Testimonial Date: 17/04/2021 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant, couldn't have hoped for better surf to try out the waterskate.

Smooth paddler. Easy entry, forgiving on steeper takeoffs. Smooth and quick down the line. Very happy.
Thanks again Grant.
Cheers, Andy Morgan/Gerringong NSW
Surfer:65/90kg/5'11"   Board: 7'6" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" Rounded pintail modified Waterskate 2+1 fin set up with 8.5" center fin. 
Spray gallery images # 60, 63, 65, 74 and 93 show the new Modified Midlength Waterskate. There is just a little variation in nose area depending on client preference.

Note from Grant: Andy is an experienced surfer who has been riding my boards for close to 15 years now. He has a SUBX, Powerglide, V-SKATE and this new Waterskate.
He picked the board up a few days ago on the mountain and was staying in the area to surf for a few days. He lucked into a great swell this past week and obviously gave the new board a good run. These mid-length boards are extremely versatile and can handle waves from knee high up to whatever you are comfortable in. The large center fin provides a lot of adjustment in terms of maneuverability and holds in really well in bigger surf.
I'm building a lot of these midlength's which are based on my own personal board, and I'm getting excellent feedback.

Testimonial Date: 19/03/2021 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
Have only had a chance for 3 surfs in pretty small beach breaks on the new board.
However, so far I am stoked with it......really enjoy the speed across the face.
Can't wait to get it out at Green Island/Golfies in better conditions.
Thanks again.
Andrew/ Northern Beaches- Mollymook
Surfer: 50/85kg/5'9" Board: 7'6" x 22 1/4' x 2 5/8" Modified* Waterskate rounded pintail 2 plus 1 fin setup.
Note from Grant:
Andrew has a number of other boards from me including a 6'3" Waterskate, a V-SKATE and a Powerglide. This board is essentially a copy of my own personal 7'6" Waterskate.
It's among a series of mid length boards I've been building during the past year. It's modified* in the sense that it's based on my popular Waterskate model but stretched out significantly in length. Also, it's a 2 plus 1 and has deeper concaves than normal. The concaves are almost as pronounced as those in the SUBX. This results in amazing speed and yet the board is still very agile due to it's generous outline curve and unique rocker.
I'm having a lot of success with these boards, and although they are primarily designed for small-medium surf, they also really turn on in bigger waves. Their very flat rocker mean they paddle extremely well in addition to being very fast.
When I get some spare time I'll be writing up a special design section for them on the Waterskate page.

Testimonial Date: 06/01/2021 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant. I've had 9 surfs in 8 days and I'm extremely happy with the Waterskate. I've surfed it in all sorts of conditions from absolute rubbish, to quality waves, from knee to head high and it just does it all.
I've experimented with different quad and 2+1 setups and it works no matter what fins are in it. The speed of the Quad V's the drive and looseness of the 2+1. I've never surfed a decent 2+1 before, so this board is a revelation to me.
The resin tint is brilliant and gets a lot of looks and comments in the carpark. Can you tell that I am stoked?
My 62 year old body needs a rest but I'm loving it. Cheers.
Fozz/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
surfer: 62/73kg/5'9" Board: 6'10" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" Roundtail version with 10" finbox and 4 side plugs. This board can therefore be ridden as a single fin alone, 2+1 or a Quad. The finbox is set too far forward to allow for a Thruster setup.

Note from Grant:
This board is shown at number 86 in the spray gallery to give you an idea of the look. It's a pretty "eggy" type of outline, but with all the usual and latest Waterskate features built in. I say latest, because I'm continually working to improve on my existing designs. This is achieved by building new boards for myself with incremental design changes and then incorporating the beneficial advancements into the boards for clients. It's totally unethical to experiment on boards for clients.

Fozz has featured in a number of previous testimonials you may remember reading. He works closely with me when ordering. He understands a significant amount of design theory and is very interested. This board was ordered by phone as they usually are, given my location. He wanted a classic eggy type of outline and so I put more nose area into the board. We also discussed fin placement for the quad plugs, and decided to "bunch" them a little more. That is, the front and back plugs were put closer together, or "bunched". This is an example where a client was prepared to try something a bit different, to take a punt perhaps. Theoretically, bunching should result in more looseness, but perhaps some loss of drive. We talked about it in some detail and then I did the calculations later. Obviously it's worked out really well. 40+ years of shaping experience means that most of my "calculations" work out well in the water.

Testimonial Date: 15/06/2018 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant, finally got the new board in the water. Took no time to get used to and was catching more waves straight off. Don't know if I am getting in earlier or the board is just more neutral but I didn't kook any take offs so very happy.

Thanks again for the leggie. Loving life.
Glenn/Perth, WA
Surfer: 52/90-95kg/5'7" Board: 6'6" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4" Roundtail Thruster version.
Note from Grant: This board was built to replace a 6'4" Waterskate I shaped in 2001 that Glenn has been riding since then!! For a board to last 17 years is unheard of. However our build quality speaks for itself. His old board was still rideable too, just very tired as can be imagined. Since 2001 he has put on some weight and 17 years, and so after checking my original files I pumped this one up in volume and added 2" in length. He's obviously stoked.

It still amazes me that some surfers use so called "volume calculators" to determine their next board's dimensions. Such a crude and impersonal way of selecting surfboards when a highly skilled and sophisticated shaper can produce superior results. I feel quite sad when I think of the current state of the Australian surfboard industry and how it's being damaged by cheap imported boards from Asia. These importers are being supported by most of the magazines and surfing websites too. Pathetic really.

Testimonial Date: 15/06/2018 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Having had my new board now for a few weeks I thought I’d drop you a quick message to let you know how it’s going. I haven’t had as many sessions out as I would have liked, a work trip combined with some rubbish conditions has meant I’ve only been able to get out for about five sessions. However, despite the minimal time out, I can safely say I’m so stoked with this board!

It’s definitely more slippery underfoot, and harder to get on a wave#. Timing, position and wave selection with the skate are less forgiving than the barge. I wasn’t expecting to be able to stand up at all on my first session, but I did J During the first session, on the waves I caught and stood up on, we parted company quite quickly, but I’m finding I’m adjusting to it quicker than I thought and now if I get to my feet, I can generally ride the wave through to the end. I’m probably standing up on nearly as many waves now as I was on the barge.

Last weekend, I had what I consider to be the best ride I’ve ever had, on any board. Everything came together and I was able to ride the wave through to the end, probably about 150 meters or so, making some sharper turns than I’ve ever done (not that I turn very well, but it was good for me!), kept the speed up, and basically ended the ride with a smile splitting my face in two!

Yesterday, I ventured out to Gunnamatta. I’ve only surfed (using that term loosely) here a couple of times and taken a beating on both occasions. I caught and rode a couple of waves, taking one almost right on to the beach, having to bail at the last minute to avoid the shore break. Actually surfing a wave at Gunnamatta rather than nosediving or just flat out crashing is a first for me.

It paddles well, looks really good in the water and I think you’ve nailed the balance between making a board that is a step-up from the barge without being a demoralising handful. Thank you so much! The barge has been tucked up in its sock in the garage and hasn’t seen the water since the skate arrived.


PS. The skate seems to attract the wildlife. Dolphins at Point Leo on Saturday and a whale at Gunnamatta yesterday.

Surfer:39/57kg/5'7" board: 6'8" X 21 5/8" X 2 3/4" Roundtail Thruster version.
Note from Grant: Suz only has 1 years experience behind her but is very fit, enthusiastic and motivated. She came to me while riding her "barge" a 7'6" imported minimal which she had trouble duck diving and turning. Obviously at this stage she still needed stability and ease of paddling, but also more agility. It's a fine line and I also wanted to help her maintain some hard earned confidence. #She mentions in her email that it's harder to get on to waves. Certainly it's a lot shorter than the barge and so does not paddle as well, but she seems to have made the leap now and is doing well. She is clearly very happy and I get a lot of satisfaction from that. Suz ordered the board with me here in Little Forest on her way up the coast, and we sent it down to her when finished.

Testimonial Date: 12/04/2018 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
finally giving the feedback on the 6"10 waterskate you made for me.
First up the finish is top notch, what I expected but was pleased to see. The extra weight is not noticable and I know my board will last!
Now the important bit. I am stoked with the board in anything reasonable above 1ft and have ridden it up to about 4ft. 20 -30 surfs in I am still finding the sweet spots. I say spots because depending on fins, and where I stand I have a standard thruster, sort of old school single fin or mini mal... its just fun sometime experiencing like 3 boards on 1 wave.
Paddles almost like a mal but had helped me build endurance again. BUT I can duckdive it.
I have resurrected my joy in surfing - from every other month to now weekly or more, I think I'll be looking for a shorter board next perhaps a 6'6" Vskate
Trent/Northern Sydney
Surfer: 51/90kg/6'0" Board: 6'10" X 21" X 2 5/8" Squashtail version, set up as a Thruster but with a 10" finbox in the center.

Note from Grant: Trent's circumstances and board present an interesting case. He has 30+ years of experience and once surfed at a very strong level. Family and the usual responsibilities have taken their toll and he can now only surf about once per fortnight plus holidays. He surfs anywhere from the Central Coast to the Northern Beaches, and so this board was designed as an all rounder for 2-8 feet. He wanted a particularly durable board and so we used heavier glass than normal. He also wanted to be able to surf the board as a single fin or Thruster. This presents some tricky finbox location calculations for me so that it will work well in either fin configuration. However we do this from time to time with both the Waterskate and Powerglide and so I was completely confident that I could meet his brief. Finally, although he wanted a good paddle, he didn't want it to be too corky and so it's reasonably fine (2 5/8") for it's length, which provides good hold in more serious surf.
You can see that this was not a simple order. Although every board I shape is different because all my clients are different, some are more difficult than others. I really enjoy designing and shaping to meet these challenges. It was thoughtful of Trent to email me his feedback after I missed him recently on a phone call check in.

Testimonial Date: 27/01/2018 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant, just wanted to let you know the board is totally awesome. So good in fact I haven't even looked at the 6 other boards I have in my quiver. I'm surfing on average twice a week and have had this board in 2ft up to 5ft and it has exceeded my expectations.

I just want to say a huge thanks for giving me back the joy, fun and stoke that originally got me into surfing 38 years ago. I actually look forward to surfing junky conditions now as the board handles it perfectly. Haven't tried it out in anything over 5ft yet but in sloppy and glassy beach and reef breaks it kills it.
Cheers mate.
Dave/South Australia
Surfer: 50/91-96kg/6'2" Board: 6'8" X 21" X 2 3/4" Roundtail version with quad fin upgrade.
Note from Grant: This board was designed primarily for 1'-4' small junky gutless surf, but also for occasional bigger reef surf and Indo. Dave has had two left shoulder reconstructions and so needed a really good paddle yet with the ability to duck dive reasonably well. We also glassed the board more heavily since he usually dents his decks heavily. I made some slight modifications to the rocker and rails to allow the board to be surfed in more demanding conditions but still work really well in marginal surf. Since everything I shape is custom built, each board is carefully designed to meet each clients brief. In this case, the basic Waterskate design was used as a foundation, and then modified to suit Dave exactly.

Testimonial Date: 01/09/2017 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hey Grant, sat back home thinking of the phone call I had from you while in the UK at four in the morning !!!
It’s a funny thing while overseas I was constantly thinking of my last surf at Long reef (Poles) about three to four feet, took off on a nice little left, but as I jumped up I realized I was standing on the back third of the board, not were I usually ride, and on other boards this far back is out of control. But I was committed on this beautiful little left, just drove hard off the bottom then hit the lip with spray going everywhere, the feeling was amazing & so effortless, haven’t been able to do this for thirty years. So still loving this board & doing things I haven’t done in a while.
Cheers Al Keates/Collaroy, NSW

Surfer:67/85kg/5'9" Board: 7'6" x 22 3/4" x 3 1/16" Rounded pintail modified Waterskate with Quad + thruster fin setup.

Note from Grant: Another testimonial from Alan/see previous one from earlier in the year. I called him to see how it was going and he was in the UK, oh well. It's a great feeling for me to be reminded just how much pleasure my clients get from their boards. I work very closely with them to achieve these consistent results and keep meticulous records of all boards.

Testimonial Date: 27/03/2017 - Board Type : Waterskate
TWO WORDS !!! Magic carpet. No can’t leave it there. Mate I knew this board was special as soon as I started paddling, super fast paddling & getting into wave super early. Paddles better than the Powerglide. Nice conditions this morning glassy with 3 to 4 ft wave, but a lot of closeouts. Must say the board felt superb under feet. Grant please make sure you have every detail of this board recorded. I know you have. Thanks again, this one is the best board yet. Regards Al PS. I was paddling around the line up like a twenty year old, umm would you believe thirty.
Alan Keates/Collaroy, NSW.
Surfer:67/5'9"/85kg Board: 7'6" X 22 3/4" X 3 1/16" Roundtail modified Waterskate with Quad plus Thruster fin set up.

Note from Grant: I've been shaping Al's boards for close to 10 years now and he has a number of different models. We are always building on his last board and aiming for better and better results. He is a good surfer who has a pretty good grasp of design fundamentals. Nevertheless he always encourages me to just do my thing after we have worked out the outside dimensions and exactly what conditions he wants the board for. This board paddles better than his Powerglide because it has less rocker throughout. Still, in the right conditions he loves the PG too. This is a good example of the benefits of having a carefully thought out quiver, and can only be achieved by working closely with a very experienced shaper.

Testimonial Date: 11/01/2017 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hey Grant,

I just saw Muz and asked him if he’d mentioned to you at all what my thoughts on my new board are. As expected he told me that he hadn’t given anything away. Probably a good thing if my views had changed, but really my first surf was so good that for me nothing could take away from the feelings I experienced that day. I so wanted to call and rant about how amazing it was, but I promised both of us I’d hold off. Until now anyway.

That first surf was in extremely glassy rights (and the occasional left) peeling fast and fairly sucky in the middle of the beach here. I was the only one out and it was only 1’. I caught about 10 waves and every wave and every turn and every movement of the board felt so instinctively right. Starting with some fades and moving towards some top turn arcs and then cutbacks - everything I tried the board did, but even better than I could have hoped. The speed is incredibly fast and surprisingly fast actually, the degree of looseness felt great, as does the drive, and beyond that the forgiveness really giving. Man, Grant I was friggin stoked. To the point of claiming that it’s one of only two or three boards that I’ve ever connected with so completely in a first surf. That claim won’t change. When Patto finally paddled out I refrained from gushing too much other than stating that “I’d come home”.

So I’ve ridden it 5 times now (every surf I’ve had) in both lefts and rights, mostly crap, but with a fair bit of decent shape in the mix. I’ve had nothing but totally satisfying experiences. I honestly have zero faults that I can find, and I’m actually pinching myself over how much you completely nailed what I’m looking for. I’ve been trying to recreate those feelings from riding big single fin pin tales in small strong long period swells over in Hawaii from my time there in the 90’s and early 00’s, and haven’t found that until now. That Dead Kooks gave me moments but as you know it always felt hard. Your board feels easy!

Beyond that, again as you know, that Joel Tudor footage has captivated me for years now and I’ve wondered how I’m ever going to find a board that goes like that. I’ve found it. I’m so stoked. As time goes on I’ve got a much clearer vision of I guess who I am and in terms of relevance here, how I wan’t to surf. I’ll still mix up my choice of boards from surf to surf a bit but the egg is going to be a big staple, coz it allows me to surf small to medium weak waves in the was I want to ride them.

Mate, thank you! I know this is obviously a glowing review and I wouldn’t give it at this stage of riding a board if I didn’t really own my thoughts.

Aloha my friend

Deano/South Coast, NSW.
BTW: The other board you made me is extremely special for me too (I haven’t surfed it a lot because of the conditions) but it likewise has resonated with me completely.
Surfer: 45/5'9"/80kg Board: 7'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 5/8" Rounded pintail Waterskate egg/2 plus1.
Note from Grant Miller: Dean is a very good surfer with a smooth, powerful and functional style. He has surfed in many parts of the world and has had many boards from multiple "name" shapers. He wanted this to surf from 1 foot here, up to overhead in Indo. That is a very difficult ask. Before this board I made him a high performance 6'3" Waterskate for decent surf down here on the South Coast. That board was also a complete success. With the 7'6" he asked me to use the classic Waterskate design as the starting point which I did. He wanted a lot of drive and trim but also to be able to pull it around into tight roundhouse cutbacks at will. He showed me a very short video of Joel Tudor doing what he wanted to do on some sort of unidentified egg in California. I handshaped this board with very sound design principles in mind, but as usual, also let some intuitive flashes have their expression in the foam. Shapers who use shaping machines (the vast majority now) do not have this luxury because too much of the design is dictated to them by the machine.

Testimonial Date: 14/10/2016 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hey Grant - hope you're well

Just some more positive feedback about Dan's 7'0" Waterskate ...as you shape mine (please look for my deposit today).

I used Dan's board again over the weekend but this time in a little heavier, steeper conditions about 4-6ft. I caught a ton of waves and what stood out to me was how much speed I got on the WS and how easy it was to turn. Immediately I picked up a lot of speed at high part of the open face and pumped it down the line until making a few bigger turns and small cutbacks. With the drive and speed of the WS, I made it to sections of waves that surprised me...some of the better, longer rides + maneuvers that I have ever had in my life, no joke.

I don't want to blame Dan's WS but I had a bit of a hard time getting into one or two of the bigger, steeper, faster breaking (dumping) set waves. I made the steep drop (with arms flailing haha) but didnt get into the face/line. Again it's probably just me and maybe I could have used an extra paddle or put more of my weight forward dropping in. Over time I'm sure that I would get more comfortable on this board (only my 2nd time) and also some waves will just be close outs. But is this where a touch more rocker could be helpful??? As discussed, this is the only tweak we agreed making to Dan's specs and I think we are on same page...no downside, only upside.

I just wanted to share this additional positive feedback and another great experience that I had on Dan's WS and to reiterate how excited I am to order one like his.

Colin Brooks/New York, USA Surfer:36/97kg/6'1" Board: 7'0" X 21 3/4" x 2 7/8" Rounded pintail Thruster version

Note from Grant Miller: Recently Colin contacted me inquiring about having a Waterskate custom built and shipped to NY. His friend Dan had ordered a 7'0" Waterskate in 2005 which we exported to him. This board has been regularly surfed since then and I still have the original files. Colin rode it just once recently and was hooked, but Dan would not sell it to him. The new Waterskate will be very similar to Dan's board but with some slight modifications to suit Colin. I think this case is interesting because it demonstrates a number of facets of our business.
Retention of detailed files allows me to reproduce a board built 11 years ago for a guy on the other side of the world. Superior build quality is clearly demonstrated/Dan is 90kg and has surfed the hell out of the board which is still in good condition. Most Australian built boards are finished within 2 years maximum, worth nothing and headed for landfill. Also, although I started building Waterskates in 1999, the design is still entirely valid. Other manufacturers have copied it all over Australia since then, but the boards are not the same, they cannot be, and so are obviously inferior.

Testimonial Date: 03/04/2016 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant

Just wanted to say how awesome my 7ft skate is. I just got back from a week in bali

I was really worried that moving from a factory manufactured 7ft 8 7s board to a 7 ft board would be to much of a move down at my age - especially when i am only in the surf every 10 weeks

The board really improved my surfing as the carving and turning was so much better than my 7 s . The board really came to life in the bigger 3 - 4 ft swell which i would of usually not gone for - the speed and turning ability was just on another level vs the factory boards - I found myself getting into the critical section on the wave every time and executing moves i hadn't done for 10 years

Great idea in keeping the thickness through the nose as my paddling was like a dream yet i could duck dive which i hadn't done for years

Thanks so much for showing me that having the right board takes your surfing to a new level and pushes you to keep improving

To anyone in their 40's who has been on factory boards in the 7ft to 8ft range but struggling to get your turns and cutbacks back in your surfing - Grants boards are the only way to go- you go from long board moves back to short board moves in one session. I am a 41 year old 93 kg who lives in Singapore so Grant shaped a Skate 7ft 22 w and 3 inch thick with a pinned tail - I surfed it as a quad. The biggest difference Grant boards make is the performance is another level, so your confidence in making the moves you want to goes to a new level which drives you to keep pushing yourself.

surfer:41/93kg/6'0" Board: Waterskate/7'0" X 22" X 3" 3+4 fin version

Testimonial Date: 03/04/2016 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
Just wanted to leave some feedback on the beautiful quality workmanship Waterskate I am now the proud owner of. As a 'larger gent' who still likes to get out there, i was looking for a board that would provide maximum enjoyment for my sporadic surfs(once a week usually). This board is everything i hoped for and more; easy to paddle, surfs off multiple sweet spots, cruises past fat sections, yet is still manouverable enough for any pocket jam or off the top that i'm capable of laying into.
A recent trip up the coast, confirmed my love affair with this board. In punchy beachies, it zoomed into places on the wave i hadn't been to in years and on the point i could ride it like a 'mini' minimal, cruising up the front or shifting down the back when a good section loomed ready lean onto a full rail carve.
My wave count is up and my smile is broad!
The idea of the squash/square large tail area thrusters i used to ride in the late eighties that i discussed with Grant whilst we were designing this board has been perfectly incorporated into this shape - this is what personalised service from an experienced shaper who takes the time to listen to his clients is all about.
Thanks Grant
Andrew/Northern Sydney
Board:6'6"x 21" x 2 3/4" Squashtail version Surfer:46/6'1"/95kg

Testimonial Date: 24/06/2015 - Board Type : Waterskate

Just wanted to leave some feedback on the 2nd hand 6'2 squashtail Waterskate I bought from you a few weeks ago.

In short, it's the best board I've had. If I ever snap it I'll be sure to order another 6'0-6'2.

It paddles sensationally for its length just like the 6'8 waterskate I bought from you in 2008 (which is still going strong I might add but doesn't get used much).
I'm not sure whether it's the squash tail, or going back to a thruster fin set up (I've spent the last 18months on single fins and had a ball), but ever since picking up this board a few weeks ago I've only had a few sessions on the longboard when it was ideal nose riding conditions.
I've had this board out at Cronulla Point in overhead + surf and plenty of great sessions at various beach breaks during this recent run of swell we've had. Getting in earlier gives me confidence to surf bigger waves, go for tubes I normally wouldn't go for, and for some reason I seem to be linking my turns a lot better (me thinks this is the work of that appropriate tail thickness). Wasn't a fan of the honeycomb Dion DS fins, so switched them for a set of fibreglass K3's. Next size up, Perfect.

As always with your boards, the construction quality is industry leading.
When I'm ready I'll give you a call about a v-skate for the more hollow days and in preparation for my Indo trip in June 2016.

Thanks again for the great board.

Cronulla, NSW.
177cm/77kgs/33yrs surfing for 8 years.
6'2 waterskate squash thruster
6'8 waterskate roundtail thruster
(Previously owned 7'0 powerglide)

Testimonial Date: 13/03/2014 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi grant, good seeing you the other day...had 2 surfs in really crappy waves.
Different experience than the yellow one. First surf I placed the front fins center and for some reason the back fins all the way back. I got many waves but the board fell big and stiff...mainly big. Today another crappy day, moved all the fins forward and it was a different story, I actually had a lot of fun, the board was turny and loose...sometimes to turny...It made a day that normally I wouldn't have surf a fun one. It was the whole point of this board.
I still need to know it better and play with the fins a bit more...It paddles great, catches everything...

Best regards
Diego/E.Suburbs, Sydney.
surfer:43/84kg/5'9" Board: 6'4" X 21 3/4" X 2 3/4" Squashtail dedicated Quad version.

Testimonial Date: 07/03/2014 - Board Type : Waterskate
hi grant thanks for another great board came out unreal.have been surfing it quite alot , the 2+1 set up is unreal fast and smooth as honey and for a small board trims great.as you know i like using alot of different fin set ups the 2+1 is great ,then i put a cheyne horan star fin in and it just totally blew me away so fast and smooth botton turns, unreal and so much hold on the face felt like the board had a motor in it ,should be good the reef breaks in vanuatu thank again talk to you soon

kelly/Gold Coast QLD
Surfer: 50/75kg/5'11" Board: 6'4" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" roundtail, designed around a waterskate.
Note from Grant Miller: Kelly and I have collaborated on approximately 12 boards over the past 10-12 years. We have never met, but we get along really well and communicate excellently over the telephone. Kelly is a highly experienced decent surfer. With this board we used the Waterskate design as a starting template and incorporated a 2+1 fin setup. The board has less rocker than a typical Waterskate which creates an even better paddle and produces a lot of drive.It was designed as a single board Kelly could take on trips, and so needed to be highly versatile.The fin setup is a 7" Single fin in an 8" finbox with side plugs where he uses some small tracer fins. Another success.

Testimonial Date: 20/12/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate
sorry I missed your call Monday afternoon. In regards to the waterskate(also any comparisons I make, will be to the McCoy 6'6' pot belly)
The board looks a bit funny due to the width in the front 1/2 and narrow tail- but that's fine.
1st session didn't go well but the next day it cleaned up and I had perfect chest high glassy waves all to myself- problem I kept burying the rail trying to do these big circular turns, soon realised I had to change something. This session I made some adjustments and wow look what I can do now.
The board is fantastic I was able to start surfing like those light weight 15 year olds flying across the wave doing all those short arc manoeuvres and quick turns.
The board has amazing speed and it doesn't change from standing on the tail or if you stand forward of centre, makes any section with ease, I have questioned what had I been ridding over the last few years and how was I able to surf those boards, not to speak negatively about anyone else.
The board does what you want in all parts of the wave turns nicely you can slide the tail when you want, now I can do 360's on the quad set up. Thruster set up, fins are all the way back in the slots, quad set up- front fins all the way back and rear fins all the way forward.
The weight of the board is perfect which does make it more responsive, overall a fantastic board and the board bag also impressed me. The board has also been on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay and surfed very well.
Great job the only down side is that the board has less buoyancy which means I cant sit right at the back of the pack now I just have to work a bit harder and scramble more, but that's ok it keeps you young.
Again love the board and look forward to buying a Sub X in 2014, have a great Christmas and a Happy new year and stay healthy.

Cheers and thanks you definitely now your craft and the service was of a high standard, very polite and professional.
Mat Paunovic/South Australia
Surfer:42/94kg/5'10" Board:6'6" x 22" X 3 1/8"
Note from Grant Miller: Mat mentions the board has less buoyancy, but as he also points out, that is in comparison with his 6'6" McCoy. Geoff McCoy typically makes very thick boards. Whilst they do have good flotation, lets just say here that this flotation comes with some significant downsides.

Testimonial Date: 28/10/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Have been meaning to contact you for some time, flat out since returning to work.

Board arrived about 1 week into my leave and managed to get out about half a dozen times.

Have to say mate I am wrapped, the difference this board made to my surfing in those few surfs was amazing and far greater than I expected, I feel like a kid again on it and can not wait to get back home and back out there.

Noticed a huge improvement in paddling with it, able to get almost every wave I paddled for and making wave sections that I would not have on my old board.

Thanks very much Grant, I will be back to you for every board now.

Best Regards,
Matt/Sunny Coast

Surfer:36/78kg/5'10" Board: 6'5" X 20 3/4" X 2 3/4" Squashtail version.
Note from Grant Miller: Matt works 5 weeks off and 5 weeks on. He had been out of the water for 10 years when he ordered this board. I designed the board so as to allow him maximum paddle power yet at the same time not too corky. His rails are reasonably fine to allow for hold and control in peaky beachbreak and down the line surf.

Testimonial Date: 20/08/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant

Just letting you know I am absolutely stoked with the Waterskate. Have caught more waves in the four sessions since picking up the board than the previous four years. It paddles well, manoeuvres well, just great all round.

A bunch of mates and I are just in the motions of booking Indo trip for March next year. Padang to Sibolga (map attached), I?ll get a few more months on the Waterskate and then talk to you about best 2nd board option to take on trip.


Ken/Newport Beach NSW

Surfer: 45/97kg/6'0" Board: 7'2" X 22" X 3 1/4" Roundtail thruster version.

Note from Grant Miller: Ken had been a decent surfer when younger, but following a 10 year break, had experienced a bad run of boards bought in various Northern Beaches surfshops. During consultation with him, we decided to up the volume significantly so he could increase his wave count as much as possible, thereby gaining lost confidence. At the same time, the board was designed to surf fast and loose to keep up with his anticipated improvement.

Testimonial Date: 24/06/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate

Hey Grant

well the board sings along

it is sensational

I am loving it

getting lots more waves in all types of conditions

very very happy

thanks so much

hope your going strong with your recovery

see you in the surf

Surfer: 47/70kg/5'5" Board: 6'8" X 21 1/2" X 2 5/8" Roundtail version.

Testimonial Date: 22/05/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate
G'day Grant,
Thanks again for another great board.

I had my second surf on my Waterskate today at the farm which was 3-4 foot.

I was able to get a good feel for the board and as usual it was doing everything you said it would do.

The waves were initially fat but were standing up on the inside section and the board excelled in both conditions.

Sean and I enjoyed our surf with you last week (sorry about the drop in!)Hopefully we can get together again soon.

Once again thanks for another first class board that makes me look like a better surfer than I am!!!!

Board: Waterskate 7'8" x 23 1/4" x 3 1/4" roundtail version. Surfer: 47/6'1"/110kg

Testimonial Date: 06/03/2013 - Board Type : Waterskate

Just thought I'd send you some more feedback as I couldn't believe my eyes the other day.
I'm really impressed with how my 6'8 waterskate has held up. I used it to come down from a 7'10 mini mal in 2008 and have a surfed it HEAPS.
I had a collision with a man of questionable character at Cronulla the other week which left me with a huge fin chop in my rail. I took it to a local shaper to get the ding repair done. It was the first time i'd seen this board with no wax on the deck for about 3 years. It looks like it's only a few months old except for a little yellowing on the deck. I always keep it in a bag so this may have helped a little.
Been surfing it lately with some bigger side fins and a smaller centre fin which makes it feel a little faster.

Had a great session up at Seal Rocks the other day and came in with a massive smile on my face.

When I can decide what I want next, I'll be sure to get on the phone.
Thanks again for a magic board.

Surfer: 31/78kg/5'8" Board:6'8" x 21" x 2 3/4" Waterskate roundtail thruster.

Note from Grant Miller: This board was built 5 years ago, has been ridden a lot and is still in nice condition. Currently, most Australian surfboard manufacturers think its acceptable if a board lasts a little over a year. We consider this attitude to be totally unethical. However for commercial reasons, many "big brand" boards are deliberately built with a short lifespan in mind.

Testimonial Date: 26/10/2012 - Board Type : Waterskate
G'day Grant. Glad to hear you had a good time away. I never got to provide you with feedback on the 6'6 waterskate you did for me just before you left. Mate, I have had a ball on it. I've found it to be great in nearly all conditions and it has helped my surfing become much more consistent and heaps of fun. My brother in law has been keen on one after having a crack on mine as well. it's been a great go-to board

Thanks mate
Darren/Wollongong NSW.
Surfer:42/75kg/5'8" Board:6'6" X 21" X 2 5/8" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 04/04/2011 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hello Grant,
you shaped a beautiful Waterskate for me a couple of years ago (red 6'3"). I won't bore you with details but I will say it's the best board I've ever owned and it's helped renew my passion for shortboard surfing. For some time I've been wanting to order a V-Skate from you and having noticed that you a taking a hiatus from shaping, I cannot put if off any longer. You originally suggested a 6'3" V-Skate for me so that's what I'd like to order. Hope to hear from you soon,

Surfer: 35/5'7"/65kg
Board: 6'3" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" Squashtail version.

Testimonial Date: 17/01/2011 - Board Type : Waterskate
After a month of decent testing I thought I'd drop you a line to give you some feedback on the waterskate (6'4"x 20 ½"x 2 9/16") you shaped for me Nov-Dec last year.
This last month has yielded some good conditions for testing down here on the south coast in waves ranging from knee high summer mush to easy overhead and I have been having a bloody ball. Whilst I may not be challenging for the world title this year, there have been whispers in the carpark that I have made pagan sacrifices to the surfing gods in exchange for my new found surfing skills. My traditional pooh-man straight down the line stance has been replaced with gliding bottom turns, big top turns and backhand rail grabs that have some of my local surfing brethren questioning their choice of surf craft.

Whilst no one wants to say any board is the "magic board" I can certainly say my waterskate definitely does everything is says on the box (your website). No doubt if more people were surfing boards like this there would be more happy punters in the water, stemming the frustrated looks & agro most guys on short boards feel when they see a longboard rider catching more waves than them.

For example, I was out yesterday in 1-2 foot inconsistent surf with the usual group of summer local/visitors at a well known break down here on the south coast. I was sitting with a mate of mine on his 9'3" in between the groups of punters. In a matter of an hour he and I caught more waves than everyone around us, we were grinning and having a ball whilst the surrounding crew were left kicking & thrashing around chasing every swell with increasing frustration. At the end of the day, he who is catching waves is having fun and the volume in this board allowed me to sit in the same spot my mate on his mal was sitting and get heaps!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this board holds in bigger swell and I reckon I'll stick to the quad option (5 front/3 back) as it has been allowing me to make that first turn faster and hold more speed through otherwise sluggish sections. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks heaps for the board, I am massively happy with it and will be looking forward to further refinements the next time around.
Keep it real,
Dan/Kiama NSW.
Surfer: 35/6'0"/78-80kg.
Board: 6'4" X 20 1/2" X 2 9/16" Roundtail. This board has the 3 plus 4 fin setup and so can be ridden either as a regular thruster or a quad.

Testimonial Date: 07/11/2010 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
Got your message a while ago, sorry was in Byron and wanted to wait till I got back to contact you after I had chance to try the board in quality waves (As you know this can be a problem in the Perth metro area). Must say that I am truly impressed with your boards Grant. The Waterskate performed well in every sort of wave I took it out on from really fast hollow waves to slow peeling point breaks. Surfed The Pass on it quite a few times. The board never felt like it was fighting me, it just responded to what I wanted to do. Sometimes I even found myself making sections I didn't even think I could. It's also great to see someone who still believes in good customer service and is willing to spend the time to listen to what his customers really want out of their boards and this is then shown in the end result.
I look forward to ordering more boards off you in the near future.

Thanks heaps
Justin (WA)
Surfer: 31/85kg/6'1"
Board: 6'8" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/4" Roundtail.

Testimonial Date: 21/04/2010 - Board Type : Waterskate
Thanks for your message of a little earlier, and sorry I missed the call.

The board is going fantastically. As you may recall l was out of the water for probably two years in all with various medical disasters, and consequently put on a lot of weight, and lost a lot of fitness. I got back in the water with a Powerglide which I still use on tiny days, but the 'go to' board is definitely now the Waterskate. As my weight continued to drop and fitness came back this has provided all the floatation I've needed, and is still manoeuvrable. One thing I've noticed compared to boards with a similar concept is the Waterskate offers just a bit more drive and speed. And, as is widely mentioned the construction qualities are excellent.

You've got a customer for life!

Assuming my weight continues to drop I'll likely come see you and discuss shaving just a tad of volume from the board here and there, but that won't be until at least after winter.

Brett/Sydney NSW
Surfer:45/94kg Board: 6'9" X 21 1/2" x 2 7/8"+

Testimonial Date: 27/06/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Gidday Grant I've ridden the board a few times and its been hard getting back after the back dramas I've had. I had it out in a wedgy beachbreak this morning. The board handled the late drops really well and because it paddles so well I was able to get into the waves no worries.
The board is really stable, paddles well and is fast,loose and doesn't hang up or catch rails. This is the third board I've had from you and like the others, the shape, glassing and overall finish have been unreal.
Coming down off a 7'6" Powerglide was no worries.
Again the experience in dealing with you was great and I'll get back to you for another board later in the year.
Have a good trip and stay safe

regards Sean (NSW South Coast)
age 47
weight 90kg
Waterskate 7'0" x 21 3/4 x 2 7/8

Testimonial Date: 04/06/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

I just want to say thanks for shaping such a lovely board. Flawless lines and a top paint job.

You might recall my sad story of having started surfing on a shortboard many years ago, then upgrading to newer, thinner, ‘cooler’ looking boards which caused my surfing to go downhill and eventually forced me onto a mal.

The Waterskate you shaped for me is an absolute revelation.

I initially had some trouble adjusting to the board but am now much more in tune with it.

The board is so buoyant and easy to paddle but once you’re up, it really does surf like a regular shortboard – very loose, responsive and easy to turn. Even after extended periods out of the water, it doesn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things.
My enthusiasm for surfing was always high, but now it’s off the scale.

I am CONSTANTLY dreaming of going surfing. Any decent moves I managed to pull off during previous surfs keep going over in my mind.

I just can’t wait for my next chance to hit the waves.

So, thanks again Grant. This is honestly the best board I have ever surfed and

I will definitely be ordering a V-skate sometime in the future.

All the best,

Dom (Victoria) ( 6'3" X 20 1/2" X 2 5/8" )

Testimonial Date: 03/06/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant

Just wanted to send you an update about the board (6'8 waterskate). I
have been totally happy with it-easy to paddle, east to catch a
wave-when I'm brave enough and stable. Everything you said it is. My
only problem now is taking off on the bigger wave!
My husband Pedro has been using it through the Sumatra coast to Bali
as we've been sailing down- he WAS a kneeboarder for some 30 years and
loves your board soo much he has sold the kneeboards and rides
mine....I use it in the very small stuff- he uses it in the bigger
waves. He finds it stable, was ideal to learn on, easy to ride on
fast 5-6' waves. You can stand anywhere and move around- forgiving I
guess is the word! It's been used on all the Sumatran/Mentawaian surf
right down the coast, although it was the early season, so not such
heavy swells, but still pulled into some big waves.
My 2 sons also ride it in suitable conditions as well. Although
Moses, now 10 yrs has now got his own proper shortboard 5,10 ( to last
him), and as all young boys trying all the tricks, cutbacks, manouvers
he can. Entered his first comp in Kuta last week and made the semi's
and came 5th overall, against all those Indo wipper-snappers! what a
dreamlife-learning to surf in the Mentawai!

anyway, I see your off to Sumatra.....where is that Freeline camp?
Krui? Enjoy....great memories and friends made in that part of the
world for us.

Take care and enjoy

Cheers Belinda Le Grice
(WA/sailing Indonesia.....6'8" X 21" X 2 5/8")

Testimonial Date: 09/05/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
In July 2008 I picked up my 6'8 x 21 x 2 3/4 Waterskate after coming down from a 7'10 Mini mal.
My surfing has come along in leaps and bounds since then and I have since been able to surf much shorter boards and am now taking on bigger waves. I ride my Waterskate mainly on the mushy days between 2 to 4ft and anywhere there's a lot of paddling involved.
The Waterskate really does paddle very well and is a very stable ride. It has been a fantastic platform for me to learn on.
I underestimated how quickly i would pick up skill on the shorter board and have been regretting my request for you to go from 20 1/2 to 21 wide. Your recommendation on the thickness has been perfect. My advice to anyone out there would be to listen to your size recommendations every time... Learn from my mistake.

In Feb 09 you shaped a Powerglide for me at short notice before I went on a course on the Mornington Peninsula.
I picked it up early and had to wait 10 days for it to cure before I could surf it. It was an agonising wait. Once the ten days was up, I had to wait another 4 days because it was flat. The swell picked up and I scored some shoulder high waves inside Westernport bay. It took a few waves to figure it out but once I kooked a few waves I was off! I can't believe how well I could get up to the nose even though it was only a 7ft board. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hanging ten, but I got 5 onto my black rail band a few times, with by back foot planted on the Miller logo, and all in the first session. It was great for nice long turns and paddled like my old 7'10. The next surf was 1-2ft Crunchie point where I got a chance to glide in some really small waves... nothing exciting but fun nonetheless.

I took my board home for the weekend following and on my return to Melbourne, the airline (that shall remain nameless) smashed it up pretty badly. They knocked back my claim for compensation even though I had it in a 10mm bag.

So once I get this situation sorted out and get a/my powerglide back in the water which ever the case my be, I'll send you some better feedback.

In the mean time though, many thanks, it's always a pleasure dealing with you and i look forward to buying more boards from you.


My specs.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 80-83kg (depending on drinking:surfing ratio)
Years surfing : 3
Waves: Cronulla Point and Seal Rocks when I can get away from town.

Testimonial Date: 19/03/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
My Waterskate arrived today at about 3.00pm SA time.
Also, TNT did ring me at about 8.00am to advise me of approx. arrival
time at my home.

Love the board. The shape, rocker - everything - is more than I hoped
I was a bit worried about my choice of the yellow! However, the way
it has turned out is perfect - a credit to the person that sprayed
it. Thanks.
The fin system looks pretty good too - glad I followed your advice.

I will now wait for 2 weeks before going for a surf on it.

Once again, my sincere thanks,
Simon Grayling(South Australia)

Testimonial Date: 02/02/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Thank you for the call today... I have only just started using the board and am REALLY impressed- very happy with the decision... Easy to use, turn etc without being cumbersome. Thanks for taking the time to listen and shape the board, as well as the follow up. Will let you know when I need an upgrade (gotta lift my weekly surf rate first!!!!). Cheers

Kind regards
Alan (Victoria) 7'0" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8"

Testimonial Date: 19/01/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

MATE!!! Surfed the new board yesterday at Curly. It rips! Got some really nice head high lefts and a few rights. Great for paddling and manoeuvrable also so I'm really happy with it.

Thanks so much.

Next one I'll come straight to you.

Thanks again and hope you are keeping well.

Barry (Northern Beaches/Sydney) 7'0" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/8" roundtail version.

Testimonial Date: 08/01/2009 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
A very belated response to your follow up call regarding my Waterskate and Powerglide.
So far so good... they are everything I hoped for in terms of quality and performance.
Wish I could say I have had some good waves on them but the fickleness of Qld surf in spring and early summer and my inability to surf when there has been good waves around prevent this.
However with the limited surfing I have had on the boards I can say that I am very positive that we made the correct choices.
Will talk to you in the New Year, when you have some time, about another Powerglide for my daughters.
I hope you enjoyed a happy Christmas and have a prosperous New Year.
best wishes

Ray Aldridge (QLD)

Testimonial Date: 22/05/2008 - Board Type : Waterskate
i thought i'd better send you a note to let you know how stoked i am with the 6'8 waterskate i recently purchased. my previous board was a 7'0 minimal and from the very first wave the waterskate felt spot on. i reckon i'm probably surfing better on the new board than i was on a shortboard 10 years ago. i've just had the board out to rottnest for the first time in some overhead surf and it went unreal.

can't wait to get my hands on a v skate and see whats possible. what a godsend to finally come across a shaper who has blokes like myself in mind. keep up the good work.

Mitch (WA)

Testimonial Date: 14/04/2008 - Board Type : Waterskate
Sorry i havent got back to you earlier, but i want to tell you how happy i am with my 6'10" waterskate i got off you 2 years ago. My surfing has improved heaps and still does with every surf. My wave count compared with my old boards has more than tripled, i feel like a grom again.
I surf it in all sizes and conditions and it always goes great, always surprises people how fast it goes and have had a few people stop me down the beach and ask me about it and how to get one.
I mainly surf around phillip island but have also surfed bells and winki between 4' and 8', also surfed angourie last year at 4' to 6', north narrabeen at 1' to 6', cresent head at 1' t0 4' and a few other spots on the nsw north coast. And it was great everytime.
I now want to order a v_skate off you, probably a 6'10" but i'll see what you think. i've moved back to the coast( phillip island) at the start of this year and im surfing 3 to 4 times a week now. My weight is still the same as when i got the waterskate but i'm a fair bit fitter. Let me know if you need any other details.And thank you again.

Cheers Tony Berry(Victoria)

Testimonial Date: 07/03/2008 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant, it is me, Flo from Germany again.

I was at Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) over New Year and it was the third time I used my 6”6 waterskate. The first time, Bali, I told you was great. Second time was mushy knee to hip high North Sea waves, it also worked!!

But the third time at the Canaries was unbelievable, I have been barrelled the first time and I made it! I am enjoying my surfing so much since I have got the Waterskate because I have the feeling I am able to surf since I am using it! Thank you very much…

Next week I will leave to the Basque coast, there will be cold water and very punchy stuff, I will tell you how it worked out for me.

Cheers, Flo. (Germany)

Testimonial Date: 26/11/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate

G'Day Grant
I've had the Waterskate (6'6", 20 5/8, 2 5/8) now for a few months; and it's all that you promised! You may remember that I had struggled over the past nearly 2 years on another (big name) high volume short board. Well, having the skate has made me realise that I have unfortunately written off 2 years of practice on a design that just did not work for me. I have had the skate out in all sorts of size and conditions and I am really getting comfortable with it. The words I would ascribe to it: stable, smooth, fast, predictable, confidence inspiring, well constucted, aesthetically pleasing. I am the last one to 'talk up' my meagre surfing skills, but now I feel that I have a board on which I can progress, and more that that - HAVE FUN! I can feel my confidence and skill building with each surf. The only problem that I have now is that it has made my other favourite board obsolete; the waterskate is the only board that I want to take out in all conditions! At last I have the elusive "magic board." My sincere thanks to you Grant, for your professionalism and craftsmanship.

Kind Regards

Testimonial Date: 02/11/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,
Well, I've been riding my 6'6" waterskate now for two years and every time I think it may be time for a new stick, it's also time for a reality check. This board is still everything I need in a board, just a great all rounder. I celebrated my 51st. birthday this year riding typhoon swells with it and thanks to your design I'm still hanging in there. Your thoughts on design hit home with me when I first read your site, so keep making great boards and thanks for keeping it enjoyable.

Adelaide, South Australia

Testimonial Date: 29/10/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate

Gidday Grant. Hope Nepal treated you well. I'm loving the Waterskate 6ft 2". It's just made my surfing so much more enjoyable. I'm getting many more rides each outing which obviously gives me more of a chance to progress in what you can actually do on a wave. Paddling onto a wave is just so much easier, I love it.

Just got a call from my Uncle Chris down your way to tell me that he's put in an order for a Waterskate too. Looking forward to a wave up at Boomerang beach with him.

Thanks again and all the best. Glen Hassett (Central coast NSW)

Testimonial Date: 07/09/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate

Guten Tag Grant,

I am back from my trip to Bali already 4 weeks. It took me a little longer to write you.

As you said, it is a Surfboard with some german heritage… First of all when the package arrived at my hotel in Bali I was impressed by your skills and how you know your craft… It is painfully obvious that everything is made by hand, the quality is amazing… I never saw a surfboard with such nice workmanship. The rails are perfect - I love the tail, the edge comes close to being sharp - the glassing is so strong and the board is still very light. I met a very nice fellow countryman of yours, we surfed together and he was absolutely delighted with the board, even after 30 years of surfing and some shaping on his own.

What also impressed me is how you described the performance of the Waterskate, it works exactly how you said, and what I read in the testimonial section of your website is also true. My surfing skills are limited because I life in Germany and surf only when I am on holiday. I felt like making some large steps further by riding the Waterskate, my girlfriend agrees. First it felt a little bit weird paddling into waves with a 6”6 surfboard., as you know I rode to a 7x21x2,75 “Big Guy Shortboard”. I was not used to such a short thing. After two days I was able to get what I expected, a short and loose stick. It works very good, the paddling is amazing and it is still very easy to duckdive. The board is much faster than my old one and with the rounded tail it is very easy to turn. I thought as a 88kg heavy and over 1,90meter large guy it would take me decades of holiday based surfing experience to ride a 6”6 surfboard.

Grant, thank you very much for the nice surfboard, I hope to surf much more often in the future so I can feel what is really possible with the Waterskate. I will stay in touch with you to update you about the board and me. I hope to get some waves in autumn at the Dutch coast.

Auf Wiedersehen und alles Gute, Florian.(Germany)

Testimonial Date: 31/08/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate

Hola Grant,

That's more than a year that I'm surfing only with the
board you made, it still looks like when I take it out
of the shipping box (some pressure bumps on the deck,
and a little one on the left rail), and sicne a few
months, as I got finally my left knee fully recovered,
surf with 3 fin set up: GPRX on sides (carbon) and YU
on back (composite / plastic, the regular one).

The board is much better (for me) with this set up, a
lot of fun, a lot of speed (pumping or triming), a big
smile on my face after each session.

Well, this summer I made some 'tunning' to the board:
I put a mvg (micro vortex generator) in front of the
back fin. I'm still amazed and stoked by how this
small finlets improve all the performances of the
board, the board feels shorter, is faster, turns a lot
better and with more speed: I don't have enought face
to hold the big smiles I got now after surfing!

Big thanks for this board, and try these mvg's, sure
you'll be also amazed.

Gonzalo, from Spain

Testimonial Date: 25/07/2007 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Just got your message - was down south in Denmark until today.

Very happy with the Waterskate - it's exactly as you described it. No problems paddling - it actually paddles better than some bigger, thicker boards I also ride. It's wonderfully fast in trim, yet still loose when you want it to be. I'm glad you persuaded me to stick with the thruster setup instead of a single fin. I can still trim and turn from way forward, which is my natural style - though my mates would say that falling off is more my style.

Thank you for your advice and a great board.

Adrian (WA)

(I was sorry to read about the passing of your Dad. My condolences to you and your family.)

Testimonial Date: 22/12/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate

Hi Grant

Thank you for the phone call and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. I trust all the family is well and in good spirits.

The lack of swell here in Perth and lack of time to get out in the water has been frustrating to say the least. I have managed to put the Waterskate to the test and I am over the moon with the end result. The custom spray turned out just spot on and the board arrived without any dings.

The performance handling of the board is just terrific and the ease of paddling for entry into the waves has allowed me to spend longer in the water without straining my pre existing shoulder injury. I still have to spend time adjusting to the responsiveness of the Waterskate but it has been a pleasure to ride and I love how it turns on a dime under speed.

Once again Grant you have produced another gem and I am doing my best to enlighten the surfing crew over here about the quality and workmanship of Miller boards.

Wishing you all the best

Kind regards

Neville Fern

Testimonial Date: 18/12/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Grant, I love my new Waterskate that much I am leaving my wife for it. Mate, I was a skeptic but all the testimonials about the performance of the waterskate are true. I wont repeat what other testimonials have stated (they are true)I have been surfing for 35 years and very rarely do you find a shaper that can deliver all that he says his boards will do. Grant, thank you, a true craftsman - dont retire from shaping because you have me as a repeat customer as long as I can get to my feet on a wave.


Testimonial Date: 02/12/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Thought it was about time to drop you a line and let you know how I'm getting along with the Waterskate! It rocks!!!

I've been taking out to the South West Coast almost every weekend and it's been great. The practice has been good the board - a real dream to ride - once I got the hang of it. Easy to catch waves, paddle, turn and it moves pretty fast as well!

Don't know what else to say, I've been really impressed with it and when it's time to upgrade, I'll be on the phone speaking to you!

Thanks for the great board, great service and great surfing experience!


Testimonial Date: 21/08/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hello Grant,

Finally got a decent surfari, 15 days with the van and
family in Asturias.

Once fixed the fins (I add 3mm lexan at the base of
each tip), started to enjoy the board.
It's awesome. Mushy or hollow, on shore or glassy (I
didn't get much luck with the swells, mostly wait to
chest on shore beachbreaks), the boards rips: it's
fast, it's smooth, surfed most of the time with the
Stage 6 fin + sidebites.
One thing that really shocks me it's that the board
don't 'feel' fast but it IS fast and responsivenes,
you want to turn or carve and you're already doing
it, you expect to pass that closing section and you're
already passing it. I like in particular the fact that
you can build speed by moving/pumping the board or by
triming it: I do a couple of 'noserides', both feet
where on your logo deck, and the board still flows
with the wave!

So, I am very glad I commanded you this board, it's a
great one. BTW, my front leg isnt 100% yet, I surfed
with an orthopedic knee protection, but I was able to
get a lot of fun in crappy onshore waves, and perform
(cutbacks and small floaters) on good ones (very early
morning sessions, 6:00 am in the water, the sun
I have a long time friend that is a hardcore surfer
(surf almost everyday since 15, now 39, he rides
longs, fishes, thusters, singles) and tried your
board, he was surprise by it, after the session he
checked the bottom and rails again and again.

Thanks a lot for the board, it really matches my
needs, it's strong, it's loose, it's fast, it's
perfect for me.


Testimonial Date: 30/04/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Waterskate and synchronicity!

Typical 49 year old weekend warrior,natural foot, with 36 years of surfing under my belt. 6'1, 84kgs. Live on Sydney's northern beaches. Got the 9'1 Mal for the very small days, a 7' RetroEgg and a 6'6 fat fish. I get out whenever I can. You know how it is.

Don't want to ride a Mal all the time. The 7' egg is fun but I still want to carve and it won't go where my head wants it to go, just cruises. The 6'6" *21* 3" fat fish was going to solve everything, paddling power plus allow me to carve at the local beach. Well it didn't. Perfect down the line on 3+ feet with nice long banks, and great in hollow surf accelerating nicely rail to rail. Just the sort of surf we get on the Northern Beaches of Sydney most days ;-) The rest of the time it just didnt work, too stiff and unforgiving and it stayed in the garage. I was starting to lose interest.

I used to ride Grant's HotDot boards in the early 80's and boy did those thrusters carve up the Curl Curl beach breaks.

In March my business partner and I decided to have a Board Meeting in Papua New Guinea at Nusa Island Retreat. We took the Boards but forgot about the meeting. 14 surfers max, and heaps of breaks to choose from. Its a softer cross between Bali and Fiji with typical coral breaks churning out 3-5ft consistent waves. Just what we needed.

I was using my fish and egg and wishing I had a board which combined the best of both. Kelly and Dave were surfing VSkates and Waterskates really really well up there. I started thinking.

On my return I had a few dings to get repaired and saw Grant at the shop with a Waterskate. We got to talking. Afterwards I decided it was time to give the Waterskate ago.

Next Steps.

I traded in the FIsh on a stock 6'10 Waterskate at Aloha in Manly. Great shop by the way, Tim really knows his stuff.
At first I thought it mght be a little too chunky , 21 1/2 and 2 7/8 and wondered if I should have taken the 6'8" which was about an inch less in width.
Anyway my anxiety was unfounded. I took the Waterskate out at 4ft Bungan point lefts at sunrise this morning. What a revelation! This is a great board and really does what Grant says it can do in his design notes.
It paddled easily ( I had two hours plus in the water), and performed so well. I was able to carve and the round tail was so much better than the chop and change of the fish. It was so much fun to slip into late takeoffs, and the board just hung in there. It took me where my head wanted it to go. There are a few sweet spots like Grant says and I found myself driving off the tail, and also being able to throw it around from the front. It worked with me and after just one surf I was into it again.
For those of you out there like me who just want to have fun, its time you tried the Waterskate!

Thanks Grant

Testimonial Date: 25/03/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Dear Grant

My new 6’10 Waterskate arrived with no damage and I managed to surf it a few days later in 2-3ft waves . The board performed exactly the way that you had described to me on the phone – it was easy to paddle and catch waves but surprisingly loose and positive through turns. I also had much more glide through flat sections than my regular shortboard and found the board easy to bounce out of the white water on cutbacks.Duckdiving was a little harder but ok and the flatter rocker looked like I might nosedive but this wasn’t a problem. Thankyou Grant for such professional service and making me a fantastic board to keep surfing in my 50’s.


Rob Plunkett

Testimonial Date: 20/03/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
G'day Grant.
Mate, just a quick note to let you know I am LOVIN' the Waterskate.
I was out at Redhead with Mal on Sunday, surf was shit, we were wacked but having a great great time....both on our Miller Waterskates !

I'm looking at trip to the Maldives or maybe back to Bali in June/July. Definitely taking the Wskate but wondering about what my other board should be. Vskate looks the go....maybe up to 6 ft 10in ?

You might recall, I'm on a 6'4 Wskate, weighing just on 80kg, still going for speed and long lines.....

What do you reckon ?


Testimonial Date: 09/02/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate

I just thought I would send a quick email to let you know that I couldn't be happier with the Waterskate that you shaped for me at the end of last year.

Having not surfed for a while, the board was exactly what I needed to get back into it.

Having had the opportunity to surf in a variety of conditions over summer, I have found that the board has performed exactly as I was told it would. I found that the board makes crap summer surf more tolerable, whilst at the same time performing well on the good days. I have found myself getting many more waves than usual, and I was definitely surprised by the drive that that the board has. I am enjoying myself a lot more in all types of surf and feel myself regaining confidence and improving.

I also appreciated your personal approach to shaping and the effort you made to make ensure that the board made for me was right for me.

Overall, money very well spent.

Thanks again,

Liam Healey

Testimonial Date: 31/01/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

I own a Waterskate that I bought early 2003. It is an awesome board, which is part of the reason I have taken so long to decide to get a new board! I have been a convert almost since my first surf on the Waterskate, and tell everyone who'll listen how good it is, at least one has listened that I know of (Jeremy Kirby).

My current board is 6'6" by 20&1/2' by 2&5/8' with a round tail. I bought it after a long period of not surfing, caused in part by my previous board which was under-volumed and too short. My surfing has improved heaps since then, so I am thinking I would like to move to a V-skate of about 6'4".

Could you please give me a call at your leisure to discuss the dimensions and get the process under way?



Testimonial Date: 17/01/2006 - Board Type : Waterskate
Dear Grant:

A little late but thought it worth writing a 'thanks for the board email' none the less.

You made me the above board back in June 05. I had returned to the UK with work after surfing the Melbourne area of Victoria for the best part of 6 years on a skinny 6'5" thruster made for the Oz set-up round Bells area. Needless to say I was struggling on this in the UK conditions (mainly north west cornwall, Devon and Wales) and had to resort to my more cumbersome old 7'2" retro board which was fun but not too easy to throw around.

I've surfed the waterskate around the UK and in France later last year. It's been perfect for what I was looking for, paddles almost as easily as the 7'2", and is great for surfing off both front and back feet - essential for UK surfing as the waves don't have the same push over here. Great all round board which has rapidly become by main surf board. My only regret is that I didn't have one of these when I was in Oz!

I'm planning to return to Oz at the end of 2006 and the only change I will make will be to drop down a size to a 6'4" (I'm ~75-80kg) as that will be fine for me over there. Licking my lips already.



Testimonial Date: 14/12/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate

I am very pleased with the 6'3" waterskate you shaped for me...I feel like you really listened to what I was saying in our conversation and that you have a great talent to translate those ideas into the board.

I particularly enjoy the speed and the drive of the board. It feels like I have extra speed and momentum to play with without sacraficing manueverability. The board responds beautifully on its rails and it feels like it wants to just lock in to smooth round turns the instant you lay it over. Frontside cutbacks just feel so good. At the same time, it's easy to get the board vertical, or do quick re-entries, etc. Overall I love this board becuase it is makes it easy to surf smooth and fast, which is exactly what I was after.

Thanks for taking the time to understand what I was after, the board is pure joy.

Enjoy your holidays,


Testimonial Date: 12/12/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

I had to drop you a note about my recent buy of the Waterskate from you.

(It’s Doug here – Tall Pommie Lad, you made me the 6’10 Waterskate with Purple Logo).

What can I say apart from – “Mate I have had the some of the best Surfs I have ever experienced on this baby!”

Being a big lad my previous shortboard just couldn’t get going. You were so right about the lack of volume with that board. With this added volume I can take off on pretty much any wave now and fly along the face – fast as!

I went out last week and there was literally no waves. The odd one would come through and Mals were pinching them all. I paddled out and stole a few off the long boarders and paddled in to them with ease and the speed once up! – the board really flies! – small waves but very good fun with the Waterskate!

Grant I am so pleased mate – the stoke hits me when I open the Garage and see the board – Imagine what it’s like after a session!

Summer is going to be a good one – because of this board.

Thanks so much mate!

I will probably be in touch mid next year for some advice on a board for the winter.

Until then have yourself a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

All the very best mate



Doug Laird

Testimonial Date: 05/12/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

I keep mis-sending on your website contact so will give this address a go ! Compliments of the season to you & yours. Just a quick note to let you know that I am STOKED with the new Waterskate. You were right - it does not need to be longer than 6'9" ..I have all the flotation & paddling of the old board and its an absolute rocket to ride compared to the old mini mal. I have had a few surfs on it now in surf up to about 3-4 ft. Turns have been a learning curve .. I am working hard to hang on to this board ! I no longer need to throw my whole body weight at a turn , just flick it around. Seasonal wind here at present is pretty consistent onshore & sloppy surf to match. I am dying to get a bit of clean face to demolish, but am still getting heaps of waves even in crap surf. I am enjoying the return to surfing like I did when I was younger. Riding the Waterskate certainly has motivated me into a new phase of my surfing life - no looking back at a mini-mal ever! Great board, great personalised service. Thanks again for everything Grant. Have attached some pics of board on delivery day.

All the best, Peter Veidners.


Testimonial Date: 02/12/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Just wanted to thank you for the 6’10” Waterskate I got from you in June. My surfing has improved out of sight and my mates can’t believe it. It took me a little while to get used to it, mainly due to the extra speed and looseness as it’s a lot different from my previous board, but everything is perfect now. Thanks for producing a great board for me that makes surfing even more enjoyable.



P.S. Do you have any 2nd hand boards available for sale at the moment?? I have a brother who weighs 90kgs and wants to learn how to surf. He’s 28 years old and about 6ft tall.

Testimonial Date: 26/11/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Howdy Grant sorry its taken so long to get back to you regarding my 6'8"
waterskate. Firstly it arrived in excellent cond. and my first surf (the same afternoon) was fantastic. There was no need to get used to this board it went well from the first wave. I have to congratulate you on crafting such a nice board it performs exactly as you described it would. We definately made the right decision to go with the 6'8" over the 6'10". The best part of the waterskake is that i have improved more in the last couple of month than i have in the last couple of years.
Once again thanks for creating such a nice board you are a true craftsman.

regards andrew

Testimonial Date: 20/11/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
I,ve been very happily riding my Waterskate ( 6'10"x 21'1/2"x 2'15/16" for the past three years. Definitely the best surfboard I have ever ridden. However it's suffered a few dings on the way.I have owned several others from mini mals to short boards. My surfing has really improved and I really appreciate the easier paddling however I am not getting any younger.
I want to buy a new board and would be very happy to have the exact same specification or consider the 'V - skate'.
What do you suggest.
Peter Ellis

Testimonial Date: 14/11/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

My board arrived today in mint condition. - Something about a new board hey .. you just stare at it like a beautiful woman.. I did not want to come back to work after lunch! Thanks for the shirt too .. fits fine. Cant wait to get into the water.There may even be a "mental health day" coming up for me this week.. There have been a few waves about but blowing hard onshore this time of year. Will let you know how all is going after the first few surfs. Take care. Thanks for your professional service and contact with me throughout.

All best from Broome, Peter.

Testimonial Date: 29/10/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
G'day Grant,

Its been a little while since we picked up our boards, thought we'd let u know how they fared. Despite some roof rack incidents the boards have been fantastic. Both very pleased with them, however we almost prefer each others boards, but only having been out a few times we still haven't gotten used to them 100%. The big girl is a dream to ride - the Mal that is, and Sarai loves the ease of the waterskate. Definately considering a fin change for the skate to loosen things up a bit, all the same I was very surprised with its performance and speed. Mine was the board Sarai got up on first, so i think that's why she favours it and her board felt a bit 'morning of the earth' to me, loads of fun rides a little like a shortboard with mellow in a blink, sluggish it isn't. Have had a lot of good comments about them. Thanks a tonne, these boards have made getting back into surf all the more fun for us.

Dean and Sarai

Testimonial Date: 25/10/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Sorry for the huge delay in getting back to you. I could not be any happier with the 6'3 waterskate you shaped for me. My surfing has improved out of sight due to catching so many waves each time I go out. I seem to have heaps more energy when paddling back out, because i know i'll land another great wave straight away, instead of my previous lulls (my mates had nicknamed me "teabag"). Thanks again for the awesome board. You'll be hearing from me in the future when i've improved enough to go the vskate.


Testimonial Date: 21/10/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate

Testimonial Date: 11/10/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant

I just wanted to let you know that the board you shaped for me at the beginning of this year absolutely rips. It’s the best all round board I’ve ever had – and it’s so much easier to paddle and get into waves early! It took me a little while to understand the ‘sweet’ spots but once I got them there was no turning back. Last weekend I was out at The Farm and I was thinking I should let you know because it has made my surfing so much more competitive and heaps more fun. I am hooked.

Thanks again.


Testimonial Date: 17/09/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate

Great looking board! Wow. The sunset orange color is more beautiful than it appears on your website. This thing catches waves by itself, I even caught one backwards the other day without trying. Thank you for making my surfing so enjoyable. And thank you for custom shaping a board for my abilities.

Patrick in Jensen Beach, Florida

Testimonial Date: 31/08/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,thought I would take the time to let you know how well the 6`10 Waveskate you made is going.I have just returned from the Maldives and the board went fantastic in every surf from 3`to 8`+.it was extremely responsive and magic to surf in such long,fast perfect waves-thanks again,Jeff.

Testimonial Date: 10/06/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Grant ;
Just a short note to give you some feedback about the 6ft3 ins waterskate you shaped for me about five weeks ago.I am extremely pleased with the board, I am catching far more waves.The boards itself took a little time to adjust to,mainly due to the difference in volume,but I love the board it's fast, turns really well and paddles into a wave beautifully.I had my first surf on it when we had that big swell about a month ago.I waited untill the waves gort down to about 4 to six feet. The board just flew. Thanks to your design and craftsmanship I am enjoying surfing more now than ever.It's great to get back in touch with the pure joy that is surfing. I would like to have a chat to you some time in the future about a board for slightly bigger waves in the over 4ft category.
Again many thanks Grant.
All the best;

Testimonial Date: 23/05/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hey Grant, How are you mate? Today the Outer Banks of NC was going off. 3 to 4 feet overhead with offshore wind all day. This winter I have been riding the Vskate, and about a month ago got a retro quad fish. Today, I decided to ride the Waterskate, which I have not ridden since last summer. Man, I fell in love again! Really fast and loose, and just a great board! I am going to Costa Rica in 2 weeks with a 2 board quiver, both of them Millers. Thanks again for a great product. John Graham PS In dealers in the States yet?

Testimonial Date: 31/03/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Dear Grant

My new 6’10 Waterskate arrived with no damage and I managed to surf it a few days later in 2-3ft waves . The board performed exactly the way that you had described to me on the phone – it was easy to paddle and catch waves but surprisingly loose and positive through turns. I also had much more glide through flat sections than my regular shortboard and found the board easy to bounce out of the white water on cutbacks.Duckdiving was a little harder but ok and the flatter rocker looked like I might nosedive but this wasn’t a problem. Thankyou Grant for such professional service and making me a fantastic board to keep surfing in my 50’s.


Rob Plunkett

Testimonial Date: 17/03/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
I wanted to let you know that I could not be more impressed with the waterskate you made me - It performs better than all my expectations. After surfing the last 2 years on a 9' mal, I thought my days of riding a short board were well and truly passed. However, after 3 weeks with the new 6'10"; waterskate, I feel like I've turned the clock back 20 years. It amazes me how you have designed a board that it so stable and yet so easy to throw around. It is a great board to paddle and the speed down the line is unbelievable. I've surfed it in conditions ranging from knee high junk to overhead glassy walls and it has felt fantastic each time. Once again, thanks very much and I look forward to ordering another board from you in the near future.


Testimonial Date: 11/03/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
G'day Grant,

I just wanted to touch base again after 6 weeks of riding the new watersate.
Coming from a 7"2 minimal, a board that I really enjoyed riding, to a 6"8 Waterskate I was expecting a board that may be initially relatively tricky to get a hold of. Mate, it couldn't be further from the truth. From the 1st surf I had, which admitadly was in 2-3 foot Dee Why slush, the board immediately felt comfortable. Since then, having riden the board at every opportunity, including most mornings before work, I've been fortunate enough to get some decent swell and the board has performed like a gem. The most noticable feature which became instantly evident was the drive and the ability to make it into and around sections which in the past would not have been possible. The board is so stable on take off but so responsive once up and riding. I can honestly say that my surfing has improved 100% in the 6 weeks I've had the board. It encourages me to attempt things that were out of the question on a minimal. I've been surfing with a mate who is considerably lighter and fitter than myself and still find myself out the back before him due to the way in which the waterskate paddles. As for getting into waves, it's at least 3 or 4 paddles less than my mates on regular shortboards which makes life very easy. An awesome board on all counts which has performed above and beyond all of my expectations. Also, the Southern Cross graphic came out perfectly......

Thanks Grant for your effort in taking the time to narrow down exactly what I was after and delivering an absolute gem, 10 out of 10,


Chris Vine
6"8 Custom Waterskate.

Testimonial Date: 28/01/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant,

Mate just some feedback you were looking for on my new Waterskate.
Really pleased with it Grant, it surfs and paddles as you said, which is great.
Have just spent 5 weeks down the coast and swell has been patchy but enjoyed paddling into plenty of waves from 2ft to 5ft easy as, which was a blast. Wave ratio on average 4/5 waves per 2/3 for every other surfer in the water.

At times I've found that 'sweet spot' and it's fantastic, though I'm still adjusting my style from a 6'3" shortboard which at times is a little confusing.
I mainly surfed rights down the coast and being goofy this was a good test for my new board which surfed really well backhand.
Still had plenty of looseness to do snaps, floaters and cutties but with plenty of speed which made them even that more easier.

Overall I'm stoked and probably will get a V skate from you in the next 6 months, just for suckier, bigger waves.

Cheers for the advice when picking up the board.


Wayne Donovan

Testimonial Date: 04/01/2005 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant

Thanks for a great board. It has been everything you said it would be and more. On my previous board I accepted (not any more) missing two out of three waves. My weight 90kg just meant I was struggling.

Now; even when I think I am not going to make it the board just picks up and glides onto the wave. The acceleration is great; with no hassle it slices through the flat spots; it is just magic. It has given me the opportunity to try new things; basically because I am catching heaps more waves. Who knows maybe one day I will manage a 360!!!!!

The colour scheme has been a talking point as well. My wife loves it.

Anyway have a good 2005 and thanks again.


Russell (ACT)

Testimonial Date: 12/11/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
Grant, as with all your other testomonials re:Waterskate, I would like to add my congragulations on producing a board that runs true to what you and others state on your website. It's the first board I've ever had which I feel really comfortable with and is fantastic fun. The guy at Aloha where I picked it up said that these boards were wave magnets and he was right. First time out - easy to paddle, first wave- slight paddle and straight onto the wave (no thrashing about or straining to get onto the wave). Can't wait to take it up the Coast away from Sydney crowds to hopefully catch barrells with a bit of grunt behind them.

Anyway will definately spread the word and will eventually get my daughters and son onto them.

Best regards

Geoff (Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 09/11/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
Dear Grant
I would like to say I am most happy with my board which I purchased from you a few months ago. I am still a beginner but am now consistenly standing up and progressing well. My best wave was at Bell's Beach where I managed to surf all the way in. I find the board catches loads of waves, is really fast and exciting to ride and it is perfectly suited to my size. Looking forward to progressing my turns...
A lot of friends have made favourable comments about the size and shape of the board and it really is a great board for me. Thanks again...
Best regards

Mike Brunton

Feel free to use my recommendation...

Testimonial Date: 02/11/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
hello grant,

i finally got a good surf this sunday on clean waves so i could try out the new board. it was about 4 foot at a place called spooks (near the entrance to port philip bay).

i love the board. it is very fast, it is very controllable and you made it exactly like i asked 'a bit like a skateboard'. the best description on how it surfs would be 'round'. i switched to rohans board after 2 hours and noticed the difference. his board is heaps harder to turn.
(rohan liked the new board as well. 'a little rocket' were his words)

just thought i'd let you know. thank you very much for that board !

tom (VIC)

Testimonial Date: 18/10/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
hey grant
sorry for not getting back to you sooner
been really busy with moving and work
i did get a lot of surfing in this year Costa Rica, n.j., outerbanks and Florida
i did not take the board to Costa Rica
just got to say that the waterskate is the best board i ever surfed
i could not ask for more
it floats me really well and paddles great
the board is very stable and surfs sooo smooth in most conditions
the board is fast and very responsive
sometimes i think the board is surfing it self and I am just there for the ride
the waterskate has really help me improve my level of surfing
thanks again
looking for a good all around travel board around 7' 2
a high performance board that can surf like the waterskate or cruise like a longboard
the board must paddle well the shoulders are gettin old
on the east coast we have mostly beach breaks with a lot inconsistant waves
i travel the coast from jersey to florida alot (own a little condo in florida)
I need a board that can handle most wave conditions 2 to 6 feet
i like the sound of your new powerglide a shortboard longboard fusion
let me know what you think
46 years old
5'11 and 200 pounds in good shape
thanks again
carlo (New Jersey/USA)

Testimonial Date: 05/10/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate

Thought I would take the time to send you an update on the 6’7” Waterskate you shaped for me early in the year. I know you left a message trying to get me a while back. The board is going really well and has been instrumental in getting me back into surfing after 3 or so years without doing much surfing. The skate gives me great confidence to get into the waves early and allows me to compete in Sydney’s sometimes over crowded breaks it performs well in a variety of surf sizes and the manoeuvrability of the board is great.

Thanks again. I will defiantly be coming back for another one at some stage so don’t leave town without telling me.

Quentin Olde (Sydney)

Testimonial Date: 23/07/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hi Grant, John Graham from the Outer Banks of North Carolina here. I bought a 6'8" skate from you when I came to Oz last July. I found your website, and it is very cool. I love the 2 new models. My skate has seen a lot of miles. I rode it through hurricane season here last year and it worked great. I love the speed the board generates, and its ability to get an old guy in early. My surfing partner had a son going to school in West Oz last year. He also loved the skate and wanted to take it with him. A month long trip to that area from here is a lot of miles, so I reluctantly sold it to him. Winter was coming on, and I usually ride longer boards in the cold. The skate returned, battle scarred, but still servicable. We went to Costa Rica together and the skate went along and performed well there as well. This summewr I really wanted it back, and was even taking it to a shaper friend to try to duplicate it. Finally, this weekend we finally got some waves. My friend had gained more then a few pounds, and I am in good shape. We switched boards and yesterday I bought it back! New wax, the works! Grant, the board still works so well. I will be getting another one, or try a vskate sometime in the future. The shipping price is tough. Do you have any stateside dealers? Thanks again for a great board. John Graham (USA)

Testimonial Date: 21/07/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
Hey Grant,
I waited to email you until I'd gotten the last board you shaped me out in some real surf, I mean we had some decent shoulder high windswell that had not much punch to it, had a few slop sesssions, and it works great in crap waves. Finally got something this morning with some push, shoulder to head high, some over head sets, but with a bit of power. Anyway, the board worked really nice, hangs in the pocket, flips around easily and I made it around a pretty long section that dumped in front of me got back to the face to work it some more so it really carries some speed well and drives out of turns.
Like this one even better than the one before, the design tweaks you did definitely make me happy with it.

Thanks again,
Steff (New York/USA)

Testimonial Date: 17/07/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
Grant -

How you going? Hope all is well is Oz and that the waves and the "winter" is treating you well.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how incredible the board has been. Of course, with my luck, the same day that the board was ready to use was also the beginning of a 6 day flat spell here on the East Coast.
After some frustrating days and many checks of the surf, a solid head-high swell with offshore winds came up the other night. I of course took the board out and LOVED it. To say that it was all that I hoped for would be an understatement.

The board rode exactly as I hoped it would handling the steep drops brilliantly and turning on a dime. Honestly, I got out of the water and was more stoked on my session than I've been in a long time. I felt that my surfing was bumped up a couple notches just from getting on the board.

I was able to take it out for the last couple of days in various conditions and it has handled phenomenally every single time - from small waves to the larger stuff. I'm just stoked to keep riding it and to get it out on some of these waves around the world that I'll be surfing.

I wanted to thank you for the work that you did and all the help that you provided in shaping the board and deciding what was going to be best for what I was looking for. The final board was better than I had ever hoped for. I've already recommended you to a handful of people (some of which you may hear from) and will most certainly visit you again when I'm ready for another board. The whole experience from design to delivery has been great.

I won't be in Sydney for a good while now, but when I do reach Australia maybe I'll drop by your shop and say hello in person.


Irving (New York/USA)

Testimonial Date: 15/07/2004 - Board Type : Waterskate
hi grant, had a couple of surfs on the board. must admit i am struggling a little bit as stick is totally different than my old iceblock stick. had some good waves today and really got to throw it around im totally stoked with how it goes. i think i caught twice as many waves as i normally do. cant believe how stable it is when doing reos and floaters in whitewater good straight line speed also for around sections . an awesome stick . cheers dave
PS heres a couple of pics of the surf today 3to4 feet and pumping