards Sean age 47 and 90kg
board 8' x 22 x 2 7/8 round pin V Skate

Testimonial Date: 27/01/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Dear Grant,

I thought I would drop you a line to give a progress report on my V Skate. Just to remind you it was a 6'8", 20 1/8" wide, 2 5/8" board you finished in November.

It is very different from the last few boards I've had which were Greg Clough, Simon Anderson and Bill Cilia thrusters. I wasn't expecting what they had to offer but it did take a while to get it right with this board. My feet weren't right, I took a while to understand the way the board moved, and then there were the caught rails, and frustration encounters in just knowing that everything was wrong at times and something wouldn't allow me to move where I wanted to go.

I am acutely aware that I have been surfing a 6'8' board through a pretty severe wave drought and the 1' to 3' crumble monsters I was paddling into were making it a bit harder to extract fun than normal from an average surf.

When we discussed the design and specs you suggested it would be great to get me 2 boards: a 6' 4" and the 6' 8". Pity I didn't have the money as I think you hit the nail on the head. The board has felt a tad long this summer, but more from the point of view of wasted potential. It goes, and any sort of power seems to give it a chance to shine, but the 4" cut would have enhanced this.

Despite all the above, it didn't take long for the board to begin to feel right under me and, while I think it demands a different approach, this is the board I was needing. When I get it right I am surprised at how well the board handles and how easy it is at times to throw it around.

I'm keen to get back to you after I have a little more perspective in relation to the sort of waves I've had. It has been small for too long and while I've had head high surfs plus - missed last week's swell while on a seminar - there hasn't been enough of that.

I love the speed, the momentum through flat sections, and, of course, the added volume has made a significant difference in paddling and a noticeable improvement in ability to catch what I paddle for. This makes me sound like a lazy old bastard, which may be closer to the truth than I'd like to admit! From a design point of view I really like the bite the board has when pushed despite the volume. There is no "cork" effect. Your gradation of hard to soft rails appears to be the perfect feature for this.

Finally, thanks for the attention to detail in your finish of the board. It is a quality product, and I was grateful for you putting a sprint in to get it ready when there was that hitch with getting it shaped.

Will be back in contact, and am happy to tell you I have been talking up your boards with friends who are not on the right equipment, but still need quality to go with change.


James Burfitt/Northern Beaches Sydney.

Surfer: 49/5'10"/78kg
Board: 6'8" X 20 1/8" X 2 5/8" Roundtail.

Testimonial Date: 22/01/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I bought a 7'2" v skate from you last June. Definately the best board I have owned. Great paddle power drive and speed. Feel that that my surfing has progressed so much that I would benefit from a slighty shorter new board. I was wondering if you still trade your old boards back. It is still in great condition by the way. If you still trade I would like to order a 7' v skate but a round tail model.

South Coast NSW
Surfer: 47/6'0"/90kg
Board: 7'2" X 21 1/4" X 2 7/8" squashtail

Testimonial Date: 22/01/2010 - Board Type : V-SKATE
After a horrible two weeks holiday with no surf... this week Huey delivered. "They're closing the beaches," was the cry. "Cool let's get out there," said my mates. And didn't my V-Skate perform perfectly in the 6 footers! God I love this board!!!

With the surf dropping I'm considering buying a powerglide even though my 7 foot V-Skate can handle the slops as well. Am I being too generous with owning two Millers? I think not but let's see what the wife says...

Simmo/Northern Beaches

Surfer: 37/6'1"/85kg
Board: 7'0" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/4" squashtail

Testimonial Date: 23/12/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Just a quick call to say thanks for another great board, my second. The V-skate was even better than I could have imagined. Having been on a Waterskate for a while I wanted something new and a bit faster for the waves in the Mentawais. Your advice and expertise in providing such a great board for my big trip is much appreciated. I look forward to speaking again when I am ready for the next upgrade. It will definitely be a Miller board.



Board: 6'6" X 20 1/4" X 2 5/8" Rounded pintail

Testimonial Date: 18/12/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE

I've been searching for waves morning and evening every day this week, I got out for a few fairly ordinary surfs but was holding out for something more auspicious for yellow's maiden voyage. I drove all the way South to Bombo tonight and was rewarded with 3-4ft clean NE swell, pretty weak and inconsistent but with a lovely 50m bank and five guys out.

I just can't get over how light and fast it is compared to what I've been riding, I made every wave I went for and ended up getting heaps of waves. They were all on my backhand and I felt pretty out of control, it's a lot faster than I'm used to and I overcooked most of my turns and ended up face-planting into the wave but it was great to finally feel what it's like to do a hard turn.

Easily my best session in the water since my last night at Ujung Bocur, the wind swung South on my way home so tomorrow looks like it will be pretty good too. Going to skip off early before the swell gets blown out to sea.

Just wanted to say thanks again, I'm all excited at the thought of getting out again tomorrow and trying some more turns.

Hope all is well in Sydney.

Seeya - Ciaran.

Board: 6'9" X 21" x 2 3/4" Roundtail Surfer: 36/84kg/5'11"

Testimonial Date: 15/10/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Just writing to give a quick heads up on how the surfboard travelled.

Absolutely love it, paddled superbly well and constructed to suit my style and physique. Had a ball travelling down the NSW Nth coast, was catching heaps of waves, although the swell died a bit on the back half of the week. Found the board great in all conditions and cant wait to get back to the coast to give it a whirl in some bigger surf, to really open it up and see what she can do.

Been an absolute pleasure going through the design process with you and it felt so special getting back to AUS and being able to hit the water on a new board. Cant really express how good that made me feel to be honest.

Hopefully can catch up for a surf sometime in Sydney- if your not to busy.
I might see you in September sometime to pick up my mates board.

Tom/Sydney 7'0" X 21 1/4" X 2 7/8" 26/97kg/6'0"

Testimonial Date: 07/07/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Thanks for the call.
The board is going well, I cannot flaw it really, it just does everything I have wanted a board to do. It turns tight and has a lot of feel when the back foot is on the tailpad, it is stable on take off too. I have yet to sample it in crappy onshore...there has been none, but I have been surfing up to solid 5ft waves and it holds the wave nicely at speed, is pretty quick and paddles great...gee do i sound happy, well thats as I am.
See you for the next one.
ian (Newcastle/NSW) 6'5" X 20" X 2 9/16"

Testimonial Date: 03/07/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

Picked up my 6’8, V-Skate about six weeks ago, this is my third Miller board in less than three years and they just keep getting better.
After not surfing for 20 years I started with a 6’9 Waterskate. I rode this board for about two years until I picked up a 6’7, F–Skate, this board went great but I missed some characteristics of my Waterskate.
The V-Skate is the best of both worlds, I cannot feel any noticeable difference in the paddle power, the board is stable and super responsive.
For any average surfer in his forties looking for a great all round board the V - Skate is the answer.
Thanks again Grant.

Cronulla (6'8" X 21 1/2" X 2 3/4")

Testimonial Date: 22/06/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Grant - good to catch up with you again on my recent trip to Sydney. I took the blue vskate (6'6- 20.5, 2 5/8) out on Sunday and it worked a treat. I was a little worried that the step down from a 6'9, 21 1/4, 2 3/4 Waterskate might have been too much but it floated me well, paddling was fine and its given me that looseness and rail drive I was after. You've mastered the knack of 'hiding' the volume in a light, compact frame.

Enjoy your break and I look forward to ordering another board in the next year.


Testimonial Date: 16/06/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
HI Grant,
I recently bought a 6'8 V-Skate from you. Just a quick note to let you know so far so good. Have only been able to get into some full Dee why breaks but at least I can make the best of it on the new board. Got a descent run last thursday at Narrabeen on some size and shape and I feel very comfortable on the board. I'm enjoying getting to know the board and am very happy with the purchase, it's the right board for me. Have a good break,
Wayne/Sydney. (6'8" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4")

Testimonial Date: 10/06/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
having been surfing for 37 years and knowing what i want in a board but not getting it,i took what i thought was a gamble on you.Well it paid off cause you delivered what i consider a keeper,a board that is extremly fast,loose and paddles well and is now in my top 5 boards in my life .Well done and thanks.If anyone out there looking for a new board but maybe uncertain to take a chance on Grant just go for it cause you wont regret it!
Dave Lowe/NSW Norh Coast....v skate 6-4x19.5x 2 5/8

Testimonial Date: 10/06/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

Thanks for the follow-up call on my V-Skate. The board is beautifully designed and constructed, it’s light and strong, and a joy to hold and admire.

It got baptised at a Torquay reef on the biggest swell of 2009 (so far). The board paddled easily and I picked up the first decent wave without any trouble. Once I got to my feet, it was like a whole new world of surfing started opening up.

As you know, I was coming off a mini-mal that I’d gone to after losing some fitness because of typical late-30s family and work commitments. I enjoy the mini-mal but was looking for a new board to give my surfing a push along, particularly in bigger and better quality surf and the V-Skate sure is the one for me. On the mini-mal, I’d got lazy and was tending to just ride waves; the V-Skate demands that I surf the wave.

Even though on that first wave I felt like I was riding a skateboard down the side of a house, the board was rock solid. And since then I know that the board will make late takeoff and very steep sections if I’m doing it right. It’s really fast, even in smaller and sloppy waves, it slides and sticks depending on where my weight is, it’s smooth into turns and quick out of them. As soon as I’m up, the board just seem to ask, ‘What do you want to do?’ and then to respond to whatever I’m capable of.

So, thanks again for a design with the perfect combination of looseness and stability, for great communication and quality service.

And it’s not just me. After trying the V-Skate on just two average waves at 13th beach my brother was on the phone to you the next day to place an order. He’ll be just as happy and I’ll keep recommending you.

All the best for your winter break.

Melbourne. 6’8” x 20 ½ ” x 2 ¾”

Testimonial Date: 15/05/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how the v-skate is going. What can I say - just love it! Paddles well, got great line speed,is very easy to surf and forgiving of this old timers rather slowed reaction times! Despite lots of waves i feel I'm just getting to know some of its capabilities. Well done - another great miller design.
Had some fab surf in Bali though I have to say the crowds are pretty
horrific most of the time. Highlights were Bingin, Caggu and Medewi - the latter was so much fun and we were lucky enough to get it on a new swell at a couple of metres plus. The V and I loved it!
If I don't get back to you before, have a fantastic trip,
Again many thanks
Ian Sherrey/North coast NSW ( 6'6" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" )

Testimonial Date: 01/04/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
I got your message yesterday and my 6'10" V Skate goes really well. I am really happy with the board as it does what I was hoping it would do. Turning, duck diving, paddling,speed it achieves all of these. The volume in the board allows me to paddle onto waves early and easily but it is not too big to not be able to duck dive. Turns really well and the speed is good.
Unfortunately I have already put a crack on the underside of the board where the the lap folds.I hit it hard with my my knee.
Very happy with the purchase and I will ring you again when I need a new one.
Dave/Northern Beaches. Sydney.

Testimonial Date: 24/02/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'day Grant.
You called me last week following up after supply (last Christmas) of a V-Skate you shaped for me. In my appraisal I said that I was happy with the board, however, I was finding it a little sluggish in the small waves we've been plagued with over Summer.
Well, yesterday I was fortunate to have about an hour of getting a glutton's share of solid three foot (occasionally 4 ft) waves and the board really came into it's own. Paddling into waves above waist high the board really lights up with fantastic speed and manoeuvrability, performing as well as any of those wafer thin boards I was riding before. The main difference was that on the V-Skate I was sitting about an extra 10 metres further out and therefore was getting onto a lot of the waves before the pack had even started paddling.

Really happy with the board - it's a great product.

P.S. Enjoyed your blog/diatribe concerning the fourth Reich (aka Liberal Party of Australia)

Rick/Sydney (6'5" X 19 5/8" X 2 5/8" squashtail)

Testimonial Date: 17/02/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Just a note to say thanks for what I think is the perfect board. At 6’5” it’s hard to find a shaper who knows how to make a board for someone of my height. The 6’8” V-Skate is simply fantastic and what I’ve been looking for, for years. When I first saw the board I thought it looked much bigger compared to what I’d been riding, but any doubts were immediately dispelled once it was in the water. The extra volume through the nose makes an incredible amount of difference in getting into waves early and it surfs better than the other thrusters I’ve been frustrated with for years now, despite buying boards meant to be for someone tall. I came back from a surf yesterday happier than I’ve been in ages. I couldn’t be more pleased with the board and your guidance and will certainly be back for another in the future.


Hamish/WA (6'8" x 20 1/2" X 2 3/4")

Testimonial Date: 03/02/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

we've taken off overseas for a year or so and i'm currently in the north east of england. Took the 6'10 out in scarborough (northern english north sea) yesterday.... its started snowing while i was out! Great fun though, and the board is brilliant. I don't really surf the waterskate any longer as the two vskates are just too good. When i went to the Mentawai's (probably the best trip ever), the 6'10' quickly became the board of choice because it allowed me to get into the waves just that little bit earlier. Once i was up, (technique permitting :-) ) i was able to generate speed and practice my turns. The boards i have have really helped to improve my surfing.

I hope you had a good time in California. Should be back next year.
Andy/Sydney (6'10" X 20" X 2 5/8")

Testimonial Date: 03/02/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

What can I say about the V-skate...... well the biggest compliment I can give you is that I gave away my old 6'3'' Al Merrick as I was never going to surf it again.
The V-skate has become my quiver of one.
I've ridden fast reef point breaks in the Mentawais and gutless beach break in the UK and it has been a star in both.
Planning early was such a result on the fast stuff, giving me more time to pop and so making more drops than I would expect to. It's sweet in the turns, giving me confidence to carve a bit hard every time.
It takes a little more effort to duck dive and is probably on the limit of volume I'd like in a board,but that was the whole point of going for the v-skate.
The sweet spot to lie on the board is quite big, which is handy for those last minute decisions to go.
However I often catch myself lying a bit to far forward on the board,
(probably due to having ridden a 6' fish for so long, old habits die hard).
All in all I'm glad I stopped kidding myself and bought a board that suits my level of surf ability, (and fitness), that puts a massive smile on my face.
Cheers mate,
Andy/Sydney (6'4" X 19 3/4" X 2 5/8")

Testimonial Date: 08/01/2009 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
I've had the vskate for around 18 months or so now and am still very happy with it. I surf it in all conditions but now that summer is here, and with it the awful surf that we get here in Perth, I was just after a bit of feedback on your fish. I've spoken to a couple of people who have raved about the board in these conditions and wouldn't mind a chat sometime when you get back.

Regards Johnny (Perth/WA)

Testimonial Date: 23/12/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant. Sorry I missed your call yesterday.

Thanks for the 7ft V skate at such short notice. Had 2 weeks in the Mentawais in September and the board was unreal. It took a couple of waves to get the feel for it but after that the paddling ease and speed were unreal.

The board looks great and the finish is just quality.

Thanks again.

Ryan (WA) 7'0" X 19 3/4" X 2 3/4"

Testimonial Date: 18/12/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Just dropping you a short note to let you know that the V-Skate you shaped me is pretty good ... It's definitely a keeper!

Thanks for taking this job on short notice and for caring enough to take meticulous notes on all your custom orders. You were able to interpret my sometimes vague feedback and use your shaping notes to make little tweaks to my previous board - already a good one - which were all positive. I can hardly believe what a huge difference those changes made. Yours truly is a custom service.

I just got back from the Mentawais last week where I rode it every day in waves ranging from 2 to 5 feet. It paddled well and was fast, smooth and drivey. Pretty much everything I want my boards to be.

Sherman (Northern Beaches) 6'2" X 19 1/4" X 2 7/16" Roundpin V-SKATE.

Testimonial Date: 05/12/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G’day Grant,
Thanks for the call, glad to hear you really enjoyed your trip!! Good things happen to good people!!

Attached is a photo of my V-Skate in action in The Mentawais…!!

Thanks again for another great board. That trip along with your board has once again taken my surfing to the next level…After only 2 x years of surfing, I’m loving it more than ever!!

Cheers…Glenn 6'8" X 20" X 2 5/8" (Cronulla)

Testimonial Date: 04/12/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

Thanks for the follow up call, once again very happy with the custom 7' v-skate you made for me. It has worked really well down at Manly so I am sure it will do the job when I head off to Indo in March. Good down the line speed but still quite maneuverable and with plenty of paddle power - the best combination! I think that's board no 4 so far and they have all been great - keep up the good work.

Dave (Northern Beaches)

Testimonial Date: 13/10/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Dear Grant,

sorry for my delay in replying to your telephone message some weeks before. A few months ago I hurt my shoulder and after only one surf on your board I did not yet feel qualified to give you some feedback about how it went.

Recently, however, with my shoulder healed, my mate and I went on a 3 day surf trip down the Great Ocean Road. Your board went really well Grant, I love it.

The best day was about 4-5 at Bells, good conditions, and with the healing shoulder and all your board paddled terrifically. It just paddles unreal Grant, and even after being out of the water for so long I managed to catch a good share of waves - waves I knew I would have missed on my old, thinner boards. It also turned well, and felt responsive. After only 5 surfs I am still getting the feel of the board, but I just wanted you to know that already I am really satisfied with it.

Thanks for listening so much when we discussed my needs. I am a not a hot surfer, but love it, and I really appreciated the thoughtfulness you showed when we discussed the details of the board.

In about 12 months my mate and I are planning a surf trip overseas, perhaps to Bali or Fiji - and I will certainly be contacting you to get one or two more boards.


Graham Gee ( 6'7" V-SKATE/ Victoria)

Testimonial Date: 13/10/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Gday Grant,
I purchased a 6'6 vskate from you back in may this year and just want to let you know that im stoked with the board.It drives good off the bottom and is fast down the line,only got to surf it in about 4ft sofar but keen to get it into some bigger size.Fully stoked with the glass job, and how easy it is to paddle.Finally found a board with allround good performance.Sorry never got back earlier in the year been workn offshore but got time ashore now and been getn a few waves..............

Cheers,Bill caldwell

Testimonial Date: 09/07/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Just wanted to say i am very happy with the new board.
Havent been out on it a lot, but the few surfs i have had so far have been great.It has great paddling power and for a larger board (7'6") awesome speed and turns on a dime. When it comes time for a new board i will definately be back again.

David/NSW Central coast. (7'6" X 21 1/2" X 2 7/8")

Testimonial Date: 08/07/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'day Grant,

Happy with the seven footer you shaped for me, but the swell prospects are poor for Ayers rock this morning... Surfed it at Saltwater in pretty good 3-4 footers before I left and on initial indications it went well. My best mate at Pambula is on it till I hit the coast again probably in Exmouth. The bigger fins give a lot of extra drive off the bottom wich was what I was after. It took well over 3 weeks to cure properly down in Vic. but she arrived unmarked. I think Its gunna be a great allrounder. Thanks DEAN. (Victoria) 7'0" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4"

Testimonial Date: 04/07/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G’day Grant,

Thanks for your phone message today.

Thought I’d drop you a line to say how wrapped I am with the new board. I used it first down south & it already has made so much difference. Heaps easy to paddle, catching a lot more waves & not getting as tired as I used to doing so.

It handles great, nice & stable but easy to turn. I can’t believe how easy it gets around whitewater sections, feels like it’s floating on air like a hover board compared to my last board.

Even had a little bit of swell in Perth lately & they have been the best surfs I’ve had here for ages due to the new board.

It’s also helped restore confidence in my ability……was losing it a bit on the previous ‘toothpick’ I was riding.

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with it & the service you provided Grant. It does everything you said it would.

Thanks heaps & have a great trip to California.

Nick Raynor

Perth, WA ( 6'8" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" )

Testimonial Date: 26/06/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,
thought you could use these (taken in Samoa this May). I promised to send
you some when I picked up board April 2005 (3+ years ago). Apologies for the
delay - only went digital 2007.
In over 40 years of surfing and owning many
surfboards through this period, this board has proven to be one of the best
I've ever had the pleasure of riding. It works well in waves from hip high
to well overhead. I've surfed with this board on the mid north to south
coasts of NSW, in New Zealand, Fiji, and Samoa on reef breaks. Thanks again
for this beautifully shaped and finished board.
Ross Tinker(Australia)

Testimonial Date: 11/06/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE

V-Skate: 6/10 able to take on the lads at the Boiling Pot, no mean feat but to be able to pull off a Double Overhead screamer barrel and then work the face from the wedge through to Johnson's for a aged goofy - excellent. Superbank barrels are effortless, and mistake recovery easy as. Got this one 2nd hand, next time I'll go with Grant's experienced advice and go a 6/8 & shave a smidge of width off the hip & tail.

Powerglide: Sweet - Just like Grant says - 7ft paddles like an 8 and handles like a 6/6 - Great off the backfoot - forehand or backhand, working the wall, styling - sliding and gliding, or snapit if you want. Haven't had it long enough to workout the optimum backhand frontfoot sweet spot, but in most cases it's forgiving. However, in all respects forehand felt like an old fav from the very first wave of my first session - even snuck in a pair of D-bar barrels. Had a comment that I was taking waves off the kiddies. Ha! that's a turn up at D-bar.

Cheers David

Testimonial Date: 23/04/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant

Hope you’re having a good break. Just letting you know that I have just returned from Bali. Had ten straight days of decent surf. The V-Skate performed even better than I expected. Volume was just right and I was surfing like a crazy grom I even gave a the locals a run for their money on a couple of occassions. Thanks again. I’ll be getting another one later this year.


Ron (WA)

Testimonial Date: 14/04/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Thanks for dropping me a line after the purchase of a 6'8" V-Skate in December 2007.......I had'nt really tried the board out when we chatted but have some more detailed feedback for you as promised.

In a nutshell - I am very happy with this board - It has re-invigorated my approach to surfing.

I have surfed this board in a variety of conditions - 2ft to 8ft and it has been good all-round...............

In 2 ft - I was getting into waves I wouldnt usually paddle out for (I am approx. 6'2 and 92Kg) and I have been finding speed from the take-off and making cutties and little whacks - heaps of fun (with emphasis on fun).

In 8ft - the biggest day I have had in a couple of years, I felt super confident paddling into some bombs with this board under me (I consider myself an average surfer and that day I felt like I was going to make every wave I went for - whilst a made a few bombs - I got slayed on a few by being a bit over-confident by the end of the session) - Firstly - I can generate good paddle-speed from this board and can position on the peak - secondly - the board is really stable and feels good getting to my feet - If I put my feet in the wrong spot its pretty forgiving and I am comfortable moving my foot / feet into the sweet spot - thirdly - In the bigger waves there were some good ramps on offer so generating speed wasn't the issue and this board handled the speed (did'nt flutter etc) and felt great to turn.

On my last surf - great arvo - 4-6ft right-handers - started to really push through some turns and it felt real good..........can't wait for my next surf and am heading to western vicco in a fortnight - this is my number 1 board for the trip.....................

Thanks and regards

CP - Port Lincoln - SA

Testimonial Date: 07/04/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

I know you said that you would give me a call to see how the board was going but I'm so stoked with it that I had to drop you an email now to let you know!

I've taken it out at Flinders plenty of times since I got it and it is just a revelation. Even after a decent lay-off with surfing since my wife and I had the baby I had no trouble getting to grips with it. It paddles better than my old 7'6" Epoxy Thai Pop-out (which is remarkable considering it is 6 inches shorter and a lot lighter) and it goes like an absolute rocket once you're up - so much so that I'm doing bottom turns and cutbacks on waves that I never would have been able to before. Its lightness means that I can finally duck-dive a board again after years of fighting the epoxy board when a wall of white-water is about to pummel me

Turning ability is so much better than the old board too. I had to lean so hard to get the damn thing to turn and often ended up digging in the rails and falling off yet the V-Skate just does it all so easy and glides along beautifully while doing it too.

Honestly mate you've got a great board there in the V-Skate, I simply love it and no way will I ever buy a generic board again. Thanks heaps for helping to open up a new door in my surfing for me.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Hatch (Victoria)

Testimonial Date: 25/03/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant

Okay had 2 months on the V skate and my surfing has improved massively. So forgiving and probably catch 20% more waves.Backhand has improved so much I am actually looking for Lefts! Speed is perfect and manoverability is more than I can handle just yet.Haven't thought of taking another board out and at this stage wouldn't change a thing, bring on winter!

Take care and add another name to the fan list!

Cheers Phil (Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 23/01/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

The two boards I ordered last year haven’t had much work as I’ve been stuck in Tokyo for most of the time. However, did manage a couple of weeks at Kandui resort in Mentawai in Oct 07 where we had great waves and even a couple of real full on sessions (overhead rifles & bankvaults). It took a couple of surfs to get used to the shorter length (6’8” vs 9’6”) but once back in the zone the boards went so well I found myself pushing a few of my old limits. The last time I rode a short board was a single fin in 1982 so it was unreal to feel the rush of pulling off maneuvers again. The boards never failed to hold a line even in the steepest sections and not once did they spin out on cutbacks. It took me a few months training to prepare for that trip but the thrill of getting back into serious surf again has taken years off my life. I’ll be going back to Mentawai again and meantime I’ll keep fit in Japan’s week-end moshpit. Thanks for the tools to enjoy life!


John (6'8" & 7'0" V-SKATES/Japan)

Testimonial Date: 09/01/2008 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
Thought I'd give you a quick note about the v-skate. Mate, more than impressed, I'm in love. Now, I know my prolonged absences from the coast leave me susceptible to getting over excited but the board has been everything we discussed and like you said. Firstly the delivery was excellent, even too quick for the old man who picked it up for me (thanks to MR for holding it). I got to the coast just before Christmas and went straight to Dad's to pick it up and was just blown away by the look of the board, the spray, the curves, the lot. Luckily I got a couple of nice little swells pre-christmas at home and I've just landed back at Blackies after catching the tailend of the new year swells up the coast. The board went excellent from paddling, to catching waves, to surfing them. Everything from 1-2ft to a couple of meaty (and bumpy) bigger ones. While at this stage of life I'm not going to be a better surfer the board was helping/making me surf better. Even now I'm thinking of a couple of sessions where I thought my fitness/lack of surftime might have cost me but didn't (well not as much anyway). So mate, from me, a job well done, you've got a very satisfied customer. Thank you.
Now I might have to start thinking about an F-skate to really start enjoying those 1-2ft days.
Brad Emanuel (Inland NSW teacher/Newcastle/Forster)

Testimonial Date: 15/11/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

Finally able to get some decent waves with the 6'4" v-skate after a slow
recovery from the sprained ankle.

Its speedy and manoeuvrable. It took me a few sessions to get used to
the extra volume compared to my old short board but I really appreciate
the easier paddling. Got heaps of waves this morning at Maroubra despite
the crowds.

Looking forward to many fun sessions over the coming years with the

Thanks for the great service.

Victor (Randwick/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 12/11/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

howdy grant sorry we didn't get a chance to speak b4 you went o/s, thanks for trying though. Firstly I am very happy with the 6'7" v-skate another work of art. The other thing I wanted to mention was; how about a bit of a write up about your holiday in the states. I enjoy reading your comments in the diary about politics and the surfboard industry, how about a bit of a write up on the industry and surf culture in the US as you saw it on your travels. Anyway thanks again for the great board and i look forward to the next one. Cheers andrew
(South Australia).

Testimonial Date: 31/08/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Have been riding my second v-skate for about 2 months now, and still cannot believe how loose and responsive it is. 6' 5" and paddles well above its length. Since i started riding this board, there has been quite a good run of swell. I have surfed this in all conditions with no complaints. Paddling power is just as good as my first v-skate, but this one is looser with a bit more drive off the bottom. I will be ordering a longer v-skate next year for bigger waves. My advice to anyone thinking about buying one, talk to Grant first. You won't find anyone better suited to help you.
Thanks Grant

Testimonial Date: 29/08/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'day Grant, just wanted to leave you some feedback regarding the 6'10" V-Skate that recently arrived..........I love it. The waves have been a bit all over the place for the last week or so but a few days ago I took it out at Triggs and caught a beauty that I would normally have pulled out of because of a reluctance to be chundered on. The board handled it beautifully and with ease. The board was fast, stable and like some other guy wrote in your testimony page, the thing seems to go where ever I looked. I am very happy.

I think your recommendation that I get a V-skate instead of a Waterskate was spot on. Thanks for your excellent service. I will certainly recommend your product.
Thanks again
Kim Roberts - Perth/WA.

Testimonial Date: 26/07/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
You had a mate of yours deliver me a 6'10' V-Skate to Coolum at Xmas time.
The board was so good that I started catching heaps of waves again, in fact, probably more than when I was a teenager surfing every week.
I surfed twice a day, every day over January, went back up to Coolum at Easter and again just recently.
The other day I tried out a fish that was lying around, thinking it would be too small for me but I found it pretty good fun and easy to catch as many waves as I wanted.
Now I think I need another, shorter board.

You know when we last spoke I was 92kg, not fat but muscle and brawn. I'm 77kg now,no dieting,more food/drink than ever,no conscious effort at all to lose weight,just catching more waves!!!

Hows that?

Please call me to discuss the order on the attached number.
Ian Withers (VIC/Coolum,QLD)

Testimonial Date: 25/07/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Apologies for not letting you know sooner. I am so thrilled that every step of the way went exactly to the plan you proposed.

The board even arrived on the Tuesday which I would say is when you expected (best case scenario) and even before ‘mid week’ as you mentioned. Absolute pleasure and unfortunately a rarity these days to deal with someone who runs such a well oiled operation.

I can’t believe how excited I was waiting to see it. And when I opened it up (excellently packed by the way, of course!) I was even more thrilled.

Grant it looks brilliant. I have had it out once in poor surf and the way I describe it, at this stage, is there was nothing to say about it when I came out of the water. I was just smiling. Meaning, it just did everything so easily there was nothing negative to comment on. It was all just so good and easy. Not a fair appraisal as surf was not good and I can’t wait to use it again in a bit better surf. It is easy to paddle, easy to duck dive, smooth and clean to ride and turn yet pretty stable for an unfit bloke.

Grant, I am so impressed and rapt that you deliver exactly what you say, and will give you a more accurate appraisal after a few surfs.


One really happy surfer,

Dave Curl(Curly) South Australia.

Testimonial Date: 25/07/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

I thought I would write to thank you & provide feedback on my 6'10" V Skate I collected from you at the end of April.

After collecting the board I had the frustration of owning a new board and having to endure a flat spell in May, but I managed to have a few surfs on it before I took it to Bali in June.

After surfing it in a range of waves of all sizes in Bali and then in Sydney over the past few months I am stoked with it. The performance of the V Skate was surprising,it is faster & looser than the Waterskate I have been riding for the past 3 years, and I have had some great surfs on it.

It took very little time to get used to the the V Skate and I think my surfing has improved as well since I have had it.

Your recommendations on the dimensions were spot on and any loss in paddling power compared to the Waterskate is barely discernible, and this is more than compensated by the performance of the V Skate.

In these days of mass production it is also nice to have something custom made to your specifications, and even better when the performance exceeds your expectations.

In my 40 years of surfing I have had many custom boards, but I reckon this is the best board I have had.

Thanks again Grant for your advice and craftmanship


Greg Clark (Collaroy/Sydney).

Testimonial Date: 29/06/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Grant The V Skate's going unreal. I've had the chance to get it out into some decent waves and I'm stoked with it. I cant believe how loose it is for 7'10" and I'm paddling in earlier.

All in all its amongst the best boards I've had in the 30 plus years I've been surfing and I've had plenty. Quite a few people have commented on the board and are looking at it with interest.

Can't wait to get the Powerglide for those cruisy days down here at the Farm.

Sean (Southcoast NSW)

Note from Grant Miller:The particular board referred to above is one of our modified V-SKATES...available in lengths from 7'2"---8'0" POA.

Testimonial Date: 13/06/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant, thanks for phoning the other day. As I was saying when I spoke to you, so far so good, I'm very happy with the vskate even though conditions here have been less than ideal since I received it. My first impression was how much easier it is to paddle out and duckdive than the waterskate...not that I found the ws a problem but the vs seems to slice through the chop a lot easier. I also find I'm able to turn and go a lot quicker when the need arises and get going faster from a standing start also. Ive ridden the ws for nearly 2 years but adapting to the vs was no problem at all the first time I went out...it felt a lot lighter and more,I don't know, nimble I guess. Ive been out in mainly onshore waist to head high beachies here in Perth and when it has been offshore and clean I haven't had the opportunity to get out of town yet to where Ive had some great surfs with the ws(when its clean and offshore in Perth you're lucky to get a turn in before you get slammed by the closeout or the backwash!). The ws felt really steady in bigger waves and I've no reason to believe the vs will be any different.I think losing an inch in length has been a good thing, the board doesnt appear any less steady but I feel a bit less sluggish at the takeoff and able to accelerate a bit more in the first second of the ride which is crucial here when conditions are poor, and, because I'm tall, I'm able to kick without battering my shins on the tail which I did now and again on the 6'8"ws. My surfing has certainly improved since I got the ws and I'm confident the vskate will be another step forward...I'll keep you posted.
Johnny Macdonald

Testimonial Date: 13/06/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Sorry that it has taken me a while to get back to you on the 6'5" V-Skate you shaped me a few months ago. The board is a solid allrounder as was my request. I find I am more willing to sit further out on solid days knowing I will be able to paddle in early and take the drop with more confidence than on my old board.

You got the volume right. It does paddle me well without feeling like a mal. The board also seems to be glassed well and should serve me well for a year or two.

Thanks again, Brian.


Testimonial Date: 06/06/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Sorry it has taken so long to email back.

The board is perfect. I have only used it in small to medium waves with
not much power so far but it is great. I feel like I can pull onto
anything and the board has so much life when I'm riding. Even in the small

Thanks very much
James (Japan)

Testimonial Date: 30/05/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Unfortunately I picked up my V Skate in the middle of one of the worst swell droughts on record. Today we had a small NE swell and it was all I needed to get out there.
The waves were sucky shoulder high peaks at a local beach frequented mostly by bodyboarders.
The board went unreal and I finally got a chance to have a decent surf on it. It felt comfortable to paddle and ride right from the start.I took off pretty deep on a few and made them easy with plenty of speed. Looking forward to a 4-6 foot day because I got this board for good waves.
At 7'10" its a big board but its so well proportioned it actually looks shorter and surfs shorter. A few mates had made similar comments.Great glass job as well.At 95 kilos and after a bit of a back problem I have had to ride longer boards. I had a high volume board from a very well known shaper but was over it pretty quick as you really couldnt sink a rail on it and although it went OK it had nothing on the V Skate.
Looking at Grant's website the pictures of the various models do not do them justice . These are beautiful boards.
The whole experience of dealing with Grant was a pleasure and he took time to explain the boards and find out about what I wanted. Grant obviously takes a lot of pride in his boards and with good reason . I'm so impressed I ordered a Powerglide for the smaller days. Be back soon.
Thanks again

Sean Harwood Shellharbour (NSW)

Testimonial Date: 09/05/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Grant ;
Sorry I took so long to get this e-mail to you .Have been doing a lot of surfing this past month and the new 6'3" V skate you made for me would be the best board I've ever owned,loose fast and easy to paddle. I've surfed it in everything from knee high to overhead and it has performed magnificantly. My friends tell me that I'm surfing better than I have for years. The board has done wonders for my confidence, I am trying a lot more moves and trying to place myself much higher in the wave,which I couldn't do on other boards. I've only surfed the 6'10" rounded pin you made for me a couple of times ,as the surf hasn't really been big enough lately, but it feels really solid. Again thankyou for your care and committment to quality handcrafted surfboards, and "Death to the epoxy pox!"
Many thanks;
Mal (Dudley/NSW)

Testimonial Date: 27/04/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant

Thanks again for another great board.

The new v-skate is fantastic; fast and loose - just what I wanted.

I’m 6”3” and 89kgs. You’ve got me back down to a 6’6” and hassling for waves like a grom again.

The only problems with you shaping such great boards for me is that you’ll now be catching less waves.

See you out there

Nigel (Northern Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 27/04/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Grant,you are a magnificent board shaper mate! As well as being very efficient in arranging packaging and delivery too.
I got the board Fri pm then of course it went onshore and dribbly for the next day but yesterday I went out in calm 3 ft swell and ...I caught every wave I paddled for,didn`t wipe out,I even stayed on the ones I thought I wouln`t make.
It is so easy to paddle around on,duck dive etc and as you said,that extra bit of nose rocker doesn`t push any water ,it takes off really well.
I still have to learn where to put my feet and find the sweet spot and how to make it accelarate when I want it to ,but its great and made my surf so much more rewarding than my Powerglide ,which I will be keeping for the samller days of summer glass.
And it looks great ,so many thanks Grant, your a magician and you listen to your customers and ask all the right questions,you have a customer for as long as I can stand up and surf.
Cheers, Huw (Raglan/New Zealand)

Testimonial Date: 27/04/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant;

It's been nearly a month now since delivery of my 6'10" V-SKATE. Thought I'd get my thoughts down in anticipation of your phone call.

First of all let me tell other readers that your level of service is exceptional. From the first e-mail contact and follow-up phone call, I felt as if I had your full attention in answering my questions and advising me accordingly. (I made it clear what I believe my intermediate skill level is, and I'm sure you responded with the same level of professionalism and commitment as you do to all others.)

After listening to me, you endorsed my preliminary interest in your V-SKATE shape, which I'd formed from your informative website. You then recommended slightly increasing the tail-lift on the 6'10" and bringing the fin grouping forward, to accommodate the surf of both metro Perth (!) and the larger southwest WA stuff. After a brief exchange of e-mails and phone calls, I had an order placed and I was in the queue. You updated me a couple of times by phone whilst I waited. A month to the day later as declared, my board arrived in Perth in pristine condition.

The colour was exactly as desired and expected. I was so keen to get it wet (it was well-cured you'd said) that I had it in the water near Yallingup by the next afternoon (300km south of Perth). Even though it was lumpy head-high sets over reef in an onshore wind, doubling up into a churny shore break :-), one pop-up and I felt the sheer speed of the V-SKATE. The thing was alive, and took off like a rocket! The first double-up I encountered happened to show off the thicker tail foil and turning ability ... after making the drop I decided to pull out, and it felt as if the V turned on a 5-cent piece.

So that was the first impression. Since then I've had it in small shore break, 1 1/2 head-high reef, steep face, fat waves; and it performs beautifully in all (at least up to my limited capabilities!). The foil, rocker and rails are absolutely great; it paddles and duck-dives very easily (I'm 5'11" and 85kg)... Very forgiving in terms of no caught rails off the top, and also late drops. Down the line it's very stable, yet as I said as soon as you lean into a turn or flick off the lip it's sooo positive and fast. (I wanted an all-rounder, and you delivered one!). As others have said, some aspects of the V-SKATE have taken me a while to get used to (e.g. finding the sweet spots further forward). And I'm nowhere near done yet... :-)

So thank you Grant, for a terrific board. It's done (doing) everything you and the website said it would, but equally as important it's taking my surfing further than it has been. I'm now looking forward to a WA autumn/winter/spring, with 2 weeks of solid Bali mid-year.

Kind regards,
Mark Richards - Western Australia

Testimonial Date: 10/04/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hey Principal,

I just received my 6'7 V-Skate a few weeks ago and have only surfed it 3 times so far but I'm stoked with it. I'm 6'2, 98kg and was looking for something with more volume but did not want to sacrifice performance. The v-skate seemed like the board and it is. I agree with the other guy's in saying that everyhting they have said about Grant and the info on his site is true. The board performs exactly as promoted including what customers say in the testimonial section. My last 2 boards were a Simon 6'8 and a Webber Afterburner 6'7 - neither of which I would buy again as they were just a bit light for me.

I don't believe they are any more expensive than other reputable custom boards you'll buy. Also. when you get the right board, it's worth it.

Lastly I'd like to say that the whole process from the first phone call to Grant to delivery was excellent. No bullshit, no ego, just straight up good service and a genuine interest in delivering the right spec'd board for each individual. Hard to come by that these days.

Good Luck - I'm sure you'll be stoked too.
Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:07 pm
(Taken off Realsurf.com from a forum thread entitled Grant Miller.....with kind permission from the contributor:Gavin Krawchuk/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 04/04/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
About 2 years ago you shaped me a 6'7 v-skate which has been fantastic. Its time to get a new board but I have improved so much since last time that I want to change the design a little. I now want to be able to do tighter turns rather than just cruise (testimony to your boards and the impact its had on my surfing).
Hoping you can give me a call on the above number when convenient.
Warwick (N.Beaches/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 21/03/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant
After a season of fun on a 6'10" Waterskate. I just bought a 6'8" V skate stock board off the rack from Tim at Aloha Manly.I knew the quality is there so didn't need to wait for a custom ;-)
Just want to let you know that I am enjoying both boards immensely.
For those of you thinking about either board you can't go wrong. I love the Waterskate and the paddling difference is just not really noticeable between a 6'8 V skate and 6'10 Waterskate. Im 6'1 and 86kgs.
For me, the best way to describe it is that the Waterskate is more forgiving and overall fun.However, there may be times you just want a bit more speed and tighter control down the line on a bigger day,and yet have a board that still makes it easy for a weekend warrior. This is the perfect selection criteria for a V-skate.
PS I've sold my Mal and you are spot on about the need for a true Fish F-skate design.It was my unforgiving "performance fish" from a company who shall remain nameless which brought me back to Miller.
Keep up the great work. Time to start saving for a Powerglide!

(Mona Vale/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 14/03/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

Thanks again for taking the time out to show my kids through your shaping bay etc. They got a real blast out of it, and frankly I enjoyed it as well.

The 6'8" V-skate you shaped me is just great. Paddles so easily but surfs quite loosely. I saved it for 4 weeks before surfing it becasuse I wanted the first surf to be in great conditions. Finally got it out there....well there are no words to describe the feeling of a surf on a brand new board are there?? Especially when the board is better than you'd hoped for.

The second surf however was not so fun. A surfer I would kindly call a "learner" threw her board in front of me as I took the drop on a 5 foot sucky right (I was going to bottom turn around her) and put three or so massive dings in the bottom of my board with the nose of hers. Man I was shattered. Anyway, the local board fixer is nothing short of genius, and repaired it so well that I am now off the anti-depressants and surfing it again. You honestly wouldn't even know it had been dinged up.

I must have upset the gods that week, because I was surfing my "old" Waterskate while the V-skate was at the repairers, in some quite good waves at "Cylinders" (you know the spot?). This Waterskate was still in great condition after 4 years thanks to the heavier glass job you gave me on request. Well 5 foot "Cylinders" can be a heavy wave at low water and I creased the board in two places during a memorable drubbing in about 12 inches of water. I knew right then that my week could only get better. I, at least, was unhurt (I actually got a good barrel shortly after on the way in!).

My repairer maintains that I will hardly know it has been creased after he is done with it. Man, its better than finding a good mechanic when you find some one like him.

Anyway, enough of my woeful week. The V-Skate is just great and as I said to you last time I bought a board off you (the 7'4" gun - avocado green) you have a customer for life.

FYI, I am using Kelly Slater 2.1 fins in the V-skate when it is small to medium surf and they work real nice. When it gets a bit bigger I am putting in the G7s on the side, and keeping the smaller fin at the back. After that I put the large G7 in the back, but when the surf is getting that big I am starting to think about getting the 7'4" gun out anyway.

Thanks again and I will talk to you next board....

Best Regards

Darren Chaffer
Cabarita Beach (NSW)

Testimonial Date: 20/02/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

I hope you’ve had a great Xmas/New Year period.

I thought I’d better send through some feedback on this 6’10’ v-skate I bought from you the day after Boxing day.

First paddle I went on it was for an early down at the Pool at Newport in that 6-8 solid SE swell we were lucky to get. I watched the sets before going out and decided that with the size and unridden new board, that I’d stay south and catch a couple of close outs away from everyone while I was scoping this new board.

Basically I couldn’t believe I was literally out the back so fast. Couldn’t believe the paddling speed. Took off into a left towards the pool (back-hand) and had so much speed that I actually kind of whip lashed my left arm out of the bottom hand turn. So I was thinking how much speed has this thing got? Bloody hell. Next wave I’m skating over the top and down into this inside right. I just held the line hard, got so much speed and then eventually when I cut off this first right down near the ugly shorey, I actually ended up having to grab the rails as I accelerated up off over the back and ended up lying on the board about 8 feet through the sky. Pretty much opposite to my 6’10’ aloha. I was thinking this subtle volume increase is unbelievable. Wow.

A large Xmas soup of about 40 guys (obstacles) came out that morning and I kept thinking I should mello out since it’s a new board. I saw one set outside wide coming through off the bomby behind Newport reef. Started paddling NE away from the pack (I think a lot were wondering where the hell is he going). Turned and hooked into this 8ft bomb and was on it before I even noticed.

It was truely a memorable first surf.

A few other memorable waves were caught during those howling 30+ North easters second week of January in that lovely 16 degree water out at the Cove. The board was definitely plaining over the chop. So loose but still tight. Great fun.

And finally the 3rd session that stands out was some very high tide 1-2ft set NE swell very very full waves almost not distinguishable. I caught 1 wave where I almost surfed from the Cove to inside the peak on a full fat little wave with 2 foot face. I was standing further forward and pumping it but seriously could not believe the distance I’d gone in this powerless mush.

The swell in January/Feb as you know has been either on or off. I’ve been heavily into surfing the earlies before work and as many of your testimonials have mentioned my catch rate has gone through the roof. I did catch a lot of this recent East swell but not at spots that fire so I’m yet to see the limits of this board. They are probably beyond me J but I’m so glad I got this board.

I can race off for a quick surf, catch double what I used too (helps the fitness too) and still be back to play with the baby.

And well the Aloha 6’10’, well that’s a memory of a by gone era J

thanks Grant.


Brett (Newport/Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 16/02/2007 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Hi Grant,

Hope you are well.

Just wanted to let you know how the 6'2 Vskate has been going that I picked up towards the end of last year.

When I first paddled out I noticed that the overall volume of the board was smaller compared to the previous 6'2 Vskate.

The nose seemed narrower , the rails felt smaller and the board felt lighter.
It took me a few surfs to adjust to the feel of this board , but after that initial adjustment period I've never looked back.

I absolutely love this board.

Its quick and super responsive , paddles extremely well , my wave count keeps improving
and I've never enjoyed surfing more than I have in the last couple of months.

Thankyou once a gain,

Best regards,
Geoff (Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 22/12/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
After a serious flat spell I finally got a chance to ride the V-Skate you shaped for me (6'8" X 20.75"). This is the board I needed! If you remember from our conversations, I had been riding the green 7'0" X 21.75" waterskate you shaped me about a year ago. Paddling is similar (not the same, but similar) and this V skate just takes off so much smoother in good surf and carves so much harder - basically, it's the piece that has been missing in my surfing. The waterskate was great for me at the time, but I'm hooked on this V skate now. It's got the flotation I need, and it really carves. I don't feel like I'm giving anything away in the performance department now in good surf. The 7'0" waterskate still has it's place in mushy, sloppy surf, but this new board is awesome. You said you were going to "put everything you had in it" and I think you did! I mean, it's all there. The flotation I need, the domed deck to keep the rails thin, the double concave bottom for that speedy zip, and the right amount of rocker. I can't thank you enough Grant.


Testimonial Date: 16/12/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant sorry for taking so long to give you some feedback on the 6'6" V-skate that you shaped for me back in June. Firstly i really want to thank you for an amazing board, the amount waves that i am now getting is amazing. Being only a weekend surfer it has really made a huge difference to my surfing. My surfing as improved 500% and i have no doubt it is due to the board. I recently got married (my wife has 6'6" waterskate also an excellent board) and spent 7 days in Lombok as a Honeymoon. The V-skate was the perfect board, we got surf ranging from 2 foot to 8 foot and the V-skate was the only board I needed. It handled what ever we paddled out into with absoulute responsiveness and ease. Thank-you again for providing me with the tool to revitlise and energise my enthusiam and want for surfing. When the time comes for a new board I will be definatly contacting you, and with the rate my surfing is improving it could be sooner rather that later.
Thanx again
Hope you are well

Testimonial Date: 02/12/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE

Sorry I missed your call earlier this week. My partner has recently had a baby which is now 2 weeks old, so we have been a bit busy.

Not a worry on the delayed call, regarding the V-Skate (6'6")you made for me back earlier this year.

It took a few weeks to get used to the shorter and narrower board, this combined with the need for a steamer over winter probably took away the immediate benefits of the new board, but after a while, and more time riding the board, it is great.

I find it a lot faster than my previous board, though my ability is probably limiting the speed I should be getting, combined with an easier time turning the board, though with the continued stability and ease of paddling make it ideal for me. I find I am getting more waves, which in turn increases my enjoyement of a surf.

I haven't had the time to test it in all conditions, being in Sydney and only riding Saturday and Sunday over winter, though I am enjoying the board more than I thought I would. I hope to get more time surfing over summer in different conditions and size to really improve my surfing in the next 6 months, though with a new baby boy, this may be in jeopardy....

Thanks for the time to talk about my wants, needs, ability etc, as the board you have made is great.

Happy to talk more if you'd like more feedback. I'll be back at work on 28/11, though am contactable on my my mobile before then.

Thanks Again.

Mark Evans

Testimonial Date: 02/12/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'day Grant,

Even though it was the 11th when I picked up the board, I only managed to get out on it on Saturday just gone so I thought you might appreciate some feedback. The board is great, I couldn't be happier: It paddles like a dream, is really stable underfoot but with enough 'zip' to make it a lively ride. You may recall that I've been surfing very irregularly since the beginning of this year (although I do snowboard in the winter) and to date have only rode long boards (7'2"+) so I was expecting to fall off the V-skate probably 9 times out of every 10 attempts? Well I'm delighted to report that Saturday's tally of 'up/over' turned out to be roughly 50:50, far better than I could have hoped and really reflects on my inexperience, not the board itself. On top of all that, I got one or two approving nods from other surfers with respect to the spray job!

Thanks then for taking the time to scope the board with me, the result has left me a very satisfied customer indeed. Best wishes for the festive season.


Greg Bowen

Testimonial Date: 07/11/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant.
I know its been a while since I got the V-skate thru the post, but I wanted to give it a good going over before I told you what I thought.
Sadly, the first 10 days where rubbish. (the surf, not the board). 8-10ft and bigger of onshore west coast washing machine. East coast was flat. So I had plenty of time to admire its looks. And I gotta say it does look great!
But finally last week, it all came good with a swell of about 4-5ft, pretty solid and sorta offshore (ish), about mid incoming tide. paddled out, bit more floaty than I was used to, so MUCH easier to paddle. Duck diving also no problem. That was a relief, I was a bit concerned, but no problems.
1st set....stuffed it up! same on the 2nd...
but then caught a coupla smaller ones, and figured out where to stand, and then caught a set wave.


The take off is sooo much easier than my old shortie. With the bouyancy and stability combined getting to your feet is so much less of a consideration (for me anyway) than it used to be. I would describe it as the 'window of opportunity' got opened a bit wider, if you know what I mean. Fatter waves are easier 'cos I'm paddling faster, and faster hollow waves are easier 'cos I'm into them earlier.

As far as actually surfing it goes, HOLY CRAP! I got to say that I was amazed that something that felt as wide and thick as the V-Skate does feel (in relation to my other board,) goes so damn fast! I wasn't the only one who was surprised either. A couple of the local boys were a bit surprised by how fast it went too. It turns beautifully, floats across fat sections and does the fast hollow bits as well. bloody fantastic!

You asked me how often i was catching waves on my other board. I said maybe 7 out otta 10 on a good day. Well, Im catching 10 outta 10 now. Still fall off of course, but its 'cos I'm doing 'new' (to me) stuff now.

I've now tried it in everything from 6ft, on and offshores, to the last weekend of perfect little 2-3footers. At all sorts of tides. Worked brilliantly every time. I feel my surfing will probably be reaching some new heights this summer, its just so. much. more. fun. Wich is, after all, what its all about.

Thanx Grant.

You can probably tell that I'm stoked!

Ps. To anyone reading this, thinking about a buying one of Grants v-skates, TRY ONE TODAY! I cannot reccomend it enough, (especially to the majority of us out there who arn't called Fanning or Slater).

Testimonial Date: 15/06/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

I wanted to touch base with some feedback on the V Skate you just made for me. I had my first surf in decent swell on it over the long weekend and it went like a dream. I have loved riding the Waterskate you made for me about 18 months ago and the step to a shorter V-Skate was easier and more rewarding than I thought it would be. The V-Skate has maintained a lot of the paddling benefits I had on the Waterskate but is significantly more maneuverable, faster and responsive, particularly off the back foot. I’m really wrapped mate and appreciate the effort you put into ensuring the board would not only meet my expectations, but again exceed them. The spray job on the board also looks sensational.

Many thanks for all of your efforts.

Chris Vine

Dee Why, NSW

Testimonial Date: 19/04/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

Just a short note to let you know the 6'7'' v skate you recently crafted for me was put to the test in Samoa and came through with flying colours. I had some great barrels on it in Samoa and together with the 6'10" you made me a while ago the V skate has taken my surfing to another level. The extra paddling power also means i am catching a lot more waves. Thanks for your help, advice and great boards.

Kind regards


Testimonial Date: 15/03/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the 6'4" V-Skate that you made for me back in November 05. I thought that I'd wait until I ridden it in a few different conditions before I wrote this.

First up I firmly believe that it is the definitely the best board for me as a 40yo surfer to be riding. The main features that stand out for me are the ease of paddling, the speed down the line and the overall looseness of the board. Some of my friends had gone down the route of added length in their quest for a more user-friendly board but I reckon that my board and the way that it has revitalised my surfing has opened their eyes.

The ease of paddling equates to more waves and I get into them much earlier. This is a blessing in the smaller conditions that prevail here on the Sunshine Coast.

The speed down the line and the drive mean I'm travelling further on waves than normal and also making it around sections that the trusty Dahlberg thruster just couldn't quite hack.

As we discussed on the phone I have played around with the fin setup and have settled on G7000s on the sides and either a G3000 or G1000 as the tail fin depending on the size of the surf. I have found that these smaller tail fins really suit my surfing. The big difference that I have noticed is that I can now get the board on a rail a bit more easily when driving off the bottom. It was still a lot fun with the G7000 as the tail fin, I have just found that fine-tuning my fin choice has increased the pleasure of riding the board even more.

It took me about 3 or 4 surfs to get the hang of surfing it properly but I've now got it wired and am absolutely loving it. I've surfed it in solid overhead waves (although not overly steep) and it handled beautifully. Conversely I've had more fun in waist-high waves than I thought possible with a shortboard.

In short it is a cracker, it makes every surf, regardless of conditions, more enjoyable and I couldn't be happier with it.

As you know I gave Paul C. a couple of turns on it and he was on the phone to you ordering one within a couple of days!

I hope everything it going well and look forward to ordering another board from you in the future.


Testimonial Date: 27/02/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE

I had my first surf on the VSkate yesterday in perfect glassy 5 foot waves at a reef between The Bluff and Gnaraloo. The board surfs exactly like a short board! - fast, responsive and loose. It feels so much lighter to surf than my old hybrid. I had a ball. Easy as to paddle and handled steep take offs really well. Really good bouyancy under the chest area when paddling. Surfs in the pocket and holds turns really well (awesome rails). Where were these boards seven years ago when I had to start riding a hybrid? There was really not much about then for blokes who were 6'4&quot; and 105 kg - two choices either a mal or a hybrid. After talking with you and surfing the end product I reckon you've got an excellent understanding of exactly what dimensions are actually required to produce a short board suitable for taller and heavier surfers. A tall, heavy build is definitely not the ideal body size for surfing due to the higher centre of gravity and sheer body mass but the VSkate's volume/shape really compensates well for this. Surfing the VSkate reminds me of how I used to surf in the early 90's when I rode an 80's shape thruster and only weighed 80 kg.....I can't ask for more than that. Thanks for shaping me such a perfect board Grant. I'm stoked with it and can't wait to get it in the water again. Oh yeah, that hybrid I had been so attached to for the last seven years has been sold.


North West WA, where the desert meets the coast.

Testimonial Date: 19/02/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hello Grant, I havegotten 2 boards from you over the last 3 years, a waterskate and a Vskate, and both boards worked great. Three weeks ago I was informed that the airline I was flying to Costa Rica would not carry my boards. (Nonrefundable ticket!) I contacted you, and you were able to shape me a custom board, have it glassed, and send it to my hotel in Costa Rica in about 2 weeks. In contrast, it is unheard of to get delivery of a custom here in the states in less then 5 weeks, regardless of how close you reside to their factory. You said you could do it, and you did. In contast, you shaped and delivered a board halfway around the world in 2 weeks. I really enjoy dealing with you, and how you back what you say. I hope your customer base in Oz appreciates your service. Not to mention the fact you shape a great board! Thanks again Grant. John
(North Carolina/USA)

Testimonial Date: 15/02/2006 - Board Type : V-SKATE

My board arrived today in perfect condition. I've just spent the last hour and a half admiring it. It is beautiful. It's surprisingly light considering the volume. When I picked up the box I thought oh oh this feels way too light. But after seeing how much volume is in the board I am totally relaxed. It's strong and I'm really happy with the glass job. I've been dreaming about a board like this for years. Thanks heaps! 10 days to go and counting.


Testimonial Date: 04/12/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,finally been able to get a few half decent waves on my V-Skate . It's a great design , fun in all but the worst slop and just keeps getting better as wave size and quality improve .I've only bothered to ride one other board since and that's retro tripping on a '74 single fin 6'2" . A mate rode the V-Skate yesterday and fell in love with it's speed and carve - ability for such a stable and easy - paddling board . Jay has been surfing boards from 7'-9' and has been looking for a suitable board to step down to for a long time . Now , having checked out your website he's keen to order a"clone"of mine . He likes the dimensions ( 6'4" x 20 3/8" x 2 9/16" ) and the glass weight is right , but will ring you on Monday 5th Dec. to discuss these and a suitable colour . Hope you can help set him up ! Thanks again Grant, talk to you in the new year.

Testimonial Date: 15/11/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
G'Day Grant,
Sorry I haven't corresponded since picking up my board. The board is great (6'10" V-Skate)- definetly what I needed in terms of paddling ease. The ceremonial unsheathing on my bucks weekend drew some comments (three of my mates also had new boards for the trip). It took me a while to get used to, but once I found its 'sweet spot' I was throwing it around just as easy as my thinner/narrower 6'8".
I felt I needed my skills to catch up before I was worthy of assessing the board's performance. The lack of decent sized glassy conditions in the last few months hasn't helped either!
I am now surfing at least four times a week (and finding excuses to go more) and the board has me enjoying even the small stuff that previously I would not have even bothered with. My surfing has improved dramatically - catching heaps more than my mates, (they are becoming dirtier with their hassle tactics..to no avail) and easily carving harder and driving down the line faster, than I ever had before.
Thankyou for designing a board that gives me so much drive out of the turns and allows me to catch so many waves! I am born again....I'm thinking of toying around with a twin fin kit next to see what its like.
I will definetly be seeing you in another 12 months for my next board (I'll bring the rope..). Thankyou also for your friendly and prompt service. Tara and I are still talking about the visit - its nice to deal with genuine people that actually provide a complete service from start to finish.
Cheers mate

Testimonial Date: 19/10/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Sorry I missed your call the other day but I was actually in the Mentawai Islands with the V-Skate. I think my wife Nikki may have left you a message to that extent.

Unfortunately the board now has a few small dings and scratches but I am happy to report it had a great work-out. I couldn't be more pleased with the board. I am able to do things on waves that I've never done before. Since I've had it my surfing has drastically improved.

In the Mentawais I had it in everything from thick double-overhead to small and punchy waves. And it always handled like a dream. Unfortunately (as you know) the conditions havent been great in Sydney for the past few months so the trip was the first opportunity I got to really test the board.

In short, I'm wrapped. I'll definately be giving you a call when its time to update the quiver.



Testimonial Date: 10/10/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Sorry it has taken so long to drop you a line but with being crook, wedding and all it just slipped my mind.

Mate I just want to thank you for the time and effort you put in with me to getting my perfect board. I had the 6.4" V skate and I am so stoked with it. It is just perfect, paddles like a dream with the extra float but still surfs very much like my other boards with less float. I will attach a photo when I have more time.

Thanks again and we will catch a wave together soon.


p.s. Chris is still stoked with his water skate too.

Testimonial Date: 13/09/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE

I have been back from my two week trip to Indo’s Mentawai islands and it was sensational. I thought I would drop you a note to let you know that both the 6’6” V Skate and the 7’)” gun were sensational and did the job perfectly. Thanks again.


Testimonial Date: 15/06/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,

Just letting you know , I'm extremely happy with the 6'3 VSkate. I surfed up the north coast on the long weekend and caught some of the best lefthand waves since I started surfing.

I found the board to be similar to the Waterskate in that its steady and paddles really well.

However, I did notice quiet a difference in the surfing. Its great with fast and angled takeoffs , and once up its fast , lite and accelerates.
It turns sharper allowing me to achieve some turns , I did'nt think I would ever be able to do.

Thanks Grant , I look forward to ordereing another V'Skate in the new year.

All the best,

Testimonial Date: 08/06/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Dear Grant,
The 7'10" V-SKATE that you made for me to take to the Mentawais worked like a charm. Being a"mature" surfer and usually surfing a 9' plus Mal, I found the V-SKATE easy to paddle and with the speed I needed for the bigger and faster reef breaks.I took several boards with me but found that the V-SKATE was the only one I used even though the swell size and conditions varied from 4' to 10' plus.
I will find it hard to go back to a Mal now and will probably be talking to you shortly about other options for small Sydney surf.
Thanks again for the board that really contributed a lot to a great trip.
Best Regards,
David Algar

Testimonial Date: 03/04/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hello Grant, I wanted to wait and write you after I had a couple of trips under my belt. When I first ordered the Vskate I envisioned it as an allaround travelboard. In my trips to Costa Rica, Oahu and Kauai, I have ridden it from waist high to double overhead conditions. First, you were right about the boards paddling ability. It paddles about like a 7'8". I still marvel at your ability to keep the volume in a board that has a modern shortboard curve look. Everybody says, How does he keep the curve in it? I could have easily gone about 4" shorter, but the paddle ability sure was an advantage at Hanalei Bay. Second, the board goes well in all types of surf, but seems to prefer from chest high to about 10' faces. Anything smaller, and I would prefer the skate. Anything larger with Hawaiian power, I think more rocker is needed. However, in the range of which I spoke, I believe it to be the best shortboard I have yet to ride. If you ride it from the tail, it is like there is a gas peddle between the fins, great acceleration. However, you can also adjust your stance forward and still have the ability to turn the board. I also really like the rocker. In big powerful waves, too flat rocker means no control. The Vskate paddles great, yet has sufficient rocker to handle bigger, hollower more powerful surf. I am really sold on it and would recommend it to anyone. It is a great choice for an allaround travel board, and eliminates the need for at least one board in a travel quiver. I will definitely be ordering again from you in the future. John

Testimonial Date: 21/03/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant,
Every time I ride the V-skate lately at a local point I'm going faster and faster. On 3-6 foot waves it's a hoot simply blasting down the line, with the speed it's easy to thrown in big power turns along the way.
I'm keen to see what sort of performance I can extract from the powerglide to open a few Mal riders eyes. I see so many guys who could still be riding shorter boards but have succumbed to riding nine foot logs to catch waves. Last Sunday morning there were 50+ guys out at "The corner" hassling for one peak and over 1/2 were on mals. The fun factor is hard to find and I'm not joining them to beat them.

Testimonial Date: 18/01/2005 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hi Grant

I hope you had a fairly sane Christmas and new year…..

I’ve had a few surfs on the V-Skate now – felt a bit weird the first couple of times, having that extra buoyancy at the ends of the board and the width, but took no time to get used to it. I must say though that the first few times I came off the top of waves the damn thing accelerated so fast it left me behind!

Yesterday I took the board out in good surf for the first time – near perfect Broken Head 3ft – clean and hollow. The board ripped – I had one of my best surfs ever.

All I can say is that the board is great and everything you said it would be.

I’ve found it very easy to paddle onto waves. Steep take-offs – loves it – never had a problem. It gets plenty of drive off the bottom and has plenty of manoeuvrability. Down the line it goes like a rocket.

All in all Grant I think you’ve designed a great board – it’s very easy to surf, yet has more than enough performance for an amateur like myself.

So there you go mate - thanks a lot. I’ll be in touch when I’ve worn this one out!


Dave (Byron Bay)

P.S. 6’6” seems like a perfect compromise for me between ease of paddling and manoeuvrability.

Testimonial Date: 23/12/2004 - Board Type : V-SKATE
Hey Grant, Thanks for the note.I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your service. Everything you have told me has been absolutely true, and you have followed up on everything exactly as you said you would. This is in stark contrast with the last 3 boards I have purchased stateside. Delays between 2 to 6 months over for each one. I am sure you must be extremely busy, and if you had to put someones order at the bottom of the pile, the guy from North Carolina would be the easiest. You havent done that, and I very much appreciate that. And you shape agreat surfboard to boot! I hope you and yours have a great Christmas. John
(North Carolina/USA)